‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 8 Final Couple Spoilers

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Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 just wrapped filming in Mexico and there are already spoilers about who ends up together. Reality Steve has been dishing out spoilers since filming began. Now, he’s got the good stuff for fans who just can’t wait until the season airs this fall. Keep reading to find out who breaks up, who remains a couple and who ultimately gets engaged. Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 spoilers revealed

Reality Steve went to Twitter Wednesday morning to share what he knows about the season finale spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise. There have been some strong couples throughout Season 8 including one couple fans have been shipping for quite some time.

BIP via YouTube
BIP via YouTube

So, who ends up together? Steve has obtained all the details about who is still together and who broke up. Let’s dive right in! One couple that has been talked about is Aaron Clancy & Genevieve Parisi. In fact, they were accused of being together way before the show by Shanae. She accused them of hooking up during the Women Tells All episode of Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. It was never proven. The two did connect on BIP. However, as it turns out, Steve shared they broke up in the end.

Next up is Logan Palmer & Kate Gallivan. These two didn’t get together until closer to the end of filming. In the end, they also broke up.

Another talked about and maybe surprising couple is Michael Allio & Danielle Maltby. According to Steve, these two were really hitting it off. However, Michael has a son to think about. So, everyone pretty much knew he would not propose on the show without his son meeting his potential bride-to-be. However, their relationship was strong enough that they did leave the beach as a couple.

There is another couple who left the beach together but not engaged. This would be Tyler Norris & Brittany Galvin.

Who got engaged?

Now comes the really good stuff. Steve shared that there are two couples who allegedly got engaged on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. The two engaged couples are listed below.

The first couple to get engaged is Johnny DePhillipo & Victoria Fuller. Fans have yet to meet Johnny. He will be introduced to fans during Rachel and Gabby’s season of The Bachelorette. Victoria Fuller of course first appeared on the show during Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. She then went on to date Chris Soules but that didn’t work out. Farm life just wasn’t for her.

The final engaged couple is going to be a definite fan favorite. It is Brandon Jones & Serene Russell. Fans have been hoping these two would head to Paradise and hit it off. It seems their wishes have come true. Steve had noted previously he would be very surprised if these two didn’t leave together engaged. He was right.

What do you think about the status of these final couples? Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.


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