Rivals Turn Into Romance in Lifetime’s ‘Serving Up The Holidays’

Used with LIfetime's permission

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime’s latest offering Serving Up The Holidays is about a chef whose holiday food is fancy, but not festive. Could a cooking weekend change her life?

Serving Up The Holidays stars Britt Irvin (Under The Banner Of Heaven, The 100), Zach Roerig (The Vampire Diaries, Dare Me), Taylor Bly (So Close, Yet So Far, Motherland: Fort Salem), Bethany Brown (Charmed, The Guava Juice Show), Tanja Dixon-Warren (Heart Of The Matter, Caught In His Web), Beth Fotheringham (Destination Christmas, My Favorite Christmas Tree), and Eric Gustafsson (Helstrom, Love In Store).

In addition, BJ Harrison (A Royal Runaway Romance, A Second Chance At Love), Oliver Posada (Love’s Second Chance, The Fake Plant), Derek Scott (Planning On Forever, Love You Like Christmas), Kate Twa (We Need A Little Christmas, Snowed In For Christmas), and Lyell Woznesensky (Alaska Daily, Scented With Love) all star in this Lifetime movie.

Sean Fine (Our Take On Love, Blueprint To The Heart) wrote the script, with Jessica Harmon (Rip In Time, Game, Set, Love) directing.

What Is Lifetime’s Serving Up The Holidays About?

According to The Futon Critic, Scarlett (Irvin) is a talented chef. As the owner of an upscale restaurant, she does everything over-the-top.

However, her holiday dishes are considered too inaccessible and not festive enough for the average diner. They don’t want unique dishes, but comforting classics.

This year, her best pal and co-worker purchased a holiday cooking getaway vacation for Scarlett to have fun cooking. There, she learns how to make festive foods. In addition, a chef from her past (Roerig) is making this trip romantic as well.

Used with LIfetime's permission
Used with LIfetime’s permission

When Can You Watch Serving Up The Holidays?

The premiere of Serving Up The Holidays is on Thursday, December 1, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime

Don’t miss Santa Bootcamp. This stars Emily Kinney, (The Walking Dead, Messiah) Rita Moreno (West Side Story, One Day At A Time), Marissa Jared Winokur (What We Do In The Shadows, American Dads!), John Schuck (Zeke And Luther, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), Deanne Bray (Heroes, Flash Before The Bang), Patrick Cassidy (Late Bloomer, Ruby & The Rockits), Justin Gaston (The Young And The Restless, Until We Meet Again), Valerie Jane Parker (Greenleaf, Savage Lands), Javon Everett (Dandelion, Someone Like You), Tucker Wilkerson (The Santa Con, Melissa & Joey), Lindsey Shope (Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire Story, The Resident), Michael Mazzeo (Gravesend, The Tournament), Moiba Mustapha (The Money And The Monsters, The Last Tape), Gary McGuire (The White House Syndicate), and Zyra Singleton.

According to IMDb, “Hired by shopping mall magnate Ed Mancini to host a Christmas gala for his biggest investors, Emily heads to Santa Bootcamp – to find the perfect Santa and the inspiration she’ll need to make the evening a success.”


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