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Kody Brown & His Wives: The Biggest Frauds To Land On TLC?

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Are Kody Brown and his wives straight-up frauds? Fans are starting to believe that they may be the phoniest crew on TLC. It has become even more clear as the seasons have progressed. With more time, the truths about the plural family have continued to come out. Not everything was as perfect as they conveyed. Therefore, they were not the perfect examples of polygamy as they wanted viewers to believe when Sister Wives premiered in 2010. So, why do fans believe the Browns are the biggest frauds on TLC? Read on for more details.

Are Kody Brown & His Wives The Biggest Frauds On TLC?

Kody’s family has come crashing down around him. When the show first started, it was presented as this cohesive front. Kody’s original three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine all lived under one roof with all of their children. They had their own living quarters and Kody was welcomed in each one. Janelle worked full-time while Christine was the primary homemaker with Meri kind of floating around.

She prided herself on being Kody’s first and only legal wife. At the same time, Kody was courting his now-fourth wife, single mother, Robyn. Everyone seemed to love each other and get along until the truth came out. Kody noted that the family had been dysfunctional functioning, even back in Utah, where the show was first set.

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So, there had been problems for a while. Christine had even declared bankruptcy that first season and prior to that, she and Kody had gotten into a scuffle over his lack of participation. As for Meri, she and Kody are not even intimate and have not been for over a decade. Then, Christine decided to divorce Kody, he and Janelle are just good friends, and Kody has a strained relationship with most of his kids. This does not seem to be a family to emulate. Now the fans are speaking up on Reddit over all of this.

Fans Were ‘Sold’ A ‘Lie’

The thread started out like this: “They sold us a lie. Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn wanted us to believe that 1) they believed in plural mariage 2) plural mariage works 3) they were happy. All of which were lies.” The Redditor went on to say that they are the “biggest fraud of TLC.” Some felt that it started out well but failed to land: “When show started, they did really believe in plural marriage and it somewhat worked for them but their family gradually fell apart after Kody and Robyn got married because plural marriage can’t work if husband loves only one wife.”

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Others vehemently disagreed and felt that Kody Brown and his wives did believe in the lives that they were living. However, it just went wrong.  Then there were those who felt that the Duggars were the biggest frauds on TLC. That same sentiment was echoed here: “I mean….the BIGGEST fraud of TLC? Bigger than Toby Willis of the Willis Clan? Or The entire Duggar family hiding a child predator?”

So, do you think Kody Brown and his wives were the biggest frauds on TLC? Or were there other families who were way worse? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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