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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Noah Brown’s Wife Reveals Where She Is

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Alaskan Bush People premiered its new season last Sunday night. In the episode, Noah Brown and his wife Rhain made a huge decision that should affect the entire Brown family.

The show is pre-recorded, and filming actually started in February 2022, three weeks after Bear Brown married Raiven. With that in mind, Rhain has revealed where she is right now.

Rhain is a long way from Alaska right now

When the Alaskan Bush People trailer showed that Noah Brown was considering moving back to Alaska with his wife and two kids, fans had questions. What would mother Ami Brown think about this? Others wondered what Rhain would think about possibly moving to the Alaskan bush with her two young children. It turned out that Rhain was all for it from the start.

Noah Brown on Alaskan Bush People

However, the question of whether Noah and Rhain are moving back to the Alaskan bush won’t be answered until later this season. Even looking at Instagram doesn’t answer this question. That is because Rhain is not in Alaska or at the family’s home in Washington.

Rhain has a new Instagram account all to herself. She used to share Noah Brown’s account, but that changed. Now, Noah’s account only has his name on it. Meanwhile, Rhain has one to herself now and has been posting lots of photos. This includes a look at where she is right now, and it is a long way from home.

Rhain is in Tucson, Arizona. She posted a lot of photos of animals from the zoo and said she was there with “a great friend of mine.” She also said that Adam was with her and enjoyed his time carried around with his mom at the zoo. Rhain previously posted that she was on a road trip and was passing through Nevada.

Rhain from Alaskan Bush People IG

Noah Brown’s story this season on Alaskan Bush People

Noah Brown and Rhain made a huge decision on the season premiere of Alaskan Bush People. He commented that with everything that went on the last year (his dad dying and the ranch fire), he knows he needs to make a change. That means moving back to Alaska. Rhain also said she wants their kids to have the same memories Noah had of being raised in the bush.

However, the first thing that Noah had to do was tell his mom, Ami. She took it hard, saying she might never see her grandchildren again. However, she knows she has to let go and gave Noah her blessing. The only thing was, she wanted Birdie to go with him when he scouted for a home so she could get back to Alaska and figure out what she wants from her life. The problem is that Birdie ended up in surgery the week before the planned trip with two tumors.

Do you think Noah Brown and his wife Rhain will move back to Alaska? Did you enjoy the premiere of Alaskan Bush People? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. So greatful to be informed by the author of Rhain having her own Instagram acct. Best of all we get to see & hear about her life. Seeing Noah on his quest will be beyond joyful! HUGS

  2. think birdie isnt thinking this through. shes got alaskan bush blinders on. all alaska, no thought about her situation.

  3. I do feel for husband and Sister in law bird going through such a difficult time with her body at young age. of course rhain can empathize with her after being a mom of two kids. We all should pray for bird and the family.

  4. I heard when Billy died he had 60 million dollars. ALso, I heard they really live in million dollar homes and goes back up to the mountain when they do the show. Even if true I still enjoy the show for entertainment

  5. we all pray for birdie, left to soon body not healed. Needs to have other surgery, do chemo if needed. Other family members need to do what’s best for there lives and will all be there for one another, build there own lives.

  6. I don’t know how this show is still airing. First of all those accents are annoying and now the spouses are talking like them. It is the most phoney bunch of weird things anyone could have dreamed up. Biting heads off fish, putting clothes in a barrel and dragging it down the road to wash the clothes and polishing shoes. None of them live in the bush, they go out and film a bunch of nonsense, then back to the comforts of real life.

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