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‘SW’ Fans Lose All Respect For Robyn Brown’s Daughter Aurora

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Sister Wives fans aren’t happy with Robyn Brown’s daughter Aurora after an incident that happened in the latest episode. Season 17 Episode 6 aired on October 16, 2022, as Janelle showed Robyn and her oldest daughter around her new fifth-wheel trailer. However, what happened inside the trailer as Janelle gave them a tour of the trailer has fans angry at Aurora’s snarky comment.

What did Aurora say? Keep reading to find out the details!

Aurora Compares Janelle’s Trailer Bathroom With A Foot Wash

As Aurora explored the trailer, she remarked that the tiny bath was more like a foot wash. As insulting as this comment was, she simply didn’t stop at that. She also asked Janelle if the bunk beds in Savannah’s room were dog beds. The 20-year-old said, “Are these going to be for the dogs.”

Aurora Brown Sister Wives YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Although Kody might see it as nothing more than an innocent question, the comment was definitely rude, especially given how Janelle was standing right there.

Reddit Fans Bash Aurora Brown For Her Attitude And Disrespect

Discussing her behavior, a Reddit fan took to a subreddit forum and wrote, “After a few people were so vocal last week about how wonderful Sobyn’s girls are, and how no one should dare to comment on their ‘The Voice’ performance, curious to know what say you now? Are we still Uhroaruh fans after the foot bath and dog bed comments?”

Aurora Brown Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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They further clarify that “Uhroaruh is 20 years old, fair game to snark on. Not trying to start an argument, genuinely asking if you are fans. I for one was appalled by her attitude and the disrespect.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “Explains the quietness of Savannah at Y bday party.”

“Yep! She doesn’t want to be around the mean girls,” agreed a third.

Sister Wives Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

A fourth chimed in, “Her kids have always acted bratty, and Aurora is the worst offender.”

“It was a huge contrast in attitudes! Christine and her girls were so positive and seemed genuinely happy for Janelle and Savannah. Telling Savannah her room was so cute and liking the doors, etc. And Robyn and her daughters were despicable! So disgusting! I don’t think they said one positive thing. The look on their 3 faces said everything. And this is who Kody prefers to spend all his time with?” explained the fifth fan.

Kody & Robyn Brown Feel The Trailer Is A Bad Idea

It is true that kids learn from their parents and Aurora’s rude comment was simply a reflection of what Kody and Robyn Brown truly think of the trailer. Kody and Robyn have talked at length about how bad of an idea the trailer is. They also remarked on how uncomfortable and small it is.

Robyn Brown Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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He is even upset at the idea of Janelle’s dogs being in his bed when he is with her. Kody went as far as to ask her to choose between him and the dogs. However, in her confessional, Janelle says that she feels otherwise. She remarks, “Yeah, dude, I’m sorry. You’re here one day in four, maybe three, and I’ll choose the dogs. Gonna choose the dogs, gonna choose the kids.”

Do you think Aurora’s behavior was uncalled for? Is she simply reflecting on her parent’s real feelings about the trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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    1. I feel it’s time Kody is reported to Child Protective Services for what he’s done to his kids over these past years. There are still under aged kids still in his care

    2. They suddenly have the big heads cause they are living cozy in a big house. She’s 20 why don’t she take her grown butt and join the real world. Or is she in wait since Kody has been grooming her?

      1. Kody was so insistent about Janelle kicking her sons out yet Robyn’s kids are welcome to stay in the big house. she is so judge about Christine and divorce yet she is a divorced woman and as I recall she left Kody in the beginning. Kody treats Robyn’s kids better than his biological children, which shows who is running the show. Kody is most likely upset as Robyn has all the control whilst he is used to controlling all his other wives. And screw Meri. Her opinion doesnot count as nobody gives a lick about her. Mostly Kody. Meri needs to get a life. America has watched year after year of Kody telling her to leave. This is why Robyn would like Meri to stay, give them money and most of all Kody is not sleeping with Meri. Win, win for them.

        1. Kody is eliminating his wife’s one at a time! But then he acts like the poor miss use whoa is me feel sorry for me, entitled snob he is. He seems to forget how he told Mary and then Christine I don’t want to be intimate with you any longer. But he wants them to stay so their money counts towards his dream of the property. We should had seen this coming since he worked so hard and getting Robyn To buy a house versus renting one. If you watch I bet Janelle will be the next one he wants nothing to do with and blame it on her living in a fifth wheel. Maybe he should do some research as fifth wheels have hot water also.

        2. I so agree with you. Mari is there just to unsure Robyn doesn’t have work yet she comments “we” when they talk about how money is dispersed. Mari has to be the biggest fool and she can’t see it. He has No Love for her only to contribute to the needs they have. It’s so sad watching her hang for dear life to nothing.

    3. I think that is going a bit far to say that . I really don’t think that is what is on his mind. Maybe he will get another “wife” but not with his adopted daughter.

  1. I think they should remember where they lived and came from before marrying nut butt. If it weren’t for the other wives, especially Jannelle, the money they brought in paid for everything they have now. Bunch of snobby brats, especially aurora, with pains attacks

    1. yes!! I thought the same thing. she needs too remember where her mama and she came from. she thinks she’s hot stuff ONLY cause Christine, Janelle and meri for that matter brought her too be on TV
      can’t stand that kid. would love too meet her 🙄🤔😜🤭

  2. It seems like Kody expects so much from his other kids. Why is Aurora still at home and not working(as far as I know) I dont know, it seems like he has 0 support or protection for his other wives feelings or opions. when Robyn decides she dosnt like his crap anymore and she begins to rebell he’ll treat her the same.
    Ugh, Ick and Euoo!

    1. Well daughter like mother a real piece of works, no respect for anyone, like mother. Wants her for us to feel sorry for her when she turns on water works. Her daughters need a good clout. Ungrateful, disrespectful brats.

  3. I think Robin and her kids are spoiled by Kody and they think they are better then everyone else because he shows them so much more attention and spends more time with them then his other kids and he wants to know why he don’t have a relationship with his other children Kody is a peace of crap to his other wife’s and children he has voiced his opinion on Jannelle buying the RV Robin has this I’m so much better then the other wife attitude she is as bad as her kids maybe if Kody treated her like his has his other wife’s she nor her kids would be acting the way they do some day Robin will wake up and see how much of a peace a crap Kody is and if she don’t then that’s on her she will Deserve what she get from The other wife no one feels sorry for Robin Kody should be the sorry one for ever letting Jannelle ever having to have to go to a RV to live If Robin was on her own as much as the other wife’s are she wouldn’t know what to do or how to do it she is so codependent on Kody it’s crazy all the other wife have jobs iv never known Robin to really work a real job and her kids she acts like her kids are the only kids Kody has Kody acts the same he didn’t care about seeing Truly until Christine moved now he wants to make Christine the bad one for doing what’s best for her and her children sorry I’m rambling

    1. Holy run-on sentence, Batman! I respect your opinion and passion, but punctuation would really help you get your point across.

      1. Kodak makes me sick with all his whining and Sobyn needs to open her eyes because she’s going to be sharing Kody with her own daughter before she knows it. Seems Aruara(sp?) is ready to be the next sister wife since she wants to put her snipey opinions out there about the other wives and kids. She will be pregnant before she’s married if Kody has his way and Sobyn will be thrown away like Janelle Meri and Christine. I’m SO glad Christine left this bunch of idiots.

    1. because she is Robyn’s kid juat like Dayton is still at home.. the out of the house at 20 rule was for meri, Christina’s kids..come on how dare Robyn’s kids follow any rules that the other kids have.

  4. Robyn is a scheming conniving b*t*h. She is who uprooted the family from Vegas knowing that there would be chaos. She’s as phony as a 3 dollar bill and deserved an Oscar for her dramatic performances. She’s also taught her daughter well. Who do her and her daughter think they are. She was married to some criminal and was in debt up to her eyeballs. Remember how long it took for her to get a mortage in Vegas because she went bankrupt. Now she’s acting like she’s high society. What a joke she is. They are all in debt after moving to Arizona. Bunch of classless uneducated idiots.

  5. Cody and Robyn have shown us all as the public that they are Nasty people.Aurara is proof of the nasty way they talk about the other wives and Cody’s children..Robyn doesn’t work so why in the world does she need a nanny for the 2 smaller children..I’m so proud of Christine for leaving.Meri and Janelle should do the same .Robyn and Cody deserve to fall on their ass.I feel bad for all his children he has put a lot of hurt in their lives and for them to watch how much better he treats children that aren’t his it sickens my stomach.They so high and mighty about the rules shame on them for not teaching respect..

    1. I agree Cody is a sniveling baby Good for Christine Everyone should leave and let Robyn and Cody live in the hell they created

  6. Can’t stand Robin or her kids..Why doesn’t she even do something with those crazy eyebrows? All the wives should leave Cody & he can stay with Robin..

  7. Why is Kody in polygamy ? He acts like he only has one wife he really cares about that’s Robyn . They all need to leave him so he can be with Robyn for the comments about Janelle’s camper how rude at least she trying something I mean where do they expect her to go she lost her house

      1. She was renting and the owner sold the house. She thought about buying it but it seemed like Kody didn’t like that idea

        1. which is so ridiculous cause suddenly now not a fan of the trailer … and Robyn .. talks down but then made recent comment… IF Janelle can make something happen on property…… Janelle would be her favorite person … this family is something else …

  8. Something I’ve never understood – it seems like Meri and especially Janelle are the only ones in the family to actually hold down some form of earning a living. How does lil macho man support this family? And afford a nanny for Robyn? Isn’t he going to be in a pickle if any more wives leave? He certainly doesn’t seem to have any means of support. I agree with another comment, he needs to be checked by CPS because it does sound suspicious the way he treats Robyn’s daughter. It’s not unheard-of in polygamous families for the father to marry a daughter of one of his wives. (From another relationship, that is)

  9. Cody looks more and more like a convict. Maybe that’s what attracts Robyn to him. Wasn’t her other husband a criminal?

  10. I don’t unter stand one man having all these wife’s unless he can support them
    It is not possible for one man to work and feed all them children and to educate them and meet all emotional needs of mothers and children
    You wouldn’t be able to sleep you would have to work all day and night
    Kody only works on grooming the women in his life
    I feel sorry for all the children and wife’s
    Any arse hole can father a child
    It takes someone special to be a dad
    Two many wife’s

  11. Hes a dipicable predator. Selfish , passive aggressive, n abusive . He exploits the entire family. Should be arrested.
    I applaud Christine ! Don’t sign Anything w him n don t give him a penny from sale of house. Janelle is brave n courageous.

    1. Cody & Robyn r supported by the other wives. Robyn knows her easy life of free 💰, & having a nanny will be ending, that’s why she begged Meri to hang in there. IMO Kody treats his adopted kids 100% better then his biological kids. All of the biological kids had to leave their homes at 18. When Janelle was letting her older boys stay in her house during the Pandemic Kody kept telling Janelle to kick them out if she wanted him to stay with her. Kody has never told Robyn that her adult children must go. The biological kids definitely have a right to be pissed about these double standards. On the last episode Meri said she still has hope Kody & she will work things out. Meri needs to realize that will never happen. Kody wants Meri to give up her rental, go live & run her B & B, but send Her $ to Robyn. Meri is just a bank to them. I wish Meri & Janelle would leave & find happiness with someone else. If that happens watch how fast Kody finds new wives to support him & how Robyn falls from the top position. Sorry so much but I can’t understand why two independent women keep supporting R,K, & their family, oh yay plus a nanny

  12. Ok this may draw some negative reaction but here goes. Stop whining Christine. They all knew the deal when they hooked up with Kotex I like to call him. Meri should not have divorced. All power went to Robin. Christine was always jealous but what did she expect. Dropping lots of kids doesn’t help either. She should have left a long time ago. Get out Meri. Save whatever dignity you can. Jannele is past wanting anything sexual so she is on top or at least no reason to be jealous. Christine you go girl but stop blaming everything on him. You were ok till Robyn came along. Have your giggle when it happens to Robyn, and it will.

    1. Christine agreed to be a plural wife. She NEVER agreed to live with a husband who blatantly plays favorites against her and her kids and she never agreed to not having an intimate marriage. So no, she didn’t “know the deal.” She accepted her jealousy as part of the deal…..but she drew the line at emotional and verbal abuse. As she should.

  13. I would love to hear from Robyn’s ex. he’ll probably enlighten us on what a controlling bitch she was. And I feel like she’s helping to groom her daughter to be the next sister wife.

  14. I think that is going a bit far to say that . I really don’t think that is what is on his mind. Maybe he will get another “wife” but not with his adopted daughter.

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