Christine Brown Slays After Dropping Her Toxic Dead Weight

Christine Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has definitely lost weight over the years. Fans can’t help but notice how happy and healthy she looked at Logan Brown’s wedding over the weekend. Although she’s put in a lot of effort to drop weight over the years, a lot of fans think she lost so much more than weight from her own body. In the midst of her divorce, Christine looks absolutely stunning.

Keep reading to see what fans had to say.

Christine Brown is embracing the single life and absolutely glows

Sister Wives Season 17 is covering a pretty major milestone in the lives of the Brown family members. Christine Brown is learning to stand on her own two feet and is leaving Kody once and for all.

However, the show is actually about a year and a half behind the show. In other words, Christine has actually been away and living as a single woman for a while now. The Sister Wives star did confirm she has been recreationally dating, but she isn’t serious about anyone at the moment.

Christine Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Christine Brown/TLC

As Christine navigates life as a single mom, it also appears that she’s really been working on herself. Throughout the series, viewers have seen Christine try to manage her weight from time to time. Today, she sells Plexus products and swears by them. Her followers are a little skeptical since Plexus is an MLM, but they also just want to see Christine happy and healthy. Whatever she’s doing to manage her weight, she seems to be doing a fantastic job.

The Brown family women shine at Logan’s wedding

Christine recently attended Logan Brown’s wedding to Michelle Petty. She took many fun photos with Logan’s mother, Janelle. Fans couldn’t help but notice how fantastic the women looked in their formal attire.

“Thanks to @janellebrown117 for introducing me to @plexusworldwide I feel like we look better than we ever have! #blessed #healthier #healthierbody #grateful,” Christine captioned her Instagram photo.

Christine Brown and Janelle Brown from Instagram
Janelle & Christine Brown/Instagram

Fans agreed that the women did look fantastic, but Christine is probably glowing for other reasons too.

Shedding what’s been toxic in your life will do that for your health ❤️” one follower wrote. 

Amazing what losing the weight of a man who was not lifting your spirit will do for a woman’s well being. 🙌🙏” another added.

Do you think Christine looks better and happier after ditching Kody? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

There will be new episodes of Sister Wives out on TLC each Sunday night. Tune into the channel this weekend at 10 PM eastern time and see what Christine, Kody, and the rest of the Browns are up to. Without a doubt, this season is going to be one that viewers remember for a very long time.

Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Kody has a very jaded heart & mindset. He doesn’t realize at the center of all of this, the common factor in his rapidly collapsing world is him. He has no one to blame but HIMSELF. He is so not in a good headspace at the moment, and that is hard to watch sometimes. I love that the women finally have a say in how they want to be treated and Kody’s efforts are pushing them all away. His poor word choices make women want to curl up in bed with anything except him! Can’t say I blame him. Those words cut deep to the marrow and is the exact opposite of how you build a healthy relationship with anyone. Again, jaded and deflective for his 95% part in at tearing his family apart…

    1. Kody is an self centered egotistical bastard.the one thing that bothers him most is his loss of control. more than that the women especially Robyn a gold digger are still ressponsible for for hanging around.mormonism whatever the flavour is a cockamamy useless cult. the mormon doctrine is all about lies and forced tithing. golden plates early practices of multiple wives and forced families of 20 to 50 kids. the LDS is the one that sponsored it until the US Justice Dept. put a stop to it

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