Real Reason Robyn Brown Wants Her Sister Wives To Stay Local?

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Robyn Brown was adamant that she wanted Christine to stay in Flagstaff. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Robyn was thinking of ways to keep her sister wife in town. At this point, Christine had already told her family that she was leaving Kody. In fact, she considered herself divorced since it was a spiritual marriage. So, why was Robyn so hard-pressed to keep Christine from moving to Utah? Read on for more details.

Why Does Robyn Brown Want Her Sister Wives Nearby?

In the latest episode, Robyn was so determined to keep her family close together. Though she really does not know what Christine has gone through with Kody, she wants her to stay in Flagstaff. She shared that she would be fine if Christine stayed and built on the Coyote Pass property. Even if that meant not being with Kody but dating other men. Obviously, that would not happen if Kody and Christine had their way. She was even sitting and chatting with Kody’s first wife, Meri who he admits he does not have a real relationship with.

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Though she would completely understand if Meri chose to leave, she asked her sister wife to hold on and rebuild with her. So, why is Robyn so desperate for the family to stay together when it clearly is not working? Fans have some theories as to why. It seems they believe that if all of the wives stick around, the show can continue to go on. “Personally, I think Robyn wants them to stay local to continue to the show. Her priority is keeping the cash flow and the key parties close by. The show would end if it was just Kody and Robyn,” a Redditor stated.

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Another noted: “Which is funny given that she won’t let filming occur in her home.” To be fair, she did have a large family gathering for her youngest child, Ariella which was filmed. However, this does make perfect sense in Robyn’s mind. Yet, even with Christine gone, she still has Truely who is a minor. Therefore, she does come back to Flagstaff to film.

Would It Matter If They All Left?

Even though Christine has departed, she did land her own cooking spinoff. Plus, fans want her to have her own show completely. She has also maintained an extremely close friendship with Kody’s second wife, Janelle. Viewers would love to see their adventures on television. Therefore, Robyn Brown and company could probably still profit from anything tied to the original series. It actually might make more money than the current series.

Would you watch a show without Robyn Brown? More so, would you watch a series with just Robyn and Kody trying to survive monogamy? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC. 

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