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Robyn Brown Cries Hysterically, Just Wants Christine To Be Happy

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Robyn Brown is miserable. Since Kody is going through a divorce with one wife, it impacts all of his marital relations. Since he has no relationship with Meri and barely one with Janelle, he takes it out on Robyn. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Robyn is chatting with Meri. They are trying to break down the demise of Christine and Kody’s marriage. The problem is that it’s been going on for so long. Yet, Robyn feels she has a solution just to keep the family together.

Robyn Brown Breaks Down Over Keeping Christine Happy

It has been known to Robyn that Christine has wanted to leave Kody for some time now. Even back when they lived in Vegas, there was talk of Christine leaving. Yet, both Meri and Robyn feel a sense of betrayal since Christine never talked to them about her plans to exit the family However, Robyn shares with Meri that when Christine broke the news to the wives, she could feel the sense of release coming from her. Since she has been divorced, it was the same feeling she had experienced when she left her first husband.

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They know that Christine has not been happy for a while now. Yet, Robyn is not about to et her family crumble to the ground just like that. She goes on to say that if Christine wanted to live on the land and date other men, she would not even care. Christine refuses to even do that in her confessional. As for Kody, he thinks she is just running off to Utah to be with her family and find a new husband. Robyn is desperately willing to find a new normal for the family. Meri disagrees

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Christine admits that none of the wives even called her to hear her side of the story. Robyn Brown may act like she wants to keep the family intact but only Janelle reached out to Christine. Furthermore, it does not matter anymore. Christine had her mind made up and was ready to go. Her children had accepted it and she was not going to live in a marriage that she did not feel was fair. Again, if Robyn really cared about what was going through Christine’s head, she could have reached out.

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One of the issues was favoritism from Kody toward Robyn which was cited by both Christine and Janelle. It is very possible that Robyn is plain tired of having the burden of Kody all of the time. This is what she seemed to have wanted when she became, as he called her, the “obedient” wife. So, now the bed is made and she must lay in it.

Do you think Robyn Brown truly cares about Christine’s happiness? Or do you think she is just scared to be completely alone with Kody? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I think Sobyn is getting stuck with the scum bag and now she can’t stand the thought of having to carry all the burden since she was the reason for the family falling apart

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