‘BIP’ Alum Kendall Long Is Officially International

Kendall Long seared herself into the brains of Bachelor Nation when she took Bachelor Arie Luyenduk on a tour of her taxidermy. She then met Joe Amabile on Bachelor in Paradise and thought her fate was sealed. After a breakup due to distance and an emotional reunion with him on the beach, Long is finally happy.

The show seemed edited in a way to make it look like Kendall came for Joe. She came to get some closure with Joe in the final episode not knowing he was going to ask Serena Pitt to marry him. Kendall said she was angry when she found out, she wouldn’t have come and ruined the moment.

Long said the reason she went was that she wanted to find someone, but it proved to be too difficult seeing Joe fall in love. The former grocery store owner met Serena Pitt whom he recently married. Kendall met Mitch Sage a few months after that and they announced their relationship in April. The couple was introduced by mutual friends in December 2021.

Kendall Long Had Been Dating

Kendall Long said she’d dated before meeting Mitchell, but didn’t go public with it. According to US Weekly, she knew being solid with someone before letting everyone know would be best. She said once you do that, “everyone has an opinion.” Long needed to make sure they were solid before going public. Mitch is not from reality television.

Then, they took their relationship to new levels when they made a big announcement about moving together to Germany. She said they were ready to start an “epic adventure together.” Her ex Joe said he was happy for her on his podcast. Joe said, “It seems like they are each other’s person. So yeah, good for her.”

Kendall Long, Instagram
Kendall Long, Instagram

She Shared About The Move On Her Instagram.

Kendall Long shared about the move and how happy they were on her Instagram stories. It’s finally happened the couple is officially in Germany as of this morning. She shared a post of them saying goodbye to their families. Kendall also shared they couldn’t take their dog to their new home together yet. She said his shots weren’t excepted because they’d been given in another country. He had to have a new one and get released to travel after quarantining for a few weeks.

Kendall Long, Instagram
Kendall Long, Instagram

Kendall also shared a slideshow from their engagement shoot with fans as well. She said, “Ummm so my fiancé is a smoke show. Absolutely LOVED this engagement shoot and realized the height difference is A-OK with me.” One fan said, “Who wants to tell her that SHE’S the smoke show and HE’S the lucky one?” The engagement pictures are adorable and they both look very happy.

Are you surprised Kendall found love so quickly? What do you think about Kendall moving to Germany? Read about her engagement here. Read more about Joe and Serena’s wedding here. Comment with your thoughts below.



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