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Robyn Brown Can’t Fathom Why ‘SW’ Fans Hate Her

Sister Wives

Sister Wives fans have made it no secret that they don’t like Robyn Brown. She has been mocked for her hair, her eyebrows, and the way she speaks. However, it seems that viewers feel she brought the family down. Though they could have collapsed with any fourth wife, she behaved in a way that was not encompassing.

One fan noted that Meri was actually a better sister wife than Robyn. Why? She actually cared about the children and the family in a big-picture way. As for Robyn, she did not even encourage Kody to go to Ysabel’s scoliosis surgery and has had a nanny for years. In the latest episode, she tried to understand why she is so unlikeable.

Robyn Brown Doesn’t Understand The Hate

While talking to her sister wife, Meri about Christine leaving the family, Robyn struggled with something. She cannot understand why people do not like her. More so, she does not understand why it is believed she is this horrible person who came in to destroy the family. A fan recently pointed out that when Truely was really sick, Meri’s child, Leon was going off to college. Kody was supposed to take them along with Meri however she told him to stay behind. He was needed more with Truely and Christine than at school.

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When Ysabel had her scoliosis surgery, she really needed her father. However, Robyn never once encouraged him to leave. She never said that she and her older children could handle the younger ones. Robyn has yet to make a true sacrifice for the good of the family other than being the primary home for Kody. She alleges that she just wants everyone to be happy, including Christine, whatever that takes. Even if that means she has to build on Coyote Pass but date other men. The family cannot break up and, if it does, they must rebuild.

What Do The Fans Say?

Sister Wives fans are very verbal and this is what they had to say after this week’s episode about Robyn Brown. “Wow Robyn just keeps showing how terrible of a person she is!” one person tweeted. Another added: “They are ruining this for me! Wtf Robyn!!! You ruined this!!!” Then there was this: “Robyn is making Christine leaving about herself & about why she’s actually leaving…Let’s try holding Kody accountable…” Finally, there was this tweet: “Robyn only wants things to her way. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself and hers.”

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It is clear to see that fans just do not like Robyn and they probably never will. It does not matter what she preaches or says about unity. Kody openly admitted that they were a dysfunctional functioning family prior to her. It was only a matter of time before someone pulled the rug out from underneath.

Do you understand the hate that Robyn Brown gets? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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