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Robyn Brown To Offer Aurora & Breanna As Gifts For Kody?

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As much as fans don’t want to admit it, many suspect Robyn Brown has plans to serve her daughters Aurora and Breanna up on a silver platter as gifts to her husband Kody. As TvShowsAce has previously reported, fans are wildly uncomfortable with the way Kody Brown kisses Aurora and Breanna on the lips. Likewise, fans also aren’t too comfortable with the way the girls seem to put on a show with their bodies when they are in the same room with him. In one memorable scene from the series, fans recall even Robyn Brown reaching a point where she came uncomfortable with the way her daughter was prancing her body around for Kody.

On both Reddit and Facebook, fans are in agreement that the real reason why Robyn has driven the other wives away and keeps her children close is that she plans to give her blessings on Aurora and Breanna marrying Kody because they are not his biological daughters. Fans believe Kody Brown will jump at the chance to marry younger versions of Robyn as it will open the door for him to continue to have more children which is something he’s spoken many times about wanting to do.

While fans don’t think Robyn Brown will enjoy not being the last wife with a younger wife entering the family, fans believe that she may make an exception if the new wife (or wives) are easy for her to control. After all, most fans are in agreement that Robyn is the real puppet master behind the scenes calling all of the shots.

Robyn Brown Youtube
Robyn Brown Youtube

Robyn Brown to offer her daughters as future wives for Kody?

Sister Wives fans make it a point to clarify that they normally consider children to be off-limits when it comes to snarking. They, however, made an exception for Aurora and Breanna after they revealed just how mean they were when Savanah and Janelle showed off the RV they would be living in.

One fan penned in the comments of a discussion thread about Kody Brown and Robyn’s girls: “I’m sorry to say, but i think Robyn’s plan is that Aurora and Breanna will marry Kody, so She Can keep her daughters close, and still remain the head wife. That Way she Will be Close to her grandchildren and her daughter’s.”

Sister Wives Breanna Jessup
Sister Wives Breanna Jessup

Other fans chimed in agreeing that they’ve said all along they believed Kody Brown was grooming Aurora and Breanna to be his next wives.

What are your thoughts on Robyn Brown serving her daughters up to be future wives to Kody? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for all things Sister Wives.

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  1. if that happens and he marries his daughters, they might not be biological, BUT he did adopt them and by law they are his daughters. they need to cancel the show. That’s what is wrong with this country that we allow crap like that to be shown on tv and make it seem as though this is exceptable behavior. ITS NOT.

    1. yes!!! Even if they aren’t biological daughters they are still legally daughters but then again Kody likes to pick and choose when he follows the law. If he “spiritually” marries his adopted daughters he should be locked up.

      1. If Robin sacrifices her daughters to Kody, then she is an even greater narcissist than he is, willing to sell her soul to keep her throne, while the other wives who’ve served him and their community for decades, get crumbs. God forbid he marries his legally adopted children which is incest, then TLC, we need to schedule an intervention….and with the other younger kids in the home, DCFS has to be called in for emotional and spiritual trauma and abuse…. One day these are your sisters, the next they are your mommies….

        This is definitely the most juicy season of Sister Wives ever, except I also realize these are people’s lives…

        1. yes i agree with you.. if he wants a youger wife he should go to another dance and pick one out. thats how he got Robyn.. If he does have sex with his daughters biological or not he should be jailed no matter what state hes in. How could he publicly do this and the state not act… tv is just going too far condoning this behavior

          1. Kody Brown and his wife Robyn should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking about making those young girls his wives.Their both sick in the head.

        2. I think the nanny is a wife. and the reason we don’t see inside that house is there is a baby. I think they are hiding a new wife and a baby.

      2. he should be locked up he’s disgusting and why would Robin want to have her daughter sleep with the same man that she does something is definitely morally wrong.

      3. Yes, this Woody Allen relationship is wrong on so many levels. But when you look at polygamy, the children most likely don’t have the best outlook on what “family” means.

      4. disgusting. I personally think Robyn is a self seeking selfish arrogant cry baby. yuk. I can’t stand her. but then again the whole idea of plural marriage etc is just off the wall and so wrong. none the less, if he marries his step daughters then I would say that both Robyn and Kody.
        I’m not sure why anyone even watched the show
        ..I won’t… I refuse. I don’t agree with that lifestyle so to watch it would be oxymoron

        1. well that’s interesting 🤔 how would you even know what kind of personality Sobben Robyn has or be able to decide if you like her or not if you’ve never watched and refuse to watch the show? This whole thread of comments shows the hypocrisy in this world. Do you even know what an Oxymoron is? If you need an example of one reread your own post. 🙄

      5. NUETER Kody! He should not be allowed to “marry” spiritually or otherwise 😤..What the hell makes him think he’s all that & a bag of chips??😨
        Arrest Robyn for premeditated rape of her daughters..& remove all children from the house! 😤😠..Protect the innocent children AT ALL COSTS!! TLC needs to remove this series from their lineup!

      6. This is so disgusting….why would someone even write this nonsense. Kody might not be the “biological” father of these children but he did LEGALLY ADOPT THEM….he is their father in all ways that matter. He could never marry them….period, and it is wrong to even spread this nonsense around. Robyn might not be the most popular sister wife but she has never done anything as a Human-being to be treated with such disrespect….furthermore her CHILDREN have done Nothing to be spoken of in such a way. Dishonor. This person writing this should be fired from the .com she works for….talking about children in such a way is disturbing….talk about creepy….where her mind must have gone to get this written. NASTy!!!

      7. I agree. But what I do not understand is why does this pass a religion when it is clearly a cult?
        Children’s Services should investigate him and Robin.
        I hope Janell, leave and takes them to the cleaners!

    2. I agree and this is beyond disgusting. It series should be shut down immediately. Robyn should be arrested and charged with child abused. Charge Kody rape of minor.

    3. how didI miss that show with kody kissing his daughter⁰? how disgusting 🤢 for any parent to allow that and sick of a father to even think of marrying his daughter adopted or not she’s still his daughter if this happens he should be arrested and put on pedifile list kept away from all kids this is disgusting

    4. I really don’t believe that’s going to happen .I’m not a fan of eaither one .but this is TV gossiping and keeps the show going

    5. I agree with Sandra B!!! This makes me sick!!! I remember when Robyn made the comment that Warren Jeff’s should “burn in hell!!” it appears to me that Kody Brown should burn right along beside him!

    6. I agree. Also, this is disgusting to even think a mother would do that to her daughters. Omg, I’m sick to my stomach thinking of such a thing. Pull the show…enough already.

      1. Everybody’s on here acting like this is really going to happen, or has happened. calm down voice your opinion IF it happens. I’m not a fan of this man myself but this is how hysteria takes over false rumors.

    7. I agree. Both Robyn and Cody are disgusting and they will ruin these 2 young lives forever. The show should be cancelled and let’s see who sticks with Cody when the show tanks and the money runs out.

    8. when i read this i almost puked !!! do we have another warren jeff’s here ?? how gross can you get ? her kids have been sheltered from life for so long it’s just disgusting that anyone would say any of this!

    9. Kody is a puke and I can’t stand Robin. she turns on her phoney tears like she really cares about the other wives. I am so glad Christine left his sorry butt and I wish Janelle and Mary would too. For the life of me, I can’t understand why Mary didn’t leave years ago. Robin does no wrong in Kody’s eyes while the others do everything wrong. It makes me sick.

    10. Is Robyn and Kody that sick. ROBYN might be trying to take everything he has and put him in jail. For molesting his adopted daughters.

    11. absolutely!!!!! this is nothing less than incense, they are BY LAW his daughters, biological or not it it fundamentally wrong on any level . Shame on them both, they belong in prison if this is their plan!!

    12. yes I agree but it’s not just this show ,we have commercials with men kissing each other in the mouth ! It’s all sickening to me !!!

    13. I agree. This takes away from everything women fought for for centuries. All of these women have deep psychological issues they need to deal with.

    14. I personally think it’s really disgusting and I really don’t see how they can keep filming this why the police do not step in I just think it’s really disgusting.

    15. This is twisted&sick,Take this shower off the air! it’s rot!I will not watch it any more.All my friends will not watch it also

  2. Disgusting thoughts all around. I don’t like to make fun of children. They have no say being shown off on this show. I hope Dayton is off on his own, or away from this environment. Such a nice young man.

    1. So so true!!! Would and SHOULD be considered as MORALLY disgusting AND LEGALLY wrong . And this is something that we over here in Australia have been thinking was going to happen as well. Those 2 girls are getting older now and almost of legal age. Old hairy Kody must just about be salivating at the prospect of 2 new VERY YOUNG wives that WILL be totally under his AND Sobbin Robyns control ! He AND she are just plain disgusting.

        1. yes he should be stopped before it’s to late. there dad was kicked out if there lives. but how many kids is he doing this to once it’s done it’s to late. I live with what my uncle dad abs brother did to me I can’t have kids cause of what they did. kody needs to be stopped now

          1. although I’ve not watched for a long time I’m pretty sure aurora is codys biological daughter, Brianna is not , Brianna & her brother were adopted by cody

      1. I agree with you but can’t understand why Sobbin Robyn would want to let her daughters sleep with her husband & didn’t Kodi legally adopt them which would mean he’s marrying his daughters (SICK)

      2. I agree. Hopefully child protective services will see/hear what is going on and get the kids away from Kody before he crosses the line completely. I’ve never seen him really interested in his biological children or act in a loving way towards them. He is only interested in the children of the wife he wants. He says his other children can’t visit during the holidays if he doesn’t think they respect him. He used his covid rules to keep them away before. He has been trying to break ties with Janelle’s sons for a while. He could go shopping at the mall with Robyn but couldn’t be at the hospital with Isabel when she had back surgery. He is disgusting.

        1. yes…and he probably wanted to cut ties with Jannelle’s sons because he now sees them as competition for Robin’s daughters.

    2. Its all crap..he talks about never wanted a divorce on hiim from christine but he was already divorcex and still is from Meri. they never had anotger ceremony so that is 2 divorves not just one but meris was on paper…As for the other with the girls will i believe thst they sre sick what parent does tbat…

  3. Gross to want your husband to spiritually marry your daughters.
    I hope Arizona Child Protective Services step in to save Solomon and Ariella from this circus of a life.

    1. wow what kinda sick person would want so.eone who adopted her kids they call him dad to turn around & be ok with him marrying the very kids he’s raised that’s beyond sick

    2. If she does this her and her husband should be locked away for life. I’ve watched this show and he plays the victim so much its sickening at least one of this women left maybe the others should start thinking the same way. He’s a manipulator the only one stupid enough to stay is this women child protective services need to get those innocent children out of there NOW.

    1. Make that a double sick . These crazy folks are getting totally off the rail. It’s time to shut this crap show down before we start seeing things that involve children that no one wants to see.

  4. This is disgusting! I would hope he would get thrown into jail. The only reason he is upset about Christine is because she beat him to the punch about ending the marriage. His ego was shot down. He treats Meri like crap and Jannell is right behind her.

    1. I totally agree. This is absolutely disgusting. Is Kody going to become another Warren Jefferies?? If this happens, his ass needs to be thrown in jail as well as Robyn. What kind of a mother is she that she could even think that? The show should be cancelled if this kind of crap starts happening 😡🤬

  5. just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore sickened by this crettin, THIS emerges…..But why am I not surprised!
    Where in the hell are protective services?

    1. No, can’t you tell the difference between ridiculous speculation of just a few people’s dumb opinion and reality? Couldn’t happen anyway Kody adopted them. This is exactly how rumors are started, glad I I don’t know you.

      1. I agree. Robyn definitely isn’t my fav person but I don’t see her having her daughters marrying Kody. I belive this is just an opinion piece and I don’t agree with the speculations.

      2. I know kody is self centered or he thinks he’s all that and he isn’t. But this might just be a rumor. All the sister wives are nice. Glad Christine made a brave move. She and janelle are beautiful and i hope he doesn’t break her heart.

    2. This is just somebody’s opinion, it’s not factual, I know we all hate Kody and Robin, but you’re all jumping on this as though they actually decided this and are going through with it. You guys need to use your head. Even if Kody wanted to he couldn’t because he adopted them. Focus on reality not some crazy rumor that you’re now perpetrating.

      1. Completely agree.
        People may not like what they see on tv but this is a straight up rumor and the author of this article has acknowledged this. These are not facts and honestly unless anything can be substantiated, I’m very shocked she wrote this article.

      2. Kody doesn’t marry anyone legally except one of them. He can say they will get a “spiritual” marriage but that means nothing legally.
        He is already a disgusting pig to have four wives already. There is a read they had to jump ship in the middle of the night already. It wouldn’t surprise me if he “spiritually” married his adoptive daughters or even his biological ones. Kody is a sick excuse of a man.

      3. reality is sickos Cody and Robyn would be likely to start rumors themselves. i think they are narcissistic enough to think they could do the show themselves. Janelle and Meri have to stop being Cody’s doormats. hopefully Christine stays smart.

  6. What a sick and discusting plan. They need to be investigated by CPS. Wow I can’t believe they are still on the air. That is nasty.🤑 Cancel that discusting show. gross.

    1. It’s not a plan, NOT going to happen, read the article, this whole thing was just started by a couple of SW fans. Now it’s an ugly rumor thanks to people like you. You can’t even call it speculation. Even if Kody wanted to he couldn’t because he adopted those girls.

  7. sick on so many levels if true. yes he is their adoptive father and didn’t he turn his back on other families in his religion that do same thing?

  8. I find this show disgusting period. It is no wonder the moral fabric of this country is in such a dismal state. This man should be in prison for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, the mother should be in jail and lose custody of the girls, and the FCC should demand the networks not put this trash on television where impressionable young minds can see it. I don’t understand what has happened to America but I think the Devil is riding high!

    1. Why you watching it then? FYI, Kody is not marrying Robyn’s daughters it’s just 2 fans opinions. It’s made up

      1. I still think it’s gross Kody kissing the girls the way he did rumor or not I know my husband don’t kiss our girls like that..but it wouldn’t surprise me him grooming girls I agree what was said earlier he don’t have relationships with his other kids him and Robin can go to a mall but he couldn’t be there for Isabell I applaud Christina for leaving hopefully Janelle does same..

    2. If Robin sacrifices her daughters to Kody, then she is an even greater narcissist than he is, willing to sell her soul to keep her throne, while the other wives who’ve served him and their community for decades, get crumbs. God forbid he marries his legally adopted children which is incest, then TLC, we need to schedule an intervention….and with the other younger kids in the home, DCFS has to be called in for emotional and spiritual trauma and abuse…. One day these are your sisters, the next they are your mommies….

      This is definitely the most juicy season of Sister Wives ever, except I also realize these are people’s lives…

    3. Maybe the moral fabric of this country is in a dismal state because people are judgmental and believe rumors that are not based in fact!

      1. it doesnt matter if the rumor is true or not… the network is letting the ideas be put out there. That just promotes that kind of child abuse… I always felt Kody was getting rid of his older wives because he was looking for a new sex partner. I cant even in good conscious call any of his spiritual wifes …wives they are just willing mistresses!

  9. He adopted the girls making them his daughters
    No father can marry his daughters as it is punishable by law

    1. These aren’t legal marriages, they are only “spiritual” marriages, so what law can be enforced? Even the idea of this is disgusting, but legally, I fear there’s nothing that can be done, unless of course someone comes along and rescues these kids from.the Cult of Kody and their dingbat mom.

    2. not true. when they are legal age they could marry Cody in a court of law by proving they are not biologically connected. adoption just gives “legal rights”, to inherit for an aparent to sign documents and make decisions on upbringing. one they are adults they are free to marry anyone they have no close biological tie to. hey, this is Arizona. one of the least restrictive states.

  10. that is the most discusting thing imaginable she’s a weirdo .
    the best ones have left the wanker .
    he’s a creep and she’s out for what she can get .take this filth off the air

  11. This has never crossed my mind. How disturbing. My daughter is 35 now. She was just under 2 when my husband got married. He raised her as his own biological child. He would do harm to anyone that tried to hurt her let alone look at her as a future wife.. Again , How disturbing.

  12. This show needs to be cancelled Kody is a piece of S##t . Robyn is a piece of S##t.
    Stop running this show which gives them our money !!!!!!

    1. yes,agreed They need to remove Kody he’s been caught crossing the line I will refuse to watch so many people need to draw the line boycott the show til the draw a line it’s obvious he likes his own adopted daughters, pedophiler!!!!!

  13. knew this would happen robin had been nothing but trouble since day one how can he do.this if he has show should be cancelled if this happens

      1. yes,agreed They need to remove Kody he’s been caught crossing the line I will refuse to watch so marelly ny people need to draw the line boycott the show til the draw a line it’s obvious he likes his own adopted daughters, pedophiler!!!!!

    1. If they evan hint as such mess I’m done with watching the show period!! There are wicked people in this world trying to normalize pedophilia that’s a huge problem for America!! God is watching!!!

  14. pedophile is what Kody is if this is true.
    Mom is a groomer.
    Very sick.
    kody adopted these girls he is the girls legal father
    if true the authorities need to step in and protect these vulnerable children. this is sick.
    hope its untrue and just drama.

  15. This show needs to be off the air. It’s teaching the wrong way.Plus any woman to agreeing to this,has low self esteem of herself. Plural marriages is taken out of content.The Mormons have taken this all wrong.And need to reread their book of Mormon.Robin may act all perfect.But what kind of woman would do, this to her daughter’s .She is the cause of all of this.Im proud of the one lady leaving.And very proud of Janelle for being, a strong woman standing up to Kody.His fake tears don’t fool anyone please lol

  16. Robyn should be ashamed of herself what is she thinking there is children maybe not biological his but he brought them up

      1. no, it’s Robin’s ex who isn’t at all anything to the browns, just someone who was married to Robin awhile back

        1. Actually Kody is a distant cousin of David Jessup, Robyn’s ex, and Jessup is the first cousin of Christine. Janelle was married to Meri’s brother before marrying Kody.

  17. Disgusting… cancel this show it’s just wrong on every level..
    Save those kids from this evil lifestyle!!!

  18. Robyn ruined the whole family to get her way with Kody to support her kids only…Sickening and I can’t stay to watch her anymore….I’m done with this crappy show…

  19. Kody is a pig… no bttr …she’s a loser and so is he… Christine you did the right thing…Kody should have been locked years ago .nasty fucks

  20. That is absolutely disgusting, thing is if he does marry them and they have children thats makes him father/ grandfather/uncle/paedophile.Robyn will be grandma/Aunt/sister-in-law/sister wife/Groomer. Think I worked it out right. I don’t like Kody he gives me the creeps. Christine seen sense and left, Meri is just hanging on for nothing, Janelle can’t decide to stay or do a Christine.

  21. I’m praying that that is not true about her daughters
    however I think kody is a creep
    that’s not bring the children and all of this tied to their mother
    that’s a picture of him kissing his daughter and her arms around him made me literally sick
    let’s just pray that none of it is true God bless those girls

  22. This is purely speculative not factual but WHAT IN THE WARREN JEFF’S is going on?? I don’t like the way he looks at those girls. It’s like a wolf salivating at a lamb…. It’s creep city.

  23. you’re right it is speculation but he did technically marry his sister. Janelle is his sister, a step sister but still his sister.

  24. This is disgusting and children should be off limits!! Any person publishing GARAGE like this, should be fined a hefty fine and blocked on social media!! If you can’t do better, find a new job!

  25. So, I have never seen this show. Anything I have seen has been the ” Next on Sister Wives” commercials. With that being said, you don’t have be captain obvious to know what’s really happening. For starters, Kody IS A NARCISSISTIC PILE OF GARBAGE! Second, as Bella said this is speculative. However, if this were to actually be the case, I hope Robyn gets strung up and beaten like a piñata! Actually loving, caring mother’s DO NOT do this type of thing! This kind of garbage is what you shield your children from! And third, the woman that finally grew a brain and left, GOOD FOR YOU! All these women should grow brains in a quick hurry and run! Narcissism gets worse over time…

  26. I agree with all the comments that have be written. I won’t add anything else because everyone has said it like it is. Am very happy for Christine and Glad Janelle has decided to go as well. They both are very smart and good mother’s to their children. Beside cody doesn’t need to be around sweet adult children. Thank the Lord they were raised by their mothers.

  27. I think this is one sick puppy!They both need to have their heads examined. But the way it sounds it’s blank sheet of sheet of paper . They need to be locked for just thinking about doing that to these innocent young ladies. And they talk about REDNECKS.

  28. I think it’s horrible to think that ,but Kody is sick enough to do it and Robyn is horrible enough to suggest it.I think plural marriage should be illegal in every state in this country.

  29. He’s a pig,and any woman that would “marry” into one of these situations have no worth in themselves who wants to share their partner with anyone its a cult situation

  30. We all need to remember … everyone is saying it’s against the law for the daughters and it is disgusting. He adopted them which makes them his daughters by law. but do you think that a man that has had four wives that is against the law and having a ton of children with them is concerned with the law ? I know this is just a rumor here but he married four women.. he will do what he wants. I don’t judge anyone’s situation of what people want to do but I do not agree with this. I envy big families but I couldn’t do the polygamy life.

  31. Biological or not, they are still his children. If Robyn were to offer them up or even be okay with that, it would undermine ANYTHING supposedly good about plural marriage and instead make a full display of it being a twisted cult. A stepfather does NOT marry their stepchildren nor does a mother offer her children to her husband. Could you imagine the emotional toll on Robyn and Cody’s bio kids? Sorry but THAT is when authorities would need to step in and remove the bio kids.

  32. who’s to saying Robin probably already let Cody have something to do with these daughters. so Robin can keep on getting what Cody is giving her she’s using her daughter’s as prostitutes.what a sick mother wait she not a mother she a madam in a fancy whorehouse. this is probably why he doesn’t want nothing to do with Meri Janelle or Christine. you never know Cody might turn and go for the boys too what a sick sick sick psychopath. and to forget your son’s birthday what a piece of s*** my mom and dad had 13 kids and never forgot any of their birthdays. believe me this was one of Robin’s kids he would never forgot. just remember Robin what goes around comes around. one day Cody’s going to throw you out with the bath water.

  33. Before you say this is just a couple of readers speculation, remember, this is a CULT. Krody is a CULT LEADER. They are polygamist and marrying mothers and daughters to the same man is normal. And putting this trash show on the air was suppose to normalize their behavior to all us silly, ignorant non-polygamists.

  34. Kody Brown is a disgusting pig. Narcissist. Whiny baby – me me me I I I. It’s disgusting to watch. So glad Meri and Christine have bailed. Hopefully, Janelle will wise up soon, too. What he did to his son on his birthday was SINFUL. Sorry if this is offensive anyone, but…

    TLC needs to change their whole format of exploiting people. The Learning Channel? What a joke.

  35. As sad as this all is, Kody definitely has his sights set on Robin’s two daughters. This is the ugly, real truth to what polygamy actually is at it’s foundation. He won’t be able to legally marry Auora and Brianna, it is all a “spiritual marriage” not recognized by amy state in our union. Just like he had with Christine, Janelle and still with Meri. (I really wish she had an ounce of self-esteem to leave him too.)
    This plan allows Kody to be a true patriarch now, in every sense of the word. Robin is very much all about the true following of polygamy and urges Kody to use the docturne to ita fullest potential. Hence the sudden changes from allowing independence up to now. His shift in views are all about “control” and wanting his other wives to fall in line, and if they don’t he gaslights and argues with them to the point of no return. I believe just like everyone else, that this is his true plan, to run the rest of the current wives off so he can actually have Auora and Brianna with out any concerns from the wives that are still hanging on by a thread. I think Meri will be there to whatever end this all comes to. She won’t have any weight to express concern about the adding the additional new child brides to the sisterhood. I think deep down she will actually go along with it, for the “good of the family” as she likes to point out often. I am surprised that Meri hasn’t gained favor with Kody for staying so loyal and being on his side through the whole Christine bomb in Kody’s life.
    Maybe, just maybe, (but not likely & doubtful,) he will show and give her some grace.
    Money is definitely the root of all evils in the Brown clan. He should be fighting harder to keep the honey hole Janelle. Without her, both Robin and Koty will have to find real jobs and likely make sure his new child-wives have successful education and high paying jobs so neither he or Snobin’ Robin will have to actually work. I can see it now. “We only need to work for 10 years Robin, and then we will be sitting pretty. We will have financial security again with the newbies working to enrich the family”

    I really just wish that Kody can take a step back and hear what actually comes out of his mouth. It is clear that his love language cuts all the way to the deep and is simply unrecoverable from. The way he talks to his wives…. Makes my heart ache. He is very much an emotional abuser, and sometimes it is worse than a beating because the bruises and physical damage will heal, and not forgotten. The mind f$%@, stay with you forever….

  36. BATEMAN, BROWN, the AUB Oh my! AZ you have Mormon polygamists in your state and you need to CLEAN THIS UP and CLEAR IT OUT- NYC.

  37. Definitely sick behavior. Hoping Janelle has followed Christine and has left, or least in process. As far as Meri, well if she stays, that’s her problem. Or maybe she is just acting the part, for now. Then maybe one day walk out to.
    I would definitely watch a show with Christine & Janelle, with Christine cooking & sharing recipes, etc. Janelle & Christine are probably alot of fun to be around & watch.
    If Meri is just playing a part for now, she might even be ok to watch.
    but for now, cancel the King Kody & his ” kingdom of Queen Robyn & her daughters ” in waiting “.
    Give us a show with Christine & Janelle & their families ( & Meri if she really is more like them).

  38. This is a very sick and disturbing show…the damage that has been done to the children of Kody ( lack of affection)and the damage that has been done to Meri,Janelle and Christine ( lack of affection and mental abuse) should be punishable by law.
    Now Robyn wants to offer up her two daughters to Kody as wives…that is Fucking Sick.!

  39. I agree with everyone here. It is beyond disgusting! But I really hope this is not a plan. I have said repeatedly that I feel sorry for the kids in that house. I think living full-time with Kody and Robyn will definitely mind f#*# anyone.

    If this is a plan this is what I say to them…

    What is wrong with you Robyn??? ALLOWING your husband to kiss your daughters on the lips??? That’s grooming! You are supposed to PROTECT them! Not offer them up to this farce of a man!

    And Kody? You have always been afraid of the law because of polygamy. Well Kody, you creep, getting together with your adoptive daughters will bring the law and a whole lot of hurt on your head! Stop grooming the girls and knock that crap of kissing them on the lips off! You are supposed to protect them! You ADOPTED THEM! YOU ARE NOW THEIR FATHER! SO ACT LIKE IT!

  40. Kody is a puke and I can’t stand Robin. she turns on her phoney tears like she really cares about the other wives. I am so glad Christine left his sorry butt and I wish Janelle and Mary would too. For the life of me, I can’t understand why Mary didn’t leave years ago. Robin does no wrong in Kody’s eyes while the others do everything wrong. It makes me sick.

  41. This is just gossip.This will not happen and I sure the show would be cancelled.This is sick and so is he Can’t stand the narsictic pig or Robin who always want attention on the show Yuck

  42. Cody should be put in jail for kissing these young ladies on the lips. That’s not normal. Their real father should beat him to a puff. TLC you are letting this show get out of hand. I’m out.

  43. If Robyn allows Kody to jump her daughters, I hope they both get arrested for human exploitation and I will definitely STOP watching this program. The whole concept is SICK.

  44. I can’t believe Robin is even thinking about that how sick is she and Cody if he does that I am so glad the one got out of this situation she seems more happier and Janelle and Mary needs to get out too cuz they are really sick people giving up her daughters to marry their stepfather don’t they realize they be screwing the same man Cody really doesn’t have nothing to do with Mary so I don’t know why she’s sticking out with that and Janelle seems like she’s happy what she’s doing nobody needs a man to keep them happy men make it miserable especially Cody he thinks he’s all that and he’s not he’s just a sick everything should be 50/50 like Cody says he should be the head of the house that’s b******* it should be 50/50 in both ways and he doesn’t respect them so why should they respect him

  45. I have had concerns of this ever since the rumors of Dayton moved back to his bio father, maybe they don’t want him to know or maybe he found out and couldn’t deal with it and left. And then then the episode kody was recounting, of the one daughter of Robyn’s that self quarentined when the rest had covid and she came upstairs from the basement or whatever and told them all she missed them and kody started crying while telling the story, so bizarre! She’s still in the same house at least, I didn’t see him so emotional over Truely leaving, I didn’t see him crying over missing a visit with Leon after her and Audrey left early from Meri’s house to mind the B&B last season. Something just isn’t right with it, or maybe its just me. Its just seems like very strange behavior.

  46. IMHO, the only way Kody would take on new wives is if he did it to continue the show and/or be the source of income and housework/nanny for Robyn’s kids. I cannot see that even TLC would air the marriage of Kody with Aurora and/or Breanna even if they could swing it legally somehow by terminating the parental rights or something. My Christmas wish is that the original show is cancelled and a spin off with only Christine and Janelle moves forward. Would love to see their lives and children’s families and they deserve the income and platform for their other businesses. I just hope TLC doesn’t have to pay Kody and Robyn if they cancel (Kody keeps referring to their “multiple year contracts.”). What would be the absolute icing on the cake is if Janelle and Meri sued Kody and Robyn for the money they provided for their McMansion. A hefty judgment lien on that McMansion would really make my New Year bright 🙂

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