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Janelle Brown Comforts Broken Christine In Heartwarming Moment

Sister Wives

Janelle Brown has maintained an amazing relationship with her former sister wife, Christine. In the latest episode, Christine noted that she and Janelle are a mile away. Kody’s second wife moved herself onto their land, Coyote Pass when her rental was sold. She proceeded to buy an RV and plant it on CP. Since it is not properly set up yet, she is over at Christine’s a lot, having coffee, doing laundry, and they just enjoy each other’s company. Furthermore, Janelle has always given her sister wife credit for helping to raise her children while she was off working much of the time. Now, a scene from the Sister Wives midseason trailer shows Janelle comforting Christine and fans are in awe. Read on for more details.

Janelle Brown Steps It Up & Consoles Christine

In the midseason trailer, provided by TLC, it is time for Christine to leave Flagstaff for Utah. She has chosen to sell her home and move with Truely back to Utah. There, they have a lot of friends and family so she is ready for a fresh start now that she is divorced from Kody. Of course, the wives and Kody have to have one more sit down. They are all outside when Kody just goes off on Christine. He screams that now that they are divorced, she can just “run away” instead of being “accountable.”


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Kody then gets in his truck and drives away but Janelle immediately gets up and gives Christine a hug. Fans immediately had an immense amount of respect for Janelle’s instinct to show love rather than resentment. “I love how janelle comforted Christine,” one follower commented. Another noted: “because she is the only one that really care about her! The other two are happy that she is leaving!” Someone added: “I think the close relationship between Janelle and Christine bothers Cody and he doesn’t admit that.”

Still Tight

Now that Christine has officially moved to Utah, Janelle Brown has still maintained a close relationship with the mother of six. They both promote Plexus together along with Janelle’s daughter, Maddie. This has allowed them to travel together plus they loved adventuring with their children. Most recently, they gathered together for Janelle’s son, Logan’s wedding. The two women posed and were all smiles for the event as were their kids.

Janelle and Christine/IG

It is a great situation, especially since Sister Wives is still filming and does not appear to be stopping anytime soon. Fans are also hopeful that Janelle will follow in Christine’s lead and exit the plural family. More so now after seeing the midseason trailer with how incredibly unhinged Kody continues to become. Only time will tell but at least these two women still have each other’s backs.

What do you think of Janelle Brown showing compassion toward Christine? Do you think she should leave, as well? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. i woulda left him long ago..he doesnt treat any of the wives like wives…except Robin…he cares about himself… what about me..he cries…instead. where is his empathy for Christine, Janelle, and their children…which are also HIS!! He offciates a wedding and looked to me that he may of been shopping for wife #5…Get out Jannelle..follow Christine..and Meri..come on!! why do you defend him? He doesnt even like u..its very sad to watch..and i feel sorry for u…Glad at least 2 of u are not letting him run all over u…G-d bless all of u.

  2. Wouldn’t a spin off of Janelle and Christine be wonderful? Sister Besties!!🤗 Kody is ridiculous and Robyn looks miserable. Time for TLC to take a look at the show altogether now that the light and sunshine of the show is gone

  3. Typical Kody. Overgrown man/child blaming, controlling, playing the victim. Had Kody been able to be a strong, involved Father with ALL of his children and “spouses” this would not be happening. Kody is about as supportive as a pet rock and that is insulting to an innocent stone.

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