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‘Sister Wives’ Browns Rebuild With Younger Wife, Can Robyn Deal?

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In the latest Sister Wives, Robyn recently had a heart-to-heart with Meri. She was adamant that the family had to rebuild now that Christine is leaving. The family is falling apart, in reality, it has been for years. However, Robyn wants to rebuild for selfish reasons. She has two young kids, Ari and Solomon who she wants to experience the same lifestyle her older children did. That sense of familial community. Yet, fans are wondering if this rebuilding means much more than Kody’s favorite wife actually realizes.

Will The Sister Wives Rebuild With A Younger Wife?

Since Christine is leaving, it has made Robyn think about what that means for the family. Essentially, they are no longer the unit they once were. She claimed that she really went into this marriage for Kody because he was a good man and a good father. That was what she wanted above everything after her divorce. Now, fans are questioning what rebuilding actually would mean. Both Meri and Janelle’s kids are all grown up with Janelle’s youngest turning 18 next month.

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The fans took to Reddit to start a thread over all of this. They also addressed the fact that none of the wives aside from Janelle even talked to Christine about the divorce. Therefore, what do they really have left? They have a bunch of adults with grown kids, that’s what. “She said Ari doesn’t get the huge amount of sibling experience because she’s only 5. Well, Janelle’s, Meri’s, and Christine’s kids are adults (except for two – Savannah & Truly) so that puts them in a babysitting role, not a sibling role,” one Redditor stated.

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They went on to add: “Plus, Savannah and Truly haven’t exactly been welcomed to Robyn’s house. Is Robyn Truly capable of having a younger, prettier wife come into the family?” Another had this to say: “Well. There ya go. They can sign up for “Seeking Sister Wives” and Kody can start bringing home some hot little honeys from the gun show circuit.” It seems the best way to rebuild is to bring in someone new who can either have more kids or be an ally to Robyn and Meri.

What About Janelle?

Sister Wives fans pointed out that Janelle was not a part of the conversation between Meri and Robyn. They believe that she simply was just over Robyn and her fakery. The two women have spoken in the past but Robyn knows that Janelle is team Christine. She agrees with how Christine handled the divorce and made it clean and simple. However, some believe that Robyn may want someone new since she is growing tired of Kody. She has become his punching bag as he is so angry going through a divorce.

Could Robyn handle another new wife? She is fickle because she wants them all together but keeps the family apart so it would actually have to happen to see how it plays out. That would be a show to watch. Do you think they should add another wife to help rebuild? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I have said all along that Sobyn could not and would be able to handle a younger, prettier wife. Sobyn would give her hell

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