Greg Grippo Claps Back As He & Victoria Fuller Celebrate Thanksgiving

Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo via YouTube

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller have been the center of rumors and judgment from Bachelor Nation. The rumors started when Victoria and Greg were rumored to be seeing each other after news got out that she was engaged to Johnny DePhillipo. She claims there was no overlap in her time with both men. Now that the Bachelor in Paradise finale and reunion has aired, Greg and Victoria are not holding back with their feelings toward one another. As they celebrate their first major holiday together, Greg is clapping back at the haters. Keep reading to find out more.

Greg Grippo claps back at the haters

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller are sharing more of their new love with fans. However, while they are happy together, they have been getting a lot of hate from Bachelor Nation. But, Greg isn’t standing it for it when it comes to protecting his family. He went to Instagram stories to share his feelings with followers.

He said, “Send all the hate that you desire my way, but please leave my mother and fam out of this. Enjoy your thanksgiving.”

This comment comes as a result of the backlash he and Victoria have been enduring since confirming their relationship. The couple even revealed the matching tattoos they got in Italy.

Aside from Greg clapping back at haters to leave his family out of their criticism, he shared a video of him and Victoria.

Victoria also shared two photos of them together commemorating their first Thanksgiving as a happy couple.

They may be facing a lot of criticism but they do look adorable together.

Victoria says their values align

Victoria has also spoken out saying that her values with Greg’s just align.

US Weekly shared what she had to say. She said, “We know what we want at the end of the day, and we’ll see what happens. He’s an amazing man. He truly is. He’s been nothing but uplifting and encouraging through this whole experience. And that’s the type of partner that I want. Somebody who makes me feel good and makes me a better person.”

She also mentioned that Greg may be moving to Nashville to be with her. Victoria said, “I think Greg might move to Nashville for me. We’ll see. I own a house, so I’m not going anywhere.”

She’s also gushed about how good of a boyfriend he is overall. He just wants to be there to support her, according to Victoria.

What do you think about Bachelor Nation taking it too far and throwing hate toward Greg’s family?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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