’Sister Wives’ Fans Agree THIS Daughter Is Sobyn Robyn 2.0

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Sister Wives viewers are seeing much more of Robyn Brown’s daughters this season. They are having their own confessionals and are voicing how they feel. However, there is one daughter, out of the three, who fans think is a clone of her mother. Maybe not so much in the physical sense but in behavioral ways. Robyn tends to cry A LOT therefore she has been dubbed “Sobyn” Robyn almost since the beginning of the series. So, which daughter is set to take her place? Read on to see what the fans have to say.

Sister Wives Fans Agree THIS Daughter Is Sobyn Robyn 2.0

In the latest episode, Kody and Robyn’s whole family (minus Aurora) came down with Covid. It got so bad for Robyn that Kody took her to the hospital. Fortunately, everything came back fine, just positive for the virus and she was released. As for Kody, he started to struggle with sleep, almost haunted by his depression. Janelle and all of his wives claimed he had this cheery optimism but now, he could not escape his sadness.

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Soon, Robyn’s eldest daughters, Aurora and Breanna were growing concerned. Aurora has seemingly been the least empathetic one as she openly mocked Janelle’s RV. Yet, Breanna was struggling to see her father so sad and out of sorts, depressed and off course. She was crying as she was talking with her sister in her confessional. Therefore, fans took to Reddit to express how they believe she is “Sobyn” Robyn 2.0.

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“And just like her mama, no tears actually flow!” one Redditor noted. Another added: “Ohhh God a carbon copy of Robin… Please no sweetie.. stop.” Yet, it was not just Breanna that caught fans’ attention. They also felt that her sister was very much like their mother, lookswise. It seemed that the two girls had so much of Robyn in them that they could not unsee it.

Little Robyn’s?

There is no doubt that Aurora and Breanna bear a striking resemblance to their mother. After the latest episode where they were side by side, talking about Kody’s depression, they looked much more like Robyn. Sister Wives fans had this to say: “Cant get overthe fact how they look like Robin.” Finally, another Redditor shared this: “They seem like nice girls, however, it’s unfortunate that they have their mother’s Debbie Downer attitude. Always crying and worrying.”

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Aurora, Avalon, Breanna

It will be interesting to see which one of them actually evolves into the true “Sobyn” Robyn 2.0. Depending on how long the series continues to run, fans may actually get to see it. As for now, it is truly a toss-up. Which daughter do you think is the next Robyn? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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