Will Johnny DePhillipo Return to ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Next Year?

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Johnny DePhillipo met Victoria Fuller during Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise and proposed to her on the finale. He was just coming off of The Bachelorette when he went to Mexico. He went through a lot of crazy moments in a short amount of time. His short engagement to Victoria ended quickly and she’s already moved on with Greg Grippo. The past few months have not been easy for Johnny. So, with everything that has happened is Johnny interested in returning to Bachelor in Paradise for Season 9? Keep reading to find out more.

Will Johnny DePhillipo return to BIP?

Bachelor Nation shared what Johnny DePhillipo had to say about possibly returning to the beach to try one more time to find love. His answer may be shocking to some considering what he’s been through.

Johnny answered the question by saying, “Hell yeah, I would go back to “Paradise.” I know first-hand that it works. I would love to go back. If they want me next year, I’ll be there!”

Johnny DePhillipo via Intsa

Has he found closure from his relationship with Victoria Fuller?

Johnny also shared if he got the closure he needed at the reunion. He admitted he was shocked by some of the things Victoria had to say at the reunion. He felt like there were a lot of low blows from her. However, he did find the closure he needs to move on. Johnny said he was ready to put his relationship with Victoria to bed and move on.

He said, “I feel like I got the closure I needed at the reunion, but also a while ago. I know now everything I need to know to move forward with my life. We very much weren’t working out. We were on two different levels. She is used to a lifestyle that I wasn’t there for yet. She seemed to need more and it wasn’t supposed to work out right now.”

Johnny and Victoria via YouTube

He also noted that he and Victoria were very civil with each other until the rumors about her and Greg Grippo emerged. He said they had left on good terms and had good conversations until her new relationship surfaced.

Is Johnny read to date?

Johnny said that he is not in any mind frame to date right now. He said, “I am stepping back and working on me for now when it comes to dating. I don’t think there will be any engagements for me again any time soon. I am open to dating and I’m not going to let this bring me down.” He continued,  “As much as things didn’t end great for us at the reunion, Victoria did teach me a lot and I do have respect for her. I really do wish her all the best. I don’t want that situation to deter me from dating.”

Johnny has also noted that having The Bachelorette airing as he was trying to kick off his engagement with Victoria didn’t help. He said Victoria was very upset about seeing his relationship with Gabby Windey on television.

What do you think about Johnny heading back to Bachelor in Paradise next summer?

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