‘ABP’ Noah Brown’s Son Adam Makes Dad Proud, See His Latest

Noah Brown and Gabe with Eli | episode screencap

Noah Brown has been part of one of the bigger storylines of the new Alaskan Bush People season, as he travels to Alaska and seeks a new home for him and his family. While on the trip, he took his son Eli along with him so he could discover Alaska for the first time.

Noah just posted a fun video of his youngest son Adam, who remained behind with his wife during his journey, and talked about how proud he is.

Noah Brown posts great video of his son Adam

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown has always shown how proud he is of his children. His entire reason for wanting to move back to Alaska this season was so his sons could experience the same memories he did when he grew up in the bush with his dad, Billy Brown. Whether he actually moves back to Alaska is one theme playing out this season.

Noah Brown from Alaskan Bush People | episode screencap

In a recent video posted to his Instagram account, Noah posted a cute look at his youngest son, one-year-old Adam. In the video, Noah seems to blow a raspberry at his son from off-camera. Mimicking his father, Adam then sticks his tongue out and blows one back at him before giggling and crawling toward the camera. It was adorable.

“Today was Adam’s first birthday,” Noah wrote in the caption, with an emoji of a cake. “I am so proud of my little guy, he really makes me smile.”

Alaskan Bush People fans fell in love with the video as well. One posted Adam looked like a “very happy, healthy and handsome young man” and wished Noah well raising his sons. Another simply wrote that Adam was “absolutely adorable.”

Noah looking for new life for his family

This season of Alaskan Bush People started off with a shock. One year after Billy Brown died, Noah Brown decided it might be time to move back to Alaska. In his reasoning, his best memories were growing up in Alaska, completely away from people, and he feels it was what made him the man he is today.

Noah Brown on a boat | episode screencap

That convinced him to set out on a trek back to Alaska to find some land and a house he could buy to move his wife and two kids back to where he came from. He took his sisters Birdie and Rain with him. Birdie needs to find herself and felt a trip to Alaska would help with that.

On this week’s episode, Gabe Brown joined them. He knew Birdie needs help since she is recovering from surgery to remove two tumors from her body. How this journey ends is Noah Brown’s journey this season.

Are you watching Alaskan Bush People this season? What are your thoughts on Noah Brown and his journey back to Alaska? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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