Fan ‘BIP’ Faves Joe Amabile, Serena Pitt Talk Televised Wedding

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Bachelor in Paradise fan faves Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt are opening up about the possibility of having a televised second wedding. Recall, the couple tied the knot in a courthouse wedding just a few short weeks ago. Even though the duo already legally got married, they are still planning a big second ceremony to celebrate with family and friends. So, are they open to having it all on television? Keep reading to find out more.

Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile open up about televised wedding

BIP newlyweds Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt are opening up about the possibility of having a televised wedding following their courthouse wedding in late October.

US Weekly shared what the couple had to say. Joe and Serena are legally married but still planning their huge wedding ceremony for September 2023. Joe opened up more about their plans noting they don’t have a location nailed down yet but have it narrowed down. She said, “We haven’t picked a location yet, We’re between Austin, Texas, Charleston, [South Carolina], or Nashville.”

Neither one of them are from any of these places. Serena is from Canada while Joe is from Chicago. However, the bride said, “We just wanted it to be fun and a great destination for everyone to travel to for the weekend.”

Joe and Serena haven’t been planning for a televised wedding. However, they are open to the possibility if ABC approaches them.

Joe said, “If somebody wants to pay us to put it on TV, let’s go.” Serena added, “ABC, if you’re listening, if you wanna make something happen, we’ll chat. But right now, I think we’re just gonna go ahead and keep it private.”

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If ABC doesn’t step up and make it happen, Joe and Serena still have plans to share it with fans. They said they will still have a videographer and will share bits and pieces of it all with their fans who have supported them through it all.

Their courthouse wedding

Joe and Serena said while it may seem like their courthouse vows were impromptu, they actually had to have about three weeks to get it all planned out.

Natasha Parker was their witness as they were only allowed one person with them.

As for their upcoming formal wedding, Serena noted she hasn’t even tried on a dress yet but hopes to do that next month while in Canada. They do have some ideas about food for their big day including pizza, tacos and pasta.

Serena and Joe via Instagram

The couple also noted that they both want kids but are waiting on that part until after their big ceremony.

What do you think about Joe and Serena being open to a televised wedding? Would you watch it?

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