Christine Brown Wanted United Front Telling Truely The Truth, Why?

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Christine Brown is very focused on making this transition quick but smooth. Almost all of her children know that she is leaving Kody and the family. They also are well aware that she is moving to Utah and taking Truely with her. However, Truely is still in the dark. This will be a hard discussion for her to have with her youngest daughter but inevitable. In the latest episode, Christine feels it is vital that she and Kody both work together to break the news to Truely. Yet, why does she feel this way? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Wants A United Front For Truely

All of the Brown children are aware of the situation between Christine and Kody. Unfortunately, Truely does not know just yet. She has kids in her class whose parents are divorced so she knows how it works. Christine and Kody sat down together to try to figure out a way to make this transition as smooth as possible. He suggested that he set up a room in his home with Robyn for Truely. More so, Christine told him that they have to do this together for the sake of their little girl.

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At that point, he made a comment about her being ten to which Christine had to correct him. Truely was actually eleven at the time. He made an age error the previous week when it came to Christine’s older daughter, Ysabel. While celebrating her graduation and eighteen birthday, he asked if she was seventeen. This only proves he is not that invested or that he has too many kids. In any case, it meant so much for Christine to have Kody there to make this easier for Truely. Sadly, it did not pan out so well.

A Sad Tale

Christine Brown was talking to one of her older kids about moving to Utah. She is so excited about the move and then she realized Truely was behind her. She had heard everything and now Christine had to have the uncomfortable conversation. Christine explained that she and Kody were actually already divorced. There was a point when her daughter just wanted to go to her room but she was not allowed to run from this. Truely had to sit and they needed to talk it out and talk about how she was feeling.

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Though it was hard and it was not easy, Christine was able to explain the whole situation and what was next. Eventually, Truely did go to her room. Admittedly, this was the worst conversation Christine has ever had to have in her life. Now, it is over and they can move on to the next phase. Hopefully, Kody will create a room for his daughter so they can bond and make this a touch easier on her but it does not seem like that ever happened.

How do you think Christine Brown handled it all? Should Truely have been in the loop all along? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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