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Kody Brown Says Janelle Is Delusional, Kids Aren’t Cohesive

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Kody Brown implies during last night’s episode that his wife Janelle is delusional. He proceeds to argue she is painting a false picture of how close and loving the children under his family tree are. Kody argues his children are NOT cohesive before shining a spotlight on both Paedon and Leon. The TLC patriarch said that both of these older children, just as an example, struggle to fit in with the rest of their siblings.

Kody Brown says Janelle is delusional

The Sister Wives star argues that because a few of Janelle’s children get along with a few of Christine’s children she considers all of their children to be cohesive. That, however, is simply not the case. He argued that his children are nowhere near being cohesive and his wife Janelle is wildly stretching the truth.


Is Kody Brown seeing things with a biased viewpoint?

Countering what Kody had to say, Janelle Brown argues that her husband is biased in the way that he looks at the family. She explained that he only looks at the family from Robyn’s point of view and the point of view of her children. The way Janelle explained it, it is understandable why Kody would argue his children weren’t so cohesive. From the point of view of fans, there appears to be a huge divide between Robyn, her children, and Kody’s children with his other wives.

Aurora Brown, Breanna Brown, and Avalon Padron from Instagram

It, however, goes without saying that Robyn Brown is extremely protective of her children. Likewise, there is a pretty big age gap between some of Kody Brown’s first children and his final children with Robyn. From Paedon or Leon’s point of view, it might not make sense to come back to Flagstaff just to play with Ari or Solomon as they had no real relationship with Robyn.

Christine and Janelle Brown’s children are cohesive

As far as fans know, Christine and Janelle’s children are cohesive. It certainly helps that Janelle and Christine also remained friends after the split. The two have a very strong friendship and their children really seem to get along.

Sister Wives stars Christine & Janelle Brown take the kids to Universal Studios
[Image @christine_brownsw/Instagram]
From the outside looking in, it is easy for fans to see both sides of the argument. Kody Brown is frustrated that Robyn and Robyn’s children are so disconnected from the family. And, Janelle sees her children getting along beautifully with Christine’s children. It, however, does make fans wonder whether the disconnect is what Robyn wanted and Kody is too blind to see that.

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