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Kody Brown’s Long Kiss With Robyn’s Daughter Grosses Fans Out

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A photo of Kody Brown with his arms wrapped around Robyn Brown’s teenage daughter Breanna as he gives her a kiss on the lips is making rounds on social media. Turns out, this topic of conversation has come up on multiple social media platforms more than a few times as Sister Wives fans find it extremely uncomfortable to see Kody kiss Aurora and Breanna on the lips.

Is there anything wrong with Kody Brown kissing Aurora and Breanna on the lips? Does he linger too long with his kisses and tongues on Robyn’s teenage daughters? Fans dig into it on multiple social media platforms.

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Kody Brown’s kiss with Breanna makes fans squirm

In earlier episodes of Sister Wives Kody was filmed with his arms wrapped around Breanna as he plants a kiss on her lips, this screenshot is making rounds on Facebook and Reddit.

“This is his non-biological pre-teen daughter, WTF!” One frustrated fan penned in a caption attached to the photo.

One fan clarified: “I’ve never seen him kiss any of his other kids on the lips. THAT is why it is weird. (And this is what the OP is saying I think.) As well as the fact that they kiss like that before he is married to their mom and has only been in their life for less than a year.”

Sister Wives Breanna Jessup
Sister Wives Breanna Jessup

To those who aren’t familiar with who is in the Sister Wives scene, it does look like they are a couple with their arms entangled in a warm embrace as their lips dance in a passionate kiss. Ultimately, it is HOW the kiss looks that fans find to be so uncomfortable. Moreover, fans don’t care for knowing that Kody kissed Robyn’s teenage girls in this manner before he was even married to her and when their biological father was still very much in the picture.

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Is kissing children on the lips acceptable?

Watching Kody Brown plant kisses on Aurora and Breanna has Sister Wives fans questioning whether a father should kiss his older daughter on the lips. Most fans seem to be in agreement that there’s nothing really that wrong with a father kissing his daughter. Other fans, however, find it uncomfortable because of Breanna and Aurora’s ages. Likewise, fans take issue with these two children not being Kody’s biological children. Moreover, fans admit they don’t recall Kody going up to his other teenage daughters and planting a kiss on their lips.

Aurora Brown, Breanna Brown, and Avalon Padron from Instagram


Do you think Kody Brown should be kissing Robyn’s teenage daughters on the lips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. WTH, Kody. You are holding your stepdaughter like you would your lover. Look how close and tight you are holding and kissing her. You are the biggest pervert ever and pure DISGUSTING!!!!

    1. you are so right it is so disgusting. it’s not right. it’s also not right that Robyn is letting this happen. Cody you are a very gross man and very awful father. I wouldn’t let you near any of the teenage girls actually I wouldn’t let you near any of the girls. Mom’s get those girls out. Cody as for you get over yourself your not a young man anymore look in the mirror you were never a good looking man I didn’t think but going after the girls your stepdaughters is just not right your a pig

      1. I agree. It’s very inappropriate and makes me cringe. It’s disrespectful to them and their mother, but he doesn’t think he is wrong about anything. Maybe Meri could speak to Robyn about it since she wouldn’t dare speak about it to the violator. I hope and pray he isn’t grooming them to be replacement wives!!😭😭😭😭😭😡😡😡

        1. oh my God that would be disgusting How could you marry girls you adopted ; called yourself their dad then turn around & do such intimate acts Your a horrible disgusting jerk Thank God Christime left your sry a**

        2. I think you people are making something out of nothing!I was raised in a very affectionate family and now that I’m older when I see my brothers or my grown son we kiss on the lips and no there was never any kind of inappropriate things happen! Don’t convict this man if you don’t really know what is going on

          1. Affection is way different than what Kodi does with his ADOPTED DAUGHTERS, that’s not “affection” that’s disgusting!! My Dad (not biological and he also did adopt me) would NEVER have slapped a kiss on me like that!

          2. these are not his biological daughters. it’s gross and that would be enough for me to convict him. …..not with my daughters 😡😡😡

          3. our family has always kissed on lips since baby but we quickly kiss not holding kiss. The girls are in teenage now and we would not want there hormones to kick in. So let’s do a quicky kiss walk away so there is no more rumor. lol

          4. you’re a sick asshole kody,maybe that’s the only family you want , everyone should dump you,and you’ll have Robyn and her daughters as your new wives, you’re disgusting kody and Robyn

        3. thats the first thing that crossed my mind….he is grooming them. this is beyond disgusting and inappropriate.

          1. Cody don’t kiss his own daughters on the lips so that’s how we know he’s up to something

        4. I read a post this morning that said that is exactly what he is doing and Robyn is the one helping it to happen. I can’t imagine that anyone would think this is appropriate. In this manner, Robin can still be the main wife, keep an eye on her daughters and future grandchildren.

        5. I thought he divorced Meri to marry Robyn so he can adopt her older children. Why don’t they have the last name Brown?

        6. I remember the episode where he was telling his older kids that kissing on the lips starts up excitement and some biological nonsense and NOT to kiss. 🤔

        7. Robin doesn’t care, She is getting the girls ready for Kody. Anyone who stays with him needs their head examined .

      2. I think it’s time for authorities to step in and do something. He is a pervert. He tries to manipulate his kids and wives but as for Robin she needs to be investigated also. They are not polygamist because of faith. Cody doesn’t act religious. Cody does it to sleep with other people and hopefully someone gets the girls out. That’s probably why Cody and Robin stay to themselves. So glad Christine got out.

        1. Investigation is NEEDED… PREVERT….A what religion is he SUPPOSE TO BE? AND Polygamy is legal in Arizona? A PERVERTS?

      3. I think it’s disgusting that he kissed the girls on their lips and holding them the way he did,
        it looks like two lovers embracing each other,Robin should open her eyes.

        1. Someone needs to call the cops, CPS even the school she goes to. Heck tell who ever will listen. Someone has to step in and protect those girls from that pervert

      4. apparently he adopted those children so he is their legal father it’s not their stepchildren he’s a pervert he’s sick there’s nothing wrong with like a peck on your dad’s lips maybe when you’re little but not like that and Robin she needs her head examining and have them kids taken away from her

      5. since Christine left and possibly janelle too he needs more wives. he is claiming his next wife which just so happens to be Robin’s daughter.

      6. He is a gross whine baby. Christine didn’t mean anything to him. He needs to take the blame for the Covid rules and regulations in his family being a flop. Who got Covid? Robin and Cody and of course we will hear about Cody almost dieing (not)forever.

    2. Thanks for the trigger.
      I just had a flash back to my mom’s father and when he was molesting me since I was 5 years old until I was 18 when I finally put a stop to it by not being home when he was going to be there.

      1. I’m so sorry you experienced that. I hope you were able to heal after such a betrayal. Again, sorry Lorraine

        1. It not to late to press charges against your father but do get some help by talking to a therapist so you can heal

    3. yes he is a sick O Robin Is just as Sick !! She will have No Problem if Cody says I’m gonna make her my next Wife !!
      He has one wife that has loved him and wants to be in a marriage with him and he acts like she is just somewhat a friend !! yes he is Sick makes me Puke !!

      1. Kody ur a sick man.and glad two ur wife’s left ur butt cody.and the other one getting tired of u as well to kody.how the heck Robin letting this happened.asham on her and a big asham on Kody Kody ur not a dad at all

    4. I think we have witnessed grooming here.😡 He has crossed a line. Is Robyn going to turn her head or protect her child?😳

    5. Yes this is gross for a step dad to kiss them on the lips or hold them tight light he was doing in the picture
      Robyn should be ashamed of her self for not protecting those girls. He is a sick man so is there mother. The show needs to be canceled

      1. He’s not their step-dad he adopted them. That makes him their father. If this was seen anywhere else those children would be removed immediately.

    6. Yes he is….he’s a child molester. What the hell is wrong here, why do we just let this happen. Besides the way he’s kissing her, the fact that he is holding her like a lover, absolutely disgusting….way to go Robyn

    7. I think Kody is going to ask for hand in marriage which is quite common in plural marriages as they are not biologically related. They have sisters marrying the same man , they have moms and daughters marry the same man. Most see it as disgusting, they see it as a part of their lives.

    8. I was a BIG daddy’s girl AND HE NEVER kissed me on the lips. That’s just bizarre and it’s even worse knowing they’re not his biological children. i agree with comments saying Flagstaff child protection should investigate this house of grooming. Janelle should RUN from this nightmare and sue them for her rightful share of the money. And YES, a new show starring Christine and Janelle, “Life After Sister Wives”. #FlagstaffCPS

    9. absolutely disgusting. this guy is a creep and the show needs to be canceled. He’s disgusting and so are the women who go along with this BS.

    10. Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t take one of them for his next wife.He is a sick delusional imitation of a man. and those women remind me of the Manson followers

    11. Can you imagine how uncomfortable and scared those girls are. No one likes being touched and kissed inappropriately. Not to mention the zero protection they are receiving from their very own mother. I don’t think Robin has the capacity to have a thought of her own, she just lets Cody run all over her so she isn’t going to do anything that’s for sure

    12. That’s what I noticed also. The kiss on the lips lingered a little too long and the way he held her in his arms. Very inappropriate. Why is Robyn not objecting to that? Kody and Aurora’s relationship is way too possessive for a non biological father daughter. I have showed the kiss and hugs to several people with kids (bio and step kids) and they were all shocked and thought something more was going on. Very sad.

  2. I think that is disgusting….Proves to me he also likes younger ladies….My Gosh, That’s his step-daughter & I believe he has a sexual problem….He already has 4 wives & now wanting his step-daughters, that is sickening & beyond showing good morals….It is bad enough he has 4 wives….I believe he is sick in the head !!!!!

    1. We all know Cody married Robin because she was younger. He is getting rid of the 49 and older group. Why wouldn’t that sicko go even younger? He just makes me sick.

  3. Maybe he’s planning on courting them…he’s used up all of his 4 baby makers. A sweet peck on the lips is fine but the way he’s got her wrapped in his arms is too much. Both of Robyn’s older girls act a lot like her and seem to think they’re better than Kody’s bio daughters.

  4. He is grooming them for future wife’s, Robin will not be around when he takes them as fifth and six wives

    1. Kody is a scum bag. It’s totally inappropriate. You are right… they are not biological… he is courting them right under Robyn’s nose. One big happy family… gross

      1. He probably touches them innocently and ‘accidentally’ by getting so close to them. The impression I get from him from the beginning is that he is so full of himself. Yuck 🤮

      1. It not to late to press charges against your father but do get some help by talking to a therapist so you can heal

  5. He has 3 wife’s now may just have two Janie may be on the way out also. Maybe it’s me but since he married Robin he hasn’t really had a thing to do with his other wife’s. Christine was a good wife to him he treated her like s*** wasn’t a good husband you didn’t act like a good husband he spent all his time with Robbie not to mention how he treats Mary, Mary went looking elsewhere because she wasn’t getting attention from Kody what he expected to do when she got catfished that was your fault Kody you should have showed her more infection and showed her that you loved her. she divorced you years ago so you could adopt Robins kids. She did what ever you wanted her to do she do it. why she stays in a no married to someone that doesn’t love her any longer just doesn’t make any since to me. why she wants to stay with someone that wants NO not a thing to do with her. to me he’s a heartless man. What Christine did was right for her she wants love in her life she is a beautiful lady and I hope she founds the right man this time that loves her for her. You want to get right down to it Mr. Kody was pissed or could still be is because she booted him out before he could he didn’t like she hitting his echo.

  6. And the way he’s kissing his stepdaughter you don’t kiss your stepdaughter like that. Robin better watch out he could be looking for wife number 5.

    1. Kody is a Horned Dog!!! He needs to be on a chain..or behind Bars!! Can’t stand his EGOTISTICAL ways!! Disgusting…I Dont watch it anymore and havent for a while but get popup stories on occasion. Kody makes me want to Vomit!!

  7. The way he is kissing her is so inappropriate and disturbing to watch. He should never be kissing the girls like that. I can see a peck on the cheek, but this is wrong on so many levels. I can’t even bring myself to watch the show anymore. I hope Janelle kicks him to the curb. Meri is so delusional and is living in fantasy land. And where was the sisterly love for Janelle when she had no place to live. Why didn’t fake sobyn Robin or Meri open up there home to her. I am so proud of Christine for kicking that low life user to the curb. Karma is knocking at the door of Sobyn Robyn and low life Kody.

    1. YES, you are absolutely correct!! Their income sources are drying up. He will end up with the one wife he wants and they will not have to find full time jobs.

    2. Robin is getting old and Kody is looking for younger models .
      when he is done with you he kicks you to the curb and says it’s all tour fault.
      kody is No Man.
      No Man ever behaves like a spoilt entitled brat.

    3. yes it is and it’s in the form of her own daughter because that kiss is totally inappropriate that is the way u kiss someone you are involved with

    4. I felt the same way about the living situation when Janelle needed a place to live with her daughter. Mary is by herself and lives in a huge house. She obviously had plenty of room to put them up for a little bit ti give her more time to find a place. They all lived together, minus Robin, when they all lived in Utah so I’m not sure why Mary didn’t step in. Then again, Mary is just pathetic. I’m so proud of Christine’s ability to stand up for herself and I hope Janelle follows suit. Maybe then Mary will wake up. There’s no hope for Robin. she’s just gross.

    5. I know a lot of this is scripted and half truths so I try not to get instantly pissed off. I feel it’s almost better though that the show continues for the sake of the kids. They’re all attention whores. What happens when they don’t have the cameras and production crew to witness these bad behaviors? At least now there’s eyes on the family. I can only cringe when I think about what will happen with complete privacy.

  8. This appears as a red flag to continue to watch out for.. This says that he may have inappropriately made the same actions or motives towards his other children.

  9. Okay this does not surprise me since Janelle is related to him, isn’t she like a step-sister? So how far fetch is it that this pervert loves women who are submissive and loyal? He’s grooming them to be like their mother.

      1. Janelle is Meri’s ex sister in law, and also kody’s stepsister. Janelle’s mother (Sheryl) married Kody’s father Winn, three months before Kody and Janelle married.

    1. Janelle’s mother married Kody’s dad. That would make Janelle’s step sister. That relationship between Janelle’s mom and Kody’s dad was also a plural marriage. Not sure how many other wives were part of that “marriage”.

  10. As disgusting and sickening as this is it really does not surprise me, actually I thought Aurora would be next in line , but watching Breeana with her ‘tearful performance ‘ just like her mother’s looks like she might be stepping up first.
    Can someone not step in and do something about this CULT

    1. Kody is a sick pervert and I truly believe he’s grooming Robyn’s daughters to be his next wives. With Christine gone and Janelle about to leave and Meri having NO relationship with Kody, it makes sense the daughters will be his next conquest and are age worthy of bearing children for him. And Robyn is oblivious, or just so submissive that she’s okay with it. They are sick, disgustingly sick!
      Kody wants to become the next Jeb guy, who is now in prison, the former leader of the LDS Mormon church, who had hundreds of wives and thousands of kids. Yep, that’s Kody’s goal…..sick pervert!!

  11. Years ago I noticed when the older girl had some type of anxiety attack Cody rushed to her and carried her to safety – it was weird then – she wasn’t a small child!!! He has put more focus on those girls than he does his own biological children – I just hope Janelle gets her $ out of this mess and leaves Robyn with no ability to pay her nanny and get her ass out and work to contribute to pay back what her family basically has taken from the others!

    1. Kody is such a sick character, and Robyn is his enabler. I am truly surprised that this show is still on the air with the way it exploits women and children and allows this man a platform for his pathological behavior. I do hope that Janelle splits soon, just like Christine.

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more! He plays to the camera, and carries her to her room, looking like a hero as usual.. But it’s not the real deal here. He isn’t a good dad to his other kids & then blames their mothers instead of taking responsibility for his own actions.. Kody is a very bad father to older kids. He likes them when they are little & love daddy, kody likes attention to be on him at all times. It’s all about HIM…

    3. exactly , he couldn’t even go with his own daughter for major surgery. And as far as he’s concerned with Jannel, his children turn 18 and ” out they go”
      so WHY are these girls still at home ??? learning Robyns skills of “TOTAL loyalty and respect for Kody ,as THE HEAD OF THE HOUSE ” my god what sick bubble is this . Stop the show , bring in child protective services, and get those girls the help their both going to need

  12. Kody is such a sick character, and Robyn is his enabler. I am truly surprised that this show is still on the air with the way it exploits women and children and allows this man a platform for his pathological behavior. I do hope that Janelle splits soon, just like Christine.

  13. Janelle & Christine had six kids apiece & no nanny. Christine basically raised 12 children alone while Janelle worked to help provide for the family. 12 kids!!!! And no nanny between the two of them.. So why does Robyn need a nanny with only two little kids? Her other kids are almost grownup now. Why a nanny when she doesn’t work? What does that woman do???? I don’t dislike her, I think she wanted a certain life style when she got in that mess. But on the other hand, what has she done for the other kids? She’s not dumb & could plainly see that Kody spent all his time with her & her kids & wasn’t seeing his other kids as much as a normal father would. Did Robyn care? I don’t think so. She seems to feel its none of her business what he does or doesn’t do with the other wives & kids.. But then she is upset when the family falls apart. She knew!! She had to know he wasn’t taking care of his other relationships & Children. When I saw his son Gabe breakdown and cry, not once, but several times, it breaks my heart for him. Kody has sons that need help from their father, they need love from their father, but Kody is holding out for his own ego. He wants his sons to come to him & apologize to him & to Robyn. That’s what they are forced to do if they want a relationship with Kody.. It’s not going to happen anytime soon!! What I want to yell in Robyns face, is how she should understand that Christine & Janelle love their kids as much as robyn loves her kids.. And those two women have seen their kids left behind since Kody & Robyn got together. The way Kody favors robyn & her kids is so WRONG, its just plain WRONG!! And its painful to witness. I watch this show & get upset every Sunday now. He has a ego which is repulsive to see him showoff at a wedding while he has kids suffering because he pays no attention to them whatsoever. And Kody takes no responsibility for anything concerning his kids. He blames Christine & blames Janelle for his lack of relationship to their kids. He only has a relationship with robyn and her kids & blames everyone else for his faults. Kody didn’t love Christine, he used her as his brood mare & built in babysitter. Now she left & he pretends to be heartbroken. The only heartbreak is his failure! He doesn’t like to look bad to other people. This show is all about a little man with an overgrown ego problem. He’s a showoff that I used to like, & now I can’t stand the sight of him, & the way he plays the poor victim.. It sickening. I had no idea he was kissing Robyn’s girls like this picture shows. It is not proper!! Robyn is stupid for allowing this. All of those women need to walk out on this ego driven jerk.

  14. Take the stupid show off the air it ain’t married to non but Robin so it at but a drama show Robin was a home wrecker from the start she got what she wanted they are out so now stop the show Kody is just a fake

  15. This show is getting disgusting. I think you need to get rid of it and come up with a show including Christine, Janette, and their kids. Life after Polygamy. Sorry but Meri is crazy for staying witk Kody teling her he doesn’t love her anymore. She needs to shut up and stop judging Christine for leaving.

    1. YES!!! A show with Christine and all her kids!!! And hopefully Janelle will follow! I would watch that for sure! So excited to see what life brings! I absolutely love their kids!!!! They are amazing like their mothers!

  16. this is disgusting, I don’t watch the show as I believe marriage is between two not how ever many wives Kody has, but each to there own.tl This isn’t his bio daughter and the way he has his arms wrapped around her is like this is his lover not step daughter it’s disgustingly gross and wrong this guy needs to be taken off air like seriously seems to be grooming them thats perverted and sick, sorry but this is what pedophiles do isn’t it. he should be charged and taken off air

    1. Yes he and Robyn should both be charged what kind of mother allows this sickness we are to protect our children from creeps like him. Send both of them to jail. Totally sickening.

  17. I totally believe he is grooming Robyn’s daughters as future wives and I firmly believe Robyn would let it happen. Just as long as Robyn has her huge house, doesn’t have to go to work, she is going to let Kody do what he wants. What a disgusting couple of jackasses they are.

  18. I think the whole show should be canceled. Kody and Robyn are disgusting. Robyn acts like she is always being attacked. I feel she is the instigator of all the problems. She’s got Kody wrapped around her fingers. Kody thinks he is being disrespected but he shows no respect for his older sons or the moms.

  19. I guess it’s the way polygamists operate, so why is this different. I use to wonder, if Kody should be investigated. For Robin to allow that, then she should be investigated as well. I guess they figure nothing is wrong with it, since they are not his biological daughters. They say they do not practice the same religion as Warren does, but the sister wives also said at beginning of show when it first came on, there was no jealousy of each other. Come on Flagstaff PD and FBI, you need to investigate that household.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! This is child abuse. Looks like Sobyn is prepping them for his next 2 wives! What a freaking sicko! 🤢🤮

  20. It’s written all on his face,he wants those young girls now and Robyn knows it, like I said they are pillow talking,they have already planned it, he no longer want Janelle and Meri dum *** I’m praying for Janelle get the **** out now!! leave those perverted physcos.. I 💕 you Janelle, you deserve so much morer.

  21. This shows how you can get caught up in madness. this man is mean spirited and has no regards for his so-called wives. Never in a million years did the women realized by promoting and condoning this kind of treatment, it would cause them harm. They laughed, danced to the tune of
    Kody madness. THEY DEPRAVED THEIR CHILDREN OF SEEING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH A CARING PERSON BY PROMOTING KODY TO ADVANCE TO THIS LEVEL. NOW, they acted surprised. Look in the mirror, the writing always been on the wall. Own the fact that you been slaves to a madness. It only gonna get worse for you. When you promote evilness instead of honoring God, this is your fate. This man never should have had a platform on TV. He gonna destroy his children to feed his gigantic ego.

  22. No its a bit off….if I was sobbin Robyn I would be putting a stop to that….wonder what her birth father thinks…? Kody is getting creepy as time goes on….dont remember think he would have done that with his other girls…theres just no need for it…

  23. where is the girls real father he needs to come punch kody out.
    Janelle sure seems like Meri hanging onto loveless “marriage”. what a shitty life they lead. Working to keep Kody and Robyn happy.
    This show sucks without Christine and Janelles kids.

    1. the real father gave them up for adoption ……he’s not going to save those girls, the question is , is ANYONE ??

  24. He is a jerk. I don’t understand why Meri stays there hoping for something to change with him. He has treated her horrible. If her and Janelle would just leave him like Christine did they would be so much better off. He’s not mad that he is divorced he is only mad because Christine divorced him first. He basically said it. it’s only ok if I choose to be divorced or tell them to go. And yes if Robin were any kind of a Mother she would get her kids as far away from him as she could.

    1. I came from a family kissers but not like this! It is not ok! Kodys lips should never ever touch there lips! I say shame on you Robyn for allowing it to happen and continue to happen!

  25. Robin destroyed the family, I think that was her plan all along. She does and says what ever she thing’s he wants to hear and probably does what ever he wants in the bedroom as well, which is why he only wants her now. I believe her daughters are definitely going to be his next wives, disgusting because he adopted them as his own, biological or not he adopted them.

  26. That linguine-haired fool was always icky to me. I hope Janelle leaves next as she doesn’t need him or his foolery. Meri needs to get it together and stop hoping that jerk will have a change of heart. It was clear early on who he preferred. He doesn’t care about anyone except for Sobbin’ Robin and her kids. I say let him have ’em.

  27. All of his wives have been complaining that they don’t have an intimate relationship with them, and why not? He’s already traded them in for a younger model. Who knows what goes on when Robyn is asleep at night. Makes me vomit in my mouth. You know all Mormon men want those younger teenage wives.

  28. kids makes me sick an so does that stupid Robin. she stepped in, booted Christine out an thinks she is a princess. this show is crossing the line when kody kisses his step daughter on the lips. kudos to Christine leaving the jerk. maybe Janelle will leave as well. Meri is living with her head in the sand.. kody has no feelings for her.. kody is a pervert.

  29. Does the world remember that Cody Brown wanted to put a 18 year old as wife number 5. Now hes working on the daughter’s probably trying to make them wipe 5 and 6. The guy’s a pervert and he runs from the law because hes breaking every aspect of law. hes a chester among a bygamist. The scumbag deserves an ass whooping and then to be prosecuted for all the laws he has broken…#freethesisterwivesfromkody

  30. it is disgusting and I always thought Robyn’s older daughter had a thing for him. the dad thing he adopted them so he should consider them daughters. so to me if he ever hooks up with them it is incest in my book. and if Robyn ever agrees anything this insidious she is a monster.

  31. kODY is nothing but a child preditor.if he goes after his stepdaughters.And Robbyn is ho-ing her daughters out.Sick sob people.THEY DO NOT DESERVE CHILDREN.

  32. Kody, your ass should be thrown in jail for inappropriate actions toward a minor. Sobin Robin should have her ass kicked (literally) for allowing your husband to be that “affectionate ” with your daughter. SHAME ON YOU BOTH

  33. Cody is a pedophile. Pedophiles belong in a box 10ft down. Robyn is proving to be mentally abusive for allowing that behavior. she needs to be in prison if all this turns put to be true.

  34. He is a sick man I been watching this show since the beginning and the more I watch it I’m seeing the true side of Kody ! Last episode the evilness in his eyes as he stares at Janelle because he feels that she’s not being there for him instead of Christine. He wants her to choose side he is a sick man he’s just mad because Christine left him first! MERI as his first wife she should’ve left his ass a long time he has an excuse for everything and as to why he isn’t intimate with her.Truly the more I’m looking a this photo I am getting angry! He is a Pervvvvvvv! Janelle is next I think she’s leaving ,Robyn plays to much the victim!

    1. I believe Janelle has left already, they are just keeping it quiet for the show. There is a picture from Logan’s wedding ceremony, where Janelle is sitting in the front row by herself and Kody is sitting across the aisle and 2 rows back with Robyn. Why wouldn’t he be sitting with his wife and mother of their child at his wedding?

    1. Second. Polygamous or plural marriages, or Polygamous Co-habitation, are forever prohibited within the state of ARIZONA….

  35. what A SICK S O B and for Robin YOUR JUST A GREAT BITCH. willing to sell your daughter out.to get what you want i hope dcfs see this and comes gets all the kids and take Cody to jail and put you in a psycho ward and throw away the key. and Christine please please keep your daughter away from this psycho family usually I will not recommend kids be kept away from their father. but in this case I would. and Cody and Robin if you don’t like the comments people put on here then you shouldn’t give us a reason to. and it’s called freedom of speech.

  36. That’s just creepy. There’s kisses and then there’s kisses. Nothing wrong with showing affection, with a peck on the lips. When they’re little. But these are young woman. Robyn you’re really comfortable with this. Did you not think you would get backlash?

  37. it’s truly sad!!! it’s know way I let this man..touch my child,he is not a good dad at all..he don’t care about his older kids at all..I pray they take them kids away from both of them…

  38. Robin sold her soul to the devil. Why go to church. Satan owns her. As for Kody boy ..he’s delusional, errogant, pos.

  39. Mary needs all the space she has to do her business out of. That’s not a excuse just reminding. Robin hates dogs.

  40. I can’t believe social services wasn’t called on that photo.. if that was my daughter, let’s say he’d would be on a milk carton.

  41. I think it’s high time this show be removed from TV! Kody is grooming both girls! They have no biological connection with him! This is televised child abuse! No he hasn’t ever been shown kissing his biological daughters in this manner! If as their mother Robyn is allowing this without an objection, she’s sick too! It’s really long over due for Janelle and Meri to leave this twisted relationship! The only really smart one so far is Christina! I hope in time she finds a true, faithful, loving man that she can build a wonderful future with. Janelle and Meri could have that as well, if they get away from the pervert!

  42. Remember when he had one of his purity talks with his own teenagers. He was talking about them NOT kissing their boyfriends and girlfriends, because “your hormones go into each other’s mouths” *cringe at the flashback*
    but it’s okay to kiss your adopted daughter.

    something is very off with that man….

  43. I have never missed a show and have never seen anything like this picture.
    I think you are all being duped with a photoshopped picture.

  44. I guess Kody must think he is the next Jeff Warren. He wants to start them young now. What the hell does he want with more children. He can’t even remember he own children’s birthday. Did you not see what you did to your son? I agree someone needs to call authorities.

  45. NO EFFING WAY! should WARREN JEFFS I mean Grodie Brown, be planting his disgusting lips on young girls! and for Robin to let it continue makes her nothing less than their pimp! everything seems to be adding up now. The strained relationships with the other children, and especially Gabriel’s hate for his dad. I’m beginning to wonder if Breanna is actually living in that room she was in when they were passing out candy for Halloween 🤔 hers and Grodie’s love nest 🤢🤮Robin is one sick chick

  46. I remember Kody ws talking to his daughter about dating and told her not to kiss her bf on the lips because of the hormones passes from her mouth into her boyfriends mouth and that makes you want more from each other…Kody…remember those words of advice to your daughter?? you are a total hypocrite Kody..now you put your lips on your adopted daughters mouth!! WTF???!!! you did it deliberately…wow!!! You treated Christine like crap…you treat Janelle like crap and Meri cheated on your hypocritical behind because you treated her like crap…You are doing this deliberately so they do leave your sorry..sick..behind so you can replace them with younger wives….but no one thought you were that sick to manipulate your wives to leave you…. that way you can cry poor me..poor me…they left you…that takes the blame away from you and makes your actions seem warranted…you are a sick old man and yes…you are very manipulative and grooming your adopted daughters to become your wives…that’s perverted …but you will find a way to justify your actions with the Woe is me attitude…
    Get help..get professional help..you’re a sick..pathetic..old man!

  47. He’s not their step-dad he adopted them. That makes him their father. If this was seen anywhere else those children would be removed immediately.

  48. this show needs to be cancelled!!!!!He is a down right pervert!!!This is disgusting and I say that because of sobbyn Robin won’t let him go out and date,so he has to use her daughter’s.She is a Filthy B. t c h

    1. Journalist that did a story when people knew they were moving to Arizona was Lauren Gilger, I private messaged her on fb …Ask her if she knew why KODY BROWN was WALKING THE STREETS OF FLAGSTAFF AND NOT ON A CHAIN OR BEHIND BARS…Polygamy and Co-habitation is ILLEGAL in Arizona….

  49. It’s down right nasty ass hell kissing her in the mouth. It looks like a romantic kiss and she to old to kissed in the by any man. I think being that age it’s inappropriate for her father or any other man. And if
    I were the mother I put Kody in his place .

  50. Anyone remember when Robin cried because she hurt Christine with kissing Cody after the proposal, but before the wedding? She joked that the marriage was official after that because they kissed. Christine admitted to being pissed when she found out. Kissing was such a big deal in their religion, yet Cody carries on this way with these young “women”. I can’t imagine the emotional damage being done if Robin’s daughters ever read these comments regardless of his guilt/motive. Hollywood has a horrendous reputation for child abuse and in this day and age, producers should be walking a very thin line to show respect for the abuse many young women suffer in polygamy and victims of SA. If they are intentionally damaging their mental well-being for ratings, they are no different than the abusers themselves. They were supposed to be trying to change the stigma on plural marriage, yet by producers creating this edit, they are only succeeding in trying to glorify or normalizing the grooming and mental abuse these women endure. Robin’s logic alone says Cody is spiritually married to her daughter’s because they kissed, yet now they are trying to push the loving father storyline. That just doesn’t work because Cody has repeatedly shown he is a shit father. This show is taking a very dark turn, they need the Escaping Polygamy producers to get involved here.


  52. Folks need to stop watching, stop commenting, stop acknowledging any of them exist. The TV show goes on because people watch. Nothing redeeming about it. C’mon we’re better than this. Hit them where it hurts: ratings which means giving them money. Please.

  53. we need to start a petition on here and get as many as we can to sign it to have an investigation on Kody and Robin to protect these kids. Robin is not a mother she is a pimp prostituting her daughter’s.the real father needs to step in and do something.belive me if this was my kid I wouldn’t be on here I b in jail.for what I would do

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