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The Real Reason Kody Brown Refused To Tell Truely The Truth

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Despite tonight’s episode of Sister Wives being named “Telling Truely,” Kody Brown and Christine were NOT on the same page. Christine was in a place where she needed to get her home packed up and start getting things sorted out. Likewise, all of her other children knew the truth. And, it sounds like the children of other wives (including Robyn) also know what is going on. So, Christine Brown was feeling pressure to tell Truely because someone slipped up and she found out on her own.

Unfortunately, Christine Brown’s fears became a reality. She was on the phone with Mykelti. Unaware Truely was within ear shot, Christine slipped up and spilled some of the beans. So, she was forced to go against Kody’s wishes and tell Truely what was going on at that moment without him there.

The real question is simple: Why did Kody Brown insist on hiding the truth from Truely? Fortunately, he does answer this question during a confessional in tonight’s episode.

Sister Wives - TLC
Sister Wives – TLC

The real reason Kody Brown continues to hide truth from Truely

During a confessional, Kody Brown explains that he isn’t ready to tell Truely the truth. At first, he explains that he knows this kind of news just isn’t going to be easy for someone Truely’s age to deal with. Kody continues to explain that he’s seen too many children destroyed after learning of their parents’ divorce. And, he didn’t want to do that to his daughter.

During a confessional, however, Kody Brown reveals his real reason for wanting to hide the truth. And, it is a bit more selfish.

Turns out, Kody Brown doesn’t want to tell Truely the truth because he believes telling her the truth means accepting the reality. When the episode was filmed, Kody was still living in denial. He believed there was still hope things could work out for them. From his point of view, telling Truely means admitting his relationship with Christine is over. Sadly, telling Truely the truth has little to do with Truely at all for him.

Sister Wives fans wish things would have happened differently with how Truely found out. They, however, take comfort in knowing she has such a strong mother to take care of her.

What do you think about the real reason Kody Brown didn’t want to tell Truely the truth? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives. news.

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