Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

TLC Ripped By Fans For Allowing Kody Brown’s Abuse To Continue

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It’s no secret to Sister Wives fans that Kody Brown has incredibly horrible traits. He’s frequently cruel and even verbally abusive to his wives. And yet, TLC keeps giving him a platform.

Some Redditors think that Kody’s bad behavior is just a show for the cameras, but most agree that he really is just a horrible husband and father.

So why then, does TLC allow all of this to continue? Redditors recently sounded off on the platform to show their distaste for the entire situation. Keep reading to see what’s being said.

Redditors agree that Kody Brown treats his family terribly

Most Sister Wives fans readily agree that Kody has a streak of terrible and abusive behavior. Now that Christine is leaving the family, he seems to be taking his anger and rage out on everyone else. Recently, some viewers even called for TLC to outright cancel the show.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“They need to cancel this show and stop turning a blind eye to the obvious abuse,” one Redditor wrote on a recent thread. Many users said that the network would never cancel a show that earned so much money. Many other TLC viewers have also accused My 600-Lb. Life, Unexpected, and other shows of condoning abusive behavior. And yet, they still come back season after season.

However, one Redditor had an interesting take on the situation. They argued that Kody’s behavior definitely qualified as abusive, but they also really appreciated seeing Christine stand up to him and take control of her life back.

“Honestly, I’m back and forth on this. Yes, Kody’s emotionally abusive tactics are disgusting to watch (and he should not be allowed to act that way without somebody calling him out on it). But, seeing Christine stand her ground and grey rock the hell out of him, that’s inspiring as hell. Taking each one of Kody’s attempts to get an emotional reaction from her and get back his control spectacularly backfire in his face, is just amazing as hell,” they said. The user went on to say that they hoped many people would view Christine as a role model and leave their own abusers.

What do you think of the situation? Leave your own thoughts in the comments below.

The family patriarch insists he’s finished with Christine

Even though Kody and Christine have six children together, he insists that he never wants to see her again. But is that really feasible?

They were both spotted at Logan Brown’s wedding in October. However, it’s not known if they had much at all to say to one another. Time will tell what happens with the two exes from here on out.

Catch the latest episode of Sister Wives tonight at 10 PM eastern time on TLC. Don’t forget to tune in and see what unfolds next onscreen.

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