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Coyote Pass Ownership Breakdown: The Truth TLC Hides

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On Sister Wives, TLC explains that Coyote Pass is broken up into four lots. Kody Brown and his family, however, want to change the property lines to break it up into five lots with one lot for each wife and one lot for Kody. TLC regularly shows a breakdown of Coyote Pass showing both the four lots and the five lots.

According to Starcasm, the picture TLC paints regarding the breakdown of Coyote Pass isn’t completely accurate. Likewise, the breakdown is even more complicated because Christine did leave Flagstaff and is no longer involved in the Coyote Pass property. As fans know, there is a massive time gap between reality and what is currently happening on the show. In reality, Christine Brown no longer has her name on the deed for any portion of Coyote Pass.

Even before factoring in Christine Brown no longer owning any portion of Coyote Pass, the breakdown TLC presents regarding ownership of the property is far from the truth. So, what does the breakdown really look like? Keep reading for the truth.

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Coyote Pass Breakdown: The Truth TLC Hides

According to Starcasm, it is important to keep in mind that technically Kody Brown has his name on every deed for all four lots of Coyote Pass that are owned by the family. Robyn Brown owns 52.3 percent of the land, Janelle owns 32.2 percent of the land, and Meri owns 15.5 percent of the land.

Moreover, 7.58 acres of the property are in Robyn and Kody’s name, 4.48 acres are in Kody, Janelle, and Meri’s name, and 2.42 acres are in Janelle and Kody’s name. So the real breakdown of Coyote Pass is a far cry from what is presented by TLC on episodes of Sister Wives.

Furthermore, the series suggests the lots owned by each wife are pretty evenly split. In reality, Robyn Brown owns way more than Meri or Janelle. Likewise, Meri owns a tiny sliver of the property and she shares it with both Janelle and Kody.

Check out this video with a more detailed explanation of the Coyote Pass breakdown that TLC is hiding from fans:

False Rumor Swirls On Reddit

There was a rumor that started on Reddit recently claiming Robyn and Kody Brown owned all of Coyote Pass with their names on all of the deeds. While it is true that Kody Brown’s name is on 100 percent of the Coyote Pass, Robyn’s name is only found on 57 percent of the property. This, however, is still significantly more than Meri or Janelle.

Overall, fans agree these numbers only further support the idea that Robyn is Kody’s favorite wife. What really baffles fans is why Meri Brown shares a tiny sliver of the property with both Kody and Janelle.

Does the truth about the Coyote Pass breakdown that TLC is trying to hide from Sister Wives fans surprise you? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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  1. no it doesn’t. Robyn has always been the lead wife even before they legally married. selfish pigs are what they are. these women are smart but are treated like crap except Robyn. TLC is just in for the ratings and for kody. TLC knows that fans don’t approve of kody and that is why they tell him what to say and do. he could care less about his kids except when they call him out about being a dad. when the kids were on the show they could never talk unless kody said it was OK

    1. Any minor child on a reality show has to have their parents’ permission to be on the show, so of course Kody had to say it was okay for them to appear. You say the women are smart, but then suggest that they’re too stupid to leave a situation in which they’re treated badly. If they aren’t happy, they know how to leave, just like Christine did. Why don’t you give them some credit for being smart enough to know what they want? Just because it isn’t what you might like doesn’t mean it doesn’t make them happy.

      1. leaving is not easy they will be shunned and they have their monies all tied to family.
        leaving an abuser is hard

          1. those women jumped in bed with Cody, had a bunch of kids knowing he had 3 other women. who does that? Nobody with any sense.

      2. Having been in a controlling and manipulative relationship myself, I can assure you that it’s not so easy to leave. it took me 13 years before I could finally do it.

    2. I agree with what you say completely…Janelle and Meri need to do as Christine did. Cody is crazy and co trolling.

      1. agreed…. I’ve been watching this show from the beginning and Kody had really changed into a narcissist jerk!

    3. Truly certainly told off Kody when he was forcing her to ride a bike. I think her IQ is higher than Kody’s.

  2. It’s funny Robyn comes into this family broke and deep debt but now she has more than 50% of everything. When money’s need he goes to Meri to sign papers to get money she has to sign papers for loans . But in truth he’s treated all of them but Robyn like crap. Doesn’t anyone remember when they were doing the financial work for house’s in Vegas Robyn was in total debt.. hmm go figure

  3. If Mary was smart she would go and run the b and b she seems like a wonderful person
    She doesn’t need to take all this kody bull.she is getting the wrong end of the stick.

    1. They have played this out as long as they can. We are probably seeing a lot more reality TV now then we were seeing in the beginning. Meri needs to go live in and take care of her B&B. Janelle needs to move to NC and help Maddie and Caleb with her grandchildren. Robin and Kody can do whatever Robin and Kody do. Nobody cares. Kody looks like a blonde Charlie Manson and he looks like one flew over the cuckoo nest. He has lost his mind. Right now his biggest worry is Christine remarrying and they will come after “his” money. Robin is worried if he gets joint custody of Truly then she and her children won’t have his 100% attention. It’s time for a finale and time for all of them to ride off into their own sunsets.

  4. The properties are broken down the way they are because of the children. Meri/Kody only have 1 child. He and the rest of the wives share 17 children, which means the profit of the land will belong to them one day. Christine’s children will factor into Kody’s part of all of the land, so it makes sense that the part the wives have will be different because their kids will get more from them than Kody. UNLESS each of the 18 children is given a $$ amount in wills made by each of the ladies and Kody. —Doubtful. Also Meri has the B&B that is her sole and separate property. Janelle has an R.V. and Robyn has a business. all thing that make money or have value individually from the group income.

    1. Never has anything been discussed about providing for the children. Kody has said once they are 18 they are grown and should move out. Regarding Janelle’s sons. Well that’s the expectation, except for Robyn’s kids that are 22, 19 and 17. Proving again Robyn is the favorite

    2. That’s not true because others have more kids with him than Robyn does. Her name is probably on more property because she’s legally married to him so what he owns, she owns. I wonder if she had to sign on the other ladies property’s too because Kody did.

  5. Mary and Jenelle need to open there eyes. it would seem they enjoy getting nothing and being treated like dong under Robin feet. I am so proud of Christian fir having the courage to go and find real happiness. Mary had my sympathy for awhile but she hangs around hoping and praying for love that will never come her way. Hod showed her a better life and she chose to ignore it,so sad

  6. If I were Janelle or Meri I would be concerned. Kody as a part owner sucks. He would have say so in everything.

  7. i cant believe Kody actually found 4 women that would put up with a his crap. i wouldn’t have him for nothing in this world. he’s made it very clear the only person he cares about is himself. i would never believe he loves or cares about any of the kids or any of the “wives”. what is so confusing to me is that.. he’s SOOO ugly and gross, who’d want him 🤢🤮

  8. The wives contribute the most money and work but Kody seems to control all of it. also Although Robyn is legally married to him ( Thanks to Meri) she has too much control over the other wives. Kristine was the smartest wife. Both Meri and Janelle should seek lawyers to get their legal fair share and cut Kody out.

  9. Kody has always tried to play the part of, poor, poor pitiful me.When it comes to his wives, and kids. I think that they are just a tax write off. He was with Robyn, when Christen was having Truly, he never thought anything about it. I was Christen I would have pulled the plug then. Then when Christen almost lost Truly. He was at home.
    Meri, gave him a divorce so that he could marry Robyn, he didn’t think twisted about it made Meri feel,but when she was catfished, it was over between them . He didn’t spend time with her, to keep her from going into depression, after helping them. I can’t blame nobody but Kody for the way things have turned out. People are blaming Robyn, because she’s not standing up for the other sister wives and tell Kody that he should have done the right thing for his other kids.
    Christen’s daughter that had to have back surgery. Kody wanted her to go by herself, and didn’t think twisted about asking her. Her only 17 years old, she needed both parents not just one,but then again, Kody wasn’t being the parent that he should have been. More, and more it looks like he is pushing everyone, but who he wants around him away.
    After awhile Robyn should have known that she was going to get the blame for Kody.

  10. plain & simple..KB is a jerk. What the women see in him is beyond comprehension. He’s useless as a father, a provider & a partner. It’s actually sad that these women think so little of themselves that they stay. But then this is a family..as dysfunctional as it is…that thrives on drama & chaos. It’s no wonder the kids scatter as soon as they are of age.

  11. Actually what surprises me is how any self-respecting woman could become – or remain – involved with an autocratic, arrogant, self-involved narcissist like Kody.

  12. I can’t understand why Meri is still in the show after divorcing Kody…she as no relationship with any of her sister wives; always seem angry, frustrated; is there some back door deal; ND; blackmail of some sort between her, Kody, Robin. Please y’all in all family there is a pecking order, Robin is the Alpha Female same personality like her husband; Greedy, shrewd, quiet but deadly, never enough – her 3 (previous) kids first over his biological kids, more lavish expensive home, demand more time with Kody

  13. I have watched this program from the very beginning!! Having said that, I just think this is so very sad!! Seems like he uses the woman up, she wonders what went wrong , and he gets a new woman and the process is repeated again. This show has shown me what I don’t want in a relationship. Poligamy isn’t for me and I’d say hasn’t worked out for the Browns either!

  14. kody is a control freak, he treats Meri like dirt. He can have several wives but hated it when Meri thought she’d found someone. double standards Kody. leave him Meriden and be happy

  15. Cody is a manipulative narcissist, plain and simple. All the women involved need to seek lawyers and screw this man over in order to get what is rightfully is theirs.

  16. Let’s not forget Robyn has a nanny. None of the other wives do. Why does she need a nanny? Her previous marriage kids are older. The younger ones are older now. Not babies. She doesnt work outside of the home. Janell and Mari need to leave!!

    1. The nanny will probably become the next wife😏. Mary is probably only there for the tlc paycheck. Their relationship was over a very long time ago. At this point, all of them are profiting from the show and have to do something to keep ratings up. We all know reality TV is only part reality. Oh and yes, he is a horrible father to not be there when his baby is born or when they need surgery…I am sure those know he’s not a great dad but he is the only one they have ever had. Hopefully they don’t take after him!

      1. He is not a a Dad nor Father! He is a sperm donor. He doesn’t have any healthy relationship with any of his children. That is very sad. They all need to leave him and have a new show .Ex Sister Wives Club

  17. When Kody divorced Meri that should have been a sign that he wanted Robyn for his legal wife.
    Kody and Robyn pull a fast one how stupid can the women be and Meri the first or second episode when Meri asked Kody she wanted a another child he told Meri no this took place when they were sitting on the hill rock. How selfish was he but of course he got Robyn pregnant what a slap in the face to Meri.
    Kody and Robyn had this planned from the beginning to take most of the assets dealing with the properties from the others.
    I’m sick and tired seeing Robyn talking about how sad she is about everything with her crocodile tears. Robyn is the one and Kody to destroy the family.

    1. They aren’t legally married but he could pursue shared custody in court — but I would doubt he would — he doesn’t seem to care about any of the children besides Robyn’s. He should be ashamed of himself and Robyn is an idiot for staying with a man who would treat his biological children the way he does. You’ll be next Robyn!!

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