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Fans Terrified By How Toxic & Scary Robyn Brown Really Is

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Robyn Brown has continuously been the worst as Sister Wives progressed. She’s manipulative, lazy, victimized herself, and the list goes on. Now, as Season 17 continues, fans are continuously seeing what a horrible human being she is. It has come to the point where viewers are actually terrified by her toxicity. They have since taken to Reddit to vent their frustrations. What do they have to say? Read on for more details.

Fans Terrified By How Toxic & Scary Robyn Brown Really Is

It is no secret fans have long had a disdain for Robyn. They even nicknamed her “Sobyn” Robyn quite early on for her ability to cry at the drop of a hat. Plus, she shed a tear in almost every single episode. Her victim mentality of how she has tried so hard and everyone has hurt her is sickening. More so, Kody will reject his other wives and kids to ensure she is happy as she is his obedient wife.

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In a Reddit thread, fans are trying to understand the method to her madness. “Is there a name for what Robyn is doing?” it stars. The OP goes on to write: “Robyn has 100% violently rejected the family but she got rid of them by insisting that they rejected her. It kind of blows my mind. Is it just passive aggression or is there a better name for this type of psychological behaviour? It’s so toxic and scary – I don’t think you can have a relationship with someone like Robyn.”

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Another Redditor noted how she came into this huge plural family and get Kody all to herself plus make her kids the priority. Furthermore, she took all the wives’ money. She might be an evil genius. Someone referred to her as a “covert narcissist.” Finally, some fans concluded that she is simply a gaslighter and a b*tch.

The Dog Incident

It is not bad enough that Robyn Brown has been a taker from the beginning, barely working and always having a nanny. However, it was a recently resurfaced video of her kicking Meri’s pooch. It was early in the series but it is not sitting well with anybody. Someone actually suggested that the Flagstaff police get involved. Unfortunately, since it occurred way before they relocated there, Arizona has nothing to do with it. Her disdain for animals has made fans question if that has turned Kody into an animal hater as he used to love dogs. Beyond that, it has put Robyn in an even more twisted and sick light than she was before.

Do you think she is toxic and scary or just a manipulative woman willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. So unusual to see her without those big crocodile tears streaming down her made up face. She says she is just so unhappy about Christine leaving, yet those tears are for the income they will lose without Christine. I am hoping Jannell will move on too. I hope they have finish squeezing her for her last dollar. See how she kept saying Kody and Christine need to talk, but she didn’t offer to share his service with Christine or Jannell. She must be Horney as a Billy goat. She wants it all and I expect as Kody is getting older his energy level is dropping. I knew the first time I saw her, things were going to change. Can’t wait until Kody brings home a younger model to share the wealth of his manhood.

  2. Not only has her narcissistic personality progressed, but what the hell is going on with her eyebrows? They have progressively become worse. They look like two caterpillars doing kung fu. I also hope she checks that obvious goiter.

  3. Robin and Kody deserve each other. Apparently they just want it to be the two of them. Kody claims that he has given it all, yet he no longer has functional relationships with Meri, then Christine, now he is turning on Janelle. Why can’t these women see how they would be better off with out him? I am not a Meri fan, but why has she stuck around? She played right into Kody and Robin’s hands when she divorced Kody. To me the 3 of them, Kody, Robin, and Meri are narcissistic people. Only Meri can’t see she is not included in Kody and Robin’s master plan.

  4. I would say she sits under the banner of “TOXIC VAMPIRE”. She feeds off of everyone else’s energy and happiness…she drains the other wives along with the bank account. I don’t think that Meri is as happy as she would like us to believe.

  5. She needs to take lessons on how to apply her eyebrows. They are so annoying. Never liked her and never will. Ride off into the sunset.

  6. I knew there was serious problems when Kody made the excuse for not going with Christine for there daughters back surgery. It’s ok because he says it’s for the greater good of HIS family (Robins Kids) .Any parent in there right mind would have never missed a major surgery. He’s lost his daughter and Christine and I see the youngest daughter pulling away. So congrats to Robin. She has what she has set out to do. I just hopeJanell gets out soon. How toxic is these people going to get. Oh yes what a great acting job Kody you win father of the year….NOT

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