Birdie Brown dirty on Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Birdie Shows Why Her Hair Is ‘Luxurious’

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Birdie Brown is one of the most interesting characters on Alaskan Bush People. While she seems like the kindest, most generous member of the family, fans have a love-hate relationship with her on the show. Many appreciate the young woman’s big heart. Sadly, others find many of her actions disgusting.

She proved how weird she could be on the most recent episode of the show thanks to her hair treatment.

Birdie Brown has an interesting hair treatment


Noah and Birdie Brown were hard at work as both had recently returned to Washington and were helping around the ranch and the mountain itself. The two had spent a long time up in Alaska, traveling from island to island, looking for a new home Noah could buy for his family. This was especially tough for Birdie, who had two tumors removed from her body before the trip.

She was in Alaska, not to help Noah, but to get back to her roots and attempt to find her place in the world. She had a big decision to make. After reading a special letter from her mom, Birdie decided she would not have a full hysterectomy and risk cancer to have kids in the future

Birdie Brown- Alaskan Bush People - episode screencap

However, things went bad when Rain Brown had a breakdown on the trip. Rain went to help captain their boat and care for Birdie. However, no one realized Rain needed help too. When they got back, Rain went for professional help to deal with her unchecked depression since her dad’s death. While in treatment, Birdie decided to help set up the gold mining operation that Rain and Billy originally planned.

After clearing the land for the equipment setup, Birdie was covered in dirt. Her entire face had been patched on dirt, and she was happy with the experience. She then told Noah that there was a special way to condition hair. She then lay on the ground, threw her hair out, and covered it with dirt until it was full of it. When she stood up, she shook the dirt out of the hair and said it was a bush hair conditioning. She then described how it made her hair more voluminous.

It only slightly impressed Noah before he let her know she couldn’t ride back in his truck.

Alaskan Bush People shows Birdie’s continued generosity


While Birdie does things that seem disgusting and abnormal to most people, she has a heart of gold. Ignore her dirt shampoos and biting the heads off fish and look at what she does to help people. She has always been there for her family, and this latest episode is no different.

Birdie Brown dirt shampoo - episode screencap

Birdie has every reason to get off her feet and take it easy. However, despite the surgery to remove two large tumors, she was still hard at work on the mountain to help her sister’s gold dreams come true. Bird Brown can be strange but no one can question what kind of person she is inside.

What are your throughs about Birdie Brown’s dirt shampoo on Alaskan Bush People this week? Did you find it humorous, or was it just too much for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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