‘ABP’: Birdie Bites Through Raw Fish Head & Crunches Bones

Birdie Brown - Instagram

Snowbird a.k.a. Birdie Brown left both her family and Alaskan Bush People viewers gagging during a truly grotesque scene involving raw fish heads. Birdie shocked everyone when she didn’t hesitate to sink her teeth into a raw fish head before ripping it clean off the body using nothing but her mouth. Both Birdie’s family and viewers of Alaskan Bush People at home cringed while listening to the squishing of flesh and the crunching of bones.

Why exactly did Birdie Brown decide to sink her teeth into a raw fish and rip the head off? Which members of her family were involved in this disgusting scene? Keep reading for the recap.

Birdie Brown - Instagram
Birdie Brown – Instagram

Snowbird a.k.a. Birdie Brown bites off fish head and crunches bones

During Sunday’s episode of Alaskan Bush People, Snowbird was traveling on The Integrity with her little sister Rain her big brother Noah and Noah’s son Elijah. The group made the decision to drop the anchor down for the night after they didn’t get to where they were trying to go. They also decided to set up a few crab pots with the hopes of catching something to eat for dinner.

Birdie helped get the crab pots ready by preparing the bait. For bait, they were using whole raw fish. Snowbird explained there was something they should do to help bring good luck so they could catch a bunch of crabs for dinner.

She proceeded to sink her teeth into the head of the raw fish head before biting it clean off. Viewers could hear the sound of squishing flesh and crunching bones. So disgusted by her sister, Rain could be seen visibly gagging. Elijah screamed out, horrified by this moment.

Alaskan Bush People - Instagram
Alaskan Bush People – Instagram

Turning her attention to Rain, Birdie asked if her sister wanted to take a stab at it before biting another head off of a different fish. The disturbing sounds of flesh squishing and bones crushing continued.

Fan reactions to this disturbing scene suggests they were just as uncomfortable as Rain and Elijah. Here’s some of what fans had to say about this moment:

  • “If this doesn’t get her a man, nothing will!”
  • “Oh Bird don’t do it any more.”
  • “This is so sad”
  • “I really like Birdie, but this is just sick.”

Were you surprised to see Birdie rip into this raw fish without any hesitation? Did it surprise you to see that her family was not on board with this moment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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