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Kody Brown Throws Tantrum, Christine Never Got His Permission

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Kody Brown throws a temper tantrum during this week’s episode of Sister Wives noting that Christine never got his permission to move him out of her house. Did Christine need his permission to leave him? Kody seems to think so. Keep reading for details and spoilers on this week’s episode of Sister Wives.

Kody Brown throws tantrum, Christine needed his permission to leave?

During tonight’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown sits down with Christine to discuss Truely. Christine realizes her moving date is fast approaching and she’s running out of time to tell Truely if she wants to have time to pack. Kody Brown, on the other hand, doesn’t want to tell Truely because telling her means he accepts that divorce is happening. For Christine, she fears Truely will find out on her own if she isn’t told the truth soon. Unfortunately, Christine’s fears quickly become a reality.

Kody Brown - Christine brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Christine brown – Youtube

While Christine is discussing getting things packed up and ready to move, she tells the cameras she’s realized something. Kody Brown still has TONS of stuff in her garage. Christine went through the trouble of packing Kody’s things up and getting them out of the house and into the garage. She adds that Kody has removed a few things from the house. But, he has clearly been slacking in the department and barely moved anything.

Speaking during a confessional, Kody Brown begins to throw a temper tantrum. He argues that Christine Brown NEVER got his permission before she packed up his things and moved them to the garage. She NEVER got his permission to leave him. Kody Brown wishes his wife could have been mature about the situation and had a conversation with him instead of just going behind his back. He proceeded to reflect on the fact that he’s given his wives a lot of freedom and independence. So, he is partially to blame for her not getting his permission.

Do you feel like Kody Brown was throwing a tantrum of Christine moving him out of her house without asking him first? Did she really need his permission to kick him out and leave him? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on this TLC series.

Tune in to check out the new episode of Sister Wives tonight only on TLC. Fans who can’t wait can watch the new episode can check it out early via Discovery+.

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  1. If kody was so concerned with his and Christine’s kids, then why didn’t he spend more time with them…he was only concerned with his and Robyn’s kids and with her older kids…probably cause he’s grooming them to be his next sister wives…what kind of dad doesn’t go to his on kids surgery???and let’s go back to when Christine was in the hospital having Truely, Kody almost missed the birth because he couldn’t quit kissing Robyn..that’s when they was starting their new relationship…where has he been at during all this covid crap!!! Living only at Robyn’s house…can someone please slap Mary for me? Why is she putting up with his crap!!! I use to like her and feel sorry for her!!! Figure it out Mary!!!

    1. The reason they moved to Coyote pass was because it was the only university where Robyn’s son was accepted. If Christine was the reason they didn’t build the 5-in-1 house will Robyn, I mean Kody, change the plans and make it Coyote pass 4 homes with no spot for Koby and Christines’s children?

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