‘Sister Wives:’ Lying To Truely Brown Blows Up In Christine’s Face

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Christine Brown has been lying and sneaking around behind Truely’s back when it came to the truth of her relationship with Kody. During tonight’s episode, Christine admits that Truely is her only child that has no idea she is leaving Kody. Things get a bit awkward when fans learn Robyn Brown has already told all of her children about Christine’s decision to leave. Naturally, fans worried Christine was putting Truely in a potentially heartbreaking situation by surrounding her with family members that already knew of the split. Would one of the younger children spill the beans?

On one hand, fans understood why Christine Brown was trying to save Truely from all of the drama as she sorted out the end of her relationship with Kody Brown. On the other hand, fans couldn’t understand why she was lying and sneaking around behind Truely’s back. Some Sister Wives fans agreed Truely was at risk of finding out the truth in the wrong way or by the wrong person.

Unfortunately, fears Sister Wives fans shared became a reality. Truely Brown finally learned the truth about Kody and Christine. And, it wasn’t in the way that Christine wanted it to happen.

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Christine Brown lying to Truely blows up in her face

At the very end of tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, fans get a quick snippet of what to expect from next week’s episode. For starters, fans will finally get to see what the inside of Janelle Brown’s RV looks like. The clip also revealed Truely Brown will finally learn that her parents are breaking up. Unfortunately, Christine never found the right time to sit her daughter down and tell her the truth. The truth just slipped out in a way Christine never wanted to happen.

According to the clip, Christine Brown was on the phone with Mykelti. She was talking to Mykelti about moving to Utah. Getting emotional and breaking down into tears, Christine explains that during the phone conversation she turned around and realized Truely was standing right behind her. Truely heard the conversation Christine was having with Mykelti.

Sister Wives - YouTube - TLC
Sister Wives – YouTube – TLC

This, of course, put Christine in a difficult situation where she was forced to sit Truely down and have one of the hardest conversations she’s ever had with her.

Now, for those who don’t mind spoilers, fans can take comfort in knowing Christine and Truely have moved to Utah. Christine Brown has told her Instagram followers that Truely isn’t ready for her to date. She, however, is very happy with the new life she has with her single mother.

Do you think Christine Brown made a mistake waiting so long to tell Truely what was going on? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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