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‘Sister Wives’: Disturbing Secret Hiding On Coyote Pass Land

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When Kody Brown moved his polygamist family from Nevada to Arizona, he wanted a new start. However, shortly after they arrived, the Sister Wives family had to quarantine when the pandemic hit. Kody was very worried about this outbreak and did everything he could to keep his family safe.

However, that seems quite ironic since the land he bought – Coyote Pass – has a plague on it. Not only has Kody not seemed all that worried about the plague, but he has put his family’s life in danger more than once since moving there.

Sister Wives’ Coyote Pass has the bubonic plague

Northern Arizona has gone through outbreaks of the bubonic plague. This was found in fleas that lived in the wildlife. When Kody Brown bought Coyote Pass, he was told the Prairie dogs living in the area carry fleas with the plague. He was also told the dirt on the land was contaminated with the plague from prairie dog droppings.


As Sister Wives fans know, Kody bought the land anyway. What is shocking is that Kody has known this since 2019, and it didn’t seem to bother him when he heard about it. In an episode from that season, he was told not to let the kids play around in the dirt.

This is a problem. Kody needs to add utilities, roads, and drainage before they can build, and they can’t do that unless they have the dirt removed and decontaminated. This could cost a lot of money, which might be one reason Kody is so adamant about getting money from Christine before she leaves.

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What is the bubonic plague?

The bubonic plague is bacteria spread by fleas onto the prairie dogs in the area. If a person ends up coming in contact with one of those fleas, they could get bitten. This could cause them to contract the black death. What is horrific is that, at the time, Christine even joked that Truely might have eaten some of the dirt and laughed it off. All the kids have played in the dirt on Sister Wives since they arrived.

According to the World Health Organization, the plague enters where the flea bites and finds a lymph node where it replicates itself. The lymph node then becomes inflamed and painful. At advanced stages, the nodes can become open sores with pus. It can then spread to the lungs and cause pneumonic plague. They can then pass it on to other people and, if not treated immediately, it is fatal.

Should Kody Brown have been more careful about Coyote Pass thanks to the bubonic plague on the land? Do you think the Sister Wives family will ever get anything built up on it? Let us know in the comments below and watch the show Sundays on TLC.

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