‘Sister Wives’ How Robyn Brown Struck It Rich In Brown Family

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has always been under public scrutiny for her marriage to Kody Brown. Fans think the reality star became a part of the plural family to settle her debts and have someone take care of her kids. Robyn has garnered judgment for being a manipulative one in their relationship and has always kept her economic interests under the veil. So, did Robyn Brown work her way into the family in a get-rich-quick scheme? Keep reading to find out what fans think!

Robyn Brown Married Kody Brown Amid Financial Struggles

When Robyn divorced her first husband, she was in massive debt and had three children to take care of. With so much debt at hand, one would think that she would want to marry someone rich. Yet, Kody didn’t have that. Rather, the Browns were struggling financially as well. Adding four more mouths to feed to the family wouldn’t have been a great idea. So, why exactly did she marry Kody?

Robyn Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Fans think that Robyn was in on the information that the Browns were to be a part of TLC’s Sister Wives. Moreover, Sister Wives wouldn’t have happened if Robyn didn’t say yes to Kody’s proposal. Their contract with the network helped them lead a better life and even clear of Robyn’s existing debts securing her future for years to come.

When Did Sister Wives Fans Learn Of Robyn’s Real Intentions?

While this wasn’t evident at the start, fans noticed Robyn’s alleged motives back when the Browns were deciding on their living situation.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives TLC YouTube

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The Brown family patriarch wanted to make a fiscally responsible judgment. However, Robyn in her confessional admitted that she isn’t as interested in saving money as her husband was. She wished to spend the extra on moving to Flagstaff, Arizona. This scene convinced many Sister Wives fans that she was in for monetary benefits.

What Did Robyn Brown Receive From The Plural Marriage?

But this isn’t the end of what Robyn received from the marriage. Talking about Robyn’s real intentions, a fan took to Reddit and wrote, “I’m sure her big reasoning for choosing Kody was because she knew their show was picked up. As a single mom with three kids, I don’t blame her. I’m too shy to ever put myself or kids on camera and under that type of scrutiny but as a struggling single mom trying to get out of that situation she was in, I don’t blame her.”

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Another agreed, “I’m sure she knew without Kody taking a fourth wife the TV show wasn’t going to happen. He may have even told her how much they were going to be paid.”

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“And she got to be a New York Times Best Selling author,” added a third.

A fourth chimed in, “And she got to be a multi-billionaire with the juggernaut that is My Sister Wives Closet.”

“And her CC debt paid off, as well as free childcare from the wives and their kids. She also didn’t have to work anymore,” said a fifth fan.

A fan questioned what exactly Robyn was inheriting. They wrote, “What are they inheriting?”

“Coyote pass. They are turning it into 5 lots. She has 5 kids,” answered another.

Sister Wives Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

While it isn’t clear whether Robyn’s kids would inherit all the lots in Coyote Pass, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she does.

Do you think Robyn struck it rich in the Brown family? Share your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I think Robyn has it made. She has the husband, the nanny, the money, the house, the everything. She has no right to say Christine should stick it out because she is tearing the family apart. Kody and his self righteous, poor pitiful self has done that all by himself! It’s obvious Robyn and complete control over everything and everyone is all he wants. I applaud Christine for moving on. She has not had a husband in a very long time. Robyn needs to put herself in Christine’s shoes and see how much she would like it if the roles were completely reversed. I guarantee you she would not have none of that!!!! She is not fooling anyone with her fake tears and fake sadness!

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