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‘Sister Wives:’ Meri Brown Thinks Coyote Pass Lost Luster For Kody

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Kody, Christine, Robyn, and Meri Brown (along with a few of their children) come together on Coyote Pass during tonight’s episode to support Janelle on her new RV lifestyle. During their confessionals, it becomes clear that no one really wants to be there nor do they think it is a good idea. They, however, have all come together to support Janelle regardless.

Christine makes it clear she’s the biggest cheerleader as she does think this idea is perfect for Janelle. Kody Brown, on the other hand, thinks Janelle made a huge mistake and should suffer alone. Meri and Robyn are a bit indifferent about it. They, however, admit they would NEVER live in an RV on Coyote Pass.

meri brown - kody brown sister wives youtube
meri brown – kody brown sister wives youtube

Meri Brown suspects Coyote Pass lost luster for Kody

During her confessional, Meri Brown admits she just doesn’t think Coyote Pass has any luster for Kody. There was a time when Kody, his wives, and their children were all so excited about this massive piece of land. After all, they spent a pretty penny on it. Meri Brown, however, thinks things have changed and Kody Brown doesn’t have the same deep desire to live on Coyote Pass anymore.

While Janelle Brown didn’t outright say the same thing Meri did, it appeared as if she feels the same way. Janelle noted that she could care less if no one in the family wanted to live on Coyote Pass anymore. She would be building her house and she would just enjoy the incredible view by herself.

Coyote Pass - Janelle - Instagram
Instagram Janelle Brown

Robyn Brown claimed that she hopes the RV could help Kody and Janelle move in a direction that pushes the building on Coyote Pass forward. She, however, also fears the RV could drive a bigger wedge between Kody and Janelle. Robyn Brown also admits that she would love to get a home built on the property.

Is this something Meri wants anymore?

Sister Wives fans wonder if Meri Brown was also projecting her own feelings. This is a woman who likes to travel and spends very little time in Flagstaff. Many fans speculate she’s only actually IN Flagstaff long enough to film new seasons. So, some fans think Meri could care less if Coyote Pass ever happens.

Should the family count their losses and sell the property? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on Sister Wives.

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