‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Kody Brown Mucks Up Truely’s Age Too

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On tonight’s episode of Sister WivesKody Brown mucks up Truely’s age during a conversation with Christine. As those who tuned in last week, things go embarrassing for Kody when it became clear he had no idea how old his daughter Ysabel was during her birthday/graduation party. During this week’s episode, Kody Brown confirms he really doesn’t know the age of any of Christine’s children.

How old is Truely Brown during this week’s episode and how old did Kody thing she was? Keep reading for Sister Wives spoilers.

Sister Wives spoilers: Kody Brown mucks up Truely’s age too

Christine Brown made the decision to sit down with Kody so they could have a serious conversation. From her point of view, it was time for them to take a united front and tell Truely they were getting a divorce. Christine explained to the cameras she wanted Truely to see that she and Kody could still function as her parents. So, they needed to tell her together. Kody, however, shut the whole conversation down. He wasn’t ready to tell Truely. From Kody’s point of view, telling Truely meant he was accepting the divorce was happening. And, he still hadn’t gotten to that point.

During the conversation, Kody says it is going to be hard for someone who is just ten to understand what is going on. Christine was quick to point out that Truely was actually 11. In reality, Truely Brown’s birthday is on April 13, 2010, and she’s actually 12 years old. This season of the show just has a time gap of a little over a year.

Sister Wives - TLC
Sister Wives – TLC

Last week he messed up Ysabel’s age

During Ysabel Brown’s birthday/graduation party, Kody also tried to make her a year younger than she actually was. This time, however, it was Ysabel who actually corrected her father. Sadly, fans think mucking things up with Truely’s age too just confirms Kody really doesn’t know Christine’s children very well. Nor does he spend very much time with them.

Overall, fans think it is sad that Kody Brown doesn’t know much about his children. At the same time, however, most fans admit they aren’t shocked because he’s never come off as being a very good father.

Did it surprise you to hear Kody Brown muck up Truely’s age this week? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for more Sister Wives news and spoilers.

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