‘Alaskan Bush People’: Snowbird Continues To Disgust Fans

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During the most recent episode of Alaskan Bush People, Snowbird a.k.a. Birdie Brown left both viewers and her family disgusted as she used her teeth to rip the heads off of raw whole fish. The combination of the visual of her teeth sinking into the fish and the sound the bones made since viewers running for their trash cans. As those who have been watching this season of ABP know, this isn’t the only gross thing Snowbird has done recently.

Having a countless number of cats, Snowbird had to get a little creative and inventive to take care of them. This included making sure she had a litter box big enough to accommodate all of her furbabies. During this episode, Gabe stepped up to take care of Bird’s cats while she was gone. While taking care of them, he revealed what his sister had created to serve as a litter box for all of these felines.

Bird Brown on Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People fans disgusted by Snowbird’s creation

Tending to the litter box for the countless felines that Birdie owns, Gabe could be seen scooping litter and cat droppings out of what appeared to be a shower. It quickly became clear to fans that Snowbird turned her shower into a giant litter box to accommodate her cats. Gabe could be seen gagging as he struggled to take care of the litter box. Viewers at home agreed the fact that the stench coming from the shower litter box was so strong it made Gabe gag was very telling.

One of the biggest concerns fans had after realizing the shower had been converted into a litter box was a pretty simple and understandable one: How did Snowbird clean herself if the shower was a litter box?

One disgusted fan chimed in: “Ok…I have watched the Browns since the beginning..love the family and the show. BUT. OMG Bird’s shower is the cat litter box? That is just beYOND nasty.”

Gabe could be heard gagging as he struggled to deal with cleaning up the litter box. At one point in time, he admitted he could “feel” the odor in his eyes. He later added that his sister Bird owed him big time for this moment.

Alaskan Bush People - Discovery - YouTube
Alaskan Bush People – Discovery – YouTube

Overall, fans were deeply concerned that her entire home smelled like cat pee. Moreover, fans couldn’t help but wonder how she kept herself clean. What did you think of her shower litter box? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Alaskan Bush People.

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  1. Is Bird living in a tailer/camper? I thought she was living in a treehouse.
    Ripping heads off with her teeth. She’s an animal! I nhave seen Bear do this….but he IS an animal.

  2. I seen this and agree she is plain nasty. Remember her making house shoes with dead rats she caught and giving cats a party with dead rats ! Nasty just plain nasty!

    1. I seen that show of with that fish. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.. she is a woman who that is down right nasty..what type of man is going to what to be with her? She has no feminine side to her. You can still go into the woods and do all your things which is fine but can you please be lady like that was just downright nasty

  3. Bird did live in a tree house but it burned down in the fire. As for biting the head off the fish it is an Alaskan tradition to bring good luck fishing and they actually did great catching crab. I myself couldn’t do it but Noah and rain were happy for all the crab

    1. I have seen some of the guys on Deadliest Catch bite the heads off of fish. Pretty sure they do it at the beginning of each fishing season to bring them good luck. It’s definitely a tradition. It’s also very nasty.

      1. This young woman has turned into a reclusive cat lady. Hoarding is probably her next venture and a sad outcome to her life. She needs help with dealing with the death of her dad…and just life challenges. I hope she gets it. A shower little box is just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. It is a Norwegian fisherman’s tradition to bite the head of a fish and brings good luck and good catch of fish It is also a tradition in Alaska. But she is still a nasty disgusting individual

  5. I use to live watching The Alaskan Bush Family. The things they do or how they lived you would think the were new comers to Alaska. Bear is beyond extreme. Birdie is gross at times. I really gave up watching them.

  6. Not condoning her actions but should we really question others beliefs and traditions? Did Discovery really have to show it in all it’s gory glory? As far as the litter box in her shower goes it’s her life. Even a smaller litter box can reek if not cleaned regularly. If I remember she houses her cats in a separate home than where she lives. As long as the cats are well
    cared for it shouldn’t be an issue. jmho

  7. I love the show and don’t have a problem with her biting off the heads of the fish although she might not get a man or woman to kiss her. I really think she is wanting attention. What I don’t understand is why she doesn’t fix her front tooth. Dont get me wrong, she is very beautiful, regardless. All of the other siblings have taken care of their personal needs and I don’t understand why she doesn’t do the same. There might be a bigger underlying issue.

  8. I don’t think BIRD lives in the camper. Last I saw which was when Gabe clean the litter box, yes in the shower, some people even myself can’t hack the smell of cats litter box. I myself n mom have 4 cats n we do live in a camper a 40ft plus slide outs we have one box but clean it 3 to 4 times a day now if I had my own n had 4 cats I’d have 2boxes n clean 2 to 3 times a day same as feeding them. Some people will think that’s alot of work but it’s really only 5mins out of ur day well each time that’s nothing u could let it go all day n it be fine but it’ll smell more….. Anyways it’s not that bad people….. If she does live their with that many cats then yea I’d be a little concerned as u can’t breathe in that smell like that….. This is why I believe n remember she stays with other sister or have another place…… They all do come n go between Alaska n the west coast there…… So people calm down on BIRD…… WOULD U RATHER IT BE A SHOWER LITTERBOX OR A HOARDER PLACE WHERE THE CATS, BUGS, SEWAGE, TRASH PILED HIGH THATS NOT BIRD SO RELAX….. N JUST CUZ U THINK ITS DISGUSTING DOESN’T MEAN IT IS…….. AGAIN WE ALL ARE, ARE OWN PEOPLE N WE ALL ARE HUMAN CORRECT….. WE HAVE FAR MORE STUFF TO WORRY ABOUT THAN TO BE THINKING SHES DISGUSTING. LOOK AT ALL THESE KILLINGS AT SCHOOLS N POLICE KILLING PEOPLE N PEOPLE KILLING YOUNG RAPPERS OVER A DISAGREEMENT OF A DICE GAME LIKE TAKEOFF GOT KILLED FOR NO REASON IN THE CROSSFIRE…… PUT DOWN GUNS EXCEPT FOR HUNTING…. AND U GUYS ARE MAD OVER A SHOWER LITTERBOX N THAT IM SURE SHE STAYS CLEAN AS THEY GREW UP IN THE BUSH SO HOWEVER THEY CLEAN THEMSELVES MAYBE DIFFERENT ANYWAYS….. LOOK AT VAN LIFE OR People IN CARS NOT CUZ THEY HAVE TOO BUT CUZ THEY WANT N LIKE TOO…… USE WIPES BABY WIPES N OUTDOOR SHOWERS AT THE BEACH SOME USE LAKE OR RIVERS….. THIS IS CALLED SURVIVAL SO JUST STOP N REALIZE PEOPLE DONT HAVE TO DO AS U DO……. N THE CATS ARE Healthy……. Thank you for my rant. APRIL WITCRAFT ALSO I MYSELF REALLY DONT HAVE MONEY MUCH MONEY SO I DO WHAT I CAN TO SURVIVE….. I WATCH VANLIFE N THE ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE CAUSE IT IS A WAY TO SURVIVE SO IF U CAN DONATE TO BIRDS FAMILY N MYSELF IM DISABLED WITHOUT THE SOURCE YET ……IM AT [email protected]……..

  9. Bird lost her house to the fire last year. she turned her parents camper into a home for her cats. She stayed in a small tent close by Rain’s house. Having all those cats in a camper is probably a health hazard. To say the least. That camper is ruined.
    Biting heads off fish….. visually disgusting… yep. But hey, at least your not the one who kisses her. So let’s save the shade for outside.

  10. I love the show n the family, you never know what’s coming up next. But Truly Bird doesn’t need to keep those nasty cat’s i where ever she’s living, she’s sick alot, n them cat’s are not helping matters at all. As far as biting the heads off dead fish, she’s still a kid at heart and Love’s the ATTENTION. AND IN DEED SHE GOT PLENTY FROM THE VIEWERS.

  11. I used to be a housing inspector, who processed families in & out of their rented homes. On one of those “IN” inspections, I walked around to make sure everything worked properly (kitchen appliances, bathroom facilities, windows, no holes in walls, etc.).When I went into the bathroom I just about lost it. The family tub was the cats litterbox! It had not been cleaned out in days. I had to stop my inspection & told the adults that they had x number of days to get the house livable or they would have to vacate the quarters. I went back to the home & it was like a different house. I warned them that the inspectors would be doing periodic inspections. The house was always clean when I inspected thoughtout their stay & when they were checked “OUT”. This just goes to show cats, if taken care of properly, cats can be loving pets. I don’t know if Birdie thinks she is Alaskan or still in the bush, but her way of life needs some schooling.

  12. Most fake and heavenly produced show on tv. Didn’t one of the boys just get arrested and have a restraining order placed on him?

  13. I’ve watched the show from the start and I have noticed the Bird likes the shock value in her actions but I see her getting worse and I can only guess that there must be some kind of mental defect with her . The family just kind of laughs it off but the wives of the boys see her for what she is and that has caused a riff between Bird and the girls. I don’t know why she didn’t just get the hysterectomy because no man in his rite mind would want to have kids with her and the type that would is not the type you want to reproduce. I have always thought she was a little confused about her sexuality. I believe that the way they were raised may have screwed them up and the way she was attached to Noe there was more to that that was never explained and that’s why she was so jealous of his wife. That’s not all growing up in the “bush” because I grew up in the Ozarks and I’m nothing like them . This animal fetish that she has is just part of her mental illness. luckily the show started before it screwed up little sister she actually has a pretty good head on her shoulders . the family just buried thier heads in the sand and pretend like everything is just peachy.

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