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Christine Brown Says Kody Will Regret His Actions Toward Her Kids

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Christine Brown believes Kody will regret the choices he made toward her children one day.

An exclusive preview of Sister Wives, reveals the family coming together for some sort of function. The function appears to be some sort of celebration of Ysabel. Fans suspect this celebration is related to her getting into college and moving away from Flagstaff.

Meri, Robyn, Janelle, and even Kody adore that the family was able to come together for this celebration. While Christine also appears to be having a good time at the party, she thinks Kody finally feels his actions and behaviors catching up to him. Christine believes Kody will regret the choices and actions he’s made toward their children. Especially when it comes to Ysabel.

Christine Brown/Instagram
Christine, Ysabel

Christine Brown thinks Kody will regret his choices

As fans know, Kody managed to break Ysabel’s heart when he refused to be there for her surgery. Christine, Ysabel, and anyone who watches Sister Wives was furious with him. For Christine, this was the real end of her marriage with Kody because he broke her daughter’s heart.

In this sneak preview during this celebration, Christine Brown tells the cameras he believes Kody Brown is starting to regret some of the decisions he’s made regarding their children. She continues to explain she knows Kody Brown loves Ysabel. Sadly, he has not spent much time with her despite loving her. Now, she is leaving.

Christine believes Kody Brown is starting to feel the weight on his heart as he realizes he’s run out of time to spend with his beautiful little girl before she goes off to live her life away from him and Flagstaff.

Kody Brown/YouTube/Sister Wives

Kody Brown admits he’s delusional

Toward the end of the clip, Kody Brown admitted to the cameras that he was living in a fantasy world where he refused to believe Christine was leaving him. He knows the marriage is over. He knows she’s leaving him. But, he can’t seem to escape the fantasy world in his head where things remain the same.

Could Christine Brown be right about Kody? Has he realized he screwed up and missed out on spending time with his daughter Ysabel before she left? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. Kody is a user in my opinion. These women are all his cash cows. He makes me sick. Too bad Christine didn’t see the true Kody years ago. So glad she is smart one and moving on. Good luck Christine. Will continue to keep you in my prayers.

    1. Totally agree he is a user and Robyn saw how good he had it made so she married him and also started to using Christine Janelle and Meri to get what she wants. Christine has seen this and the other 2 wives need to wake up. Robyn not your sister wife she is a gold digger and she started from the beginning destroying the sister wives and Meri was the first victim in this black widow path.

  2. Robin is the only one he treats like a wife. The other three are more like appendages or habits. Christine is the smart 🤓 who knows she has a chance for happiness alone or with a new partner in the future. Merri should have done it years ago but she keeps hanging in there. I’m not against plural marriage but it has built in problems in addition to the ones monogamous unions have. The Browns are not the shining example of plural marriage and that is on Kody.

  3. Meri will never leave because she wears the clothes she sells on the show and people buy them. She should leave and go far away. Janelle should go live in North Carolina to be around her kids. Leave Kody and Robyn with her kids, those are the only kids he cared about. The only reason they moved to flagstaff is because that’s what Robyn wanted because her oldest started college there. And why aren’t anyone talking about when Kody had Covid?

  4. kody should wake up and tell all the wives except Robyn that he only wants a plural marriage so the rest of them can move on with life

  5. he tells his wives he doesn’t want them and is surprised and angry that Christine walked away? he is horribly mean to his kids and surprised and angry they want nothing to do with him now. Meri and Janel should run!!

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