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Kody Brown Admitted To Committing A Felony On TV?

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Kody Brown is going through a tough separation from Christine Brown. While most Sister Wives fans feel he wanted to see her go, he is now realizing he won’t get what he wants. She has all rights to her house because it is in her name.

However, Kody made a comment on Sister Wives when talking about the situation that seems like he admitted to breaking tax laws. Did Kody just admit to committing a felony?

Is Kody Brown hiding assets from the government?

Kody Brown is not happy. It is clear that when Christine left, he expected to take control of all her money and assets. That is one of the downfalls of a plural marriage for the women. The men usually control everything that all the wives own. However, in this case, Christine’s house was in her name – and only her name.

Kody Brown talking to Christine on Sister Wives | episode screencap

Christine and Kody planned to split everything 50/50, and Christine was being nice. She said she would take everything in the house and sell the house and Kody would get the land. That didn’t make him happy because he felt that Christine should take the money from the house and pay off what he owes for the rest of Coyote Pass. She was smarter than that.

However, that is when Kody made a shocking statement, especially considering that he knew he was talking on a nationally televised show in Sister Wives. Kody said in a confessional that in most plural marriages, the wives will own the homes because if the dad goes to jail for cohabitation, the government could take all his property.


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Kody Brown admitted that they kept the house in Christine’s name to get a loophole in case he went to jail. With so many years on the air, and with Kody now admitting to hiding assets from the IRS, one wonders if an audit might be in his future.

Christine is getting what she deserves on Sister Wives

Christine mentioned that in most polygamist marriages, the women have nothing in their name. She said that, if she was in a normal situation, she would have to leave with nothing to her name. Kody even complained about Christine selling off some of their property already.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives | episode screencap

Kody even blamed Christine for Janelle not getting to do anything until Coyote Pass is paid off. However, Christine said she could take 50% of everything Kody has if she wanted to, so he is getting off lucky. The big news is that there is nothing Kody can do.

In Arizona, since Kody Brown and Christine were never legally wed, each of them keep their individual assets. Like it or not, the house is in Christine’s name to protect Kody’s assets. Because of this, it belongs to her and Christine gets whatever she wants out of the situation if Kody fights it.

Do you think Kody Brown is guilty of a felony? Did his comments possibly put him in danger from the IRS? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Clearly NOT a felony. No assets are being hidden. The asset of the house doesn’t belong to Kody, it belongs to Christine. It isn’t hidden from the IRS, it just doesn’t belong to him.

  2. How is that illegal to have the house only in her name? Taxes are taxes & houses taxes are just that. My husband screwed me out of our house during “a break” because he made late house payments screwing my credit so I demanded to be off the loan. Instead he had me sign the house over to him and I was still responsible for the loan! Now that should be illegal! It was a dirty trick & I could never afford an attorney like when he had me sign a prenup the DAY BEFORE we got married with him and his dad convincing me “It’s only to protect the farm…” Another lie. So yeah married people can have the house in whoever’s name and it has nothing to do with taxes and the federal government. I’m so glad Christine has the house only in her name & hopefully didn’t split a penny of it. Robyn’s house cost like $900,000. Kody can take her for her 1/2 if she ever leaves! Won’t happen as the “Favorite” wife but…just saying…

    1. He doesn’t care. Witchy manipulating Robyn is pulling his strings. They together, live in what they consider a castle. Her daughters are pampas bitches. As long as Robyn’s kids have what they want kody could care less about his brood of children or so called wives. Last season.. enjoy the downfall. They are all so disfunctional.

    2. Kody always refers back to Meri regarding their divorce, as he divorced her (Meri) so he could marry Robin, NO, she (Meri) divorced Kody so he and Robin could marry to adopt her kids more fluid. So he is more ignorant and narcissistic when he preaches how he divorced Meri, get over yourself Kody, “roll that beautiful bean footage” I guess he forgot, there’s receipts! just get on with the life of Robin and leave the rest of the fam alone, they are scarred for life!

  3. All of kody’s girl-friends expect Robin ( Kody & Robin are legally married ) but including Robin need to kick Kody to the curb and be single for awhile so the remaining 3 women can start thinking clearly about what ody is really like . Then each woman get a man that wants only one wife at a time so they can have a more normal life and be treated atleast some what better then they gave it now . Because Kody is married to nire then one wife he’s commenting a crime just for that !!!!!!!

    1. Robyn will not leave Kody, as she is the favored, and only “legal” wife. I don’t understand having so many concubines. He was probably so busy bed hopping, that he didn’t know whose “ turn” it was next. How can he say that God told him to live this way? Beats the heck out of me.

        1. I’m not sure any of us is in a position to start judging others for their ” sin” as you say. none of us are perfect, so please stop that judgemental crap. Everyone of them chose this, none of them are innocent by any stretch of the word. They have all taken good care of those kids, and with no government assistance I might add! Because some of the assets are in the women’s name, I say good for them, that was smart. You are not allowed to judge someone else’s sin when you yourself sin, we all do, everyday!

  4. I’m not sure a law has been broken, they used the loophole so they live with that choice! in the situation with Meri and her bed n breakfast inn,she found a way to go it alone, So Kody isn’t involved in that.i think it is a smart decision on Christine’s and Meri’s part to have something that belongs to them .

  5. Kody Brown is a narcissist and every one of his “wives” need to leave him. You can tell each of them are so miserable even if the say they aren’t you can see it on their faces! I am so glad Christine finally got the courage to stand up to Kody for herself and her kids! Don’t take no more of his abuse Christine! I don’t care who he tells you he is or what rights he has he is a manipulator!

  6. serve him right to go
    to jail. he is one of the biggest jerks on planet earth. I’m happy he will not get his way with christene and get what is hers. who does he think he is anyway. he treats the girls like crap and expects them to bow to his “authority”. if janelle and meri were smart they would walk off while they are young enough to start over and leave him with robyn. they are two of a kind

  7. How very arrogant of him to even suggest Christine sell “ her” house and give him the money to pay his property debt when he’s living in a million dollar home

  8. he keeps saying they have to pay off coyote pass property before they can build anything but he is lying about that too. They bought 4 plots of land and yes had to pay it off to redraw property lines to make 5 plots BUT, with Christine leaving and not wanting anything to do with coyote pass there is no longer any need to redraw property lines. They can leave it the original 4 plots and Janelle could build on hers. I would think the only thing stopping her is the fact that his name is on all the properties and Robyn’s super expensive house so no bank will give the a building loan.

    1. I agree. It’s the million dollar home that has them over extended. And god forbid if Robyn is inconvenienced for the sake of the family and downsize. She could do away with the nanny, the constant shopping trips(honestly it doesn’t show because she doesn’t look well put together) and live in a house that is only a quarter million or gasp RENT. I mean she found a bunch of nice rentals for Janelle. And they could pay off that property pretty quickly.

  9. Kody is a narcissist and he’s trying everything to force Christine back into the Sisterwives because of her home and money. He doesn’t like that she happy and no longer under his control. Now if if Meri & Janelle will wake up and leave,than Robyn and Kody will have to survive on their own money.

  10. He won’t get anything but her plot on coyote pass,she isn’t splitting her money from the sell. Christine is a smart woman,she knows his tactics now, narcissistic asshat

  11. I think it’s time for Meri to wake up and leave. Cody has told Meri several times he’s not interested wake up wake up Meri get a boyfriend you are beautiful

  12. Cody needs to take a look in the mirror the way he treats his wife no wonder Christine is leaving his favorite wife is Robin and he shoves it down the other three wipes throat Mary divorced him so he can marry Robin so he can adopt her three children but look how he’s treating Mary Mary gave up a lot what is Cody giving up nothing he wants to call the shots and thinks Christine is going to pay off the land no it doesn’t work that way what is he doing get a job quit living off your four wives I don’t care for him he’s a user abuser and he doesn’t realize the verbal abuse the mental abuse that he does to his wife the Alien Nation he’s been with them for how many years now the sudden they don’t appeal to him he’s pushing them out the door because of his attitude the way he thinks the way he feels he thinks no one is above Cody is right the way he talked to Christine when she said she was leaving was terrible it was all about me me me it wasn’t why is this happening what changes can I make for this to work for you not to go he didn’t fight for Mary he’s not fighting for Christine and next he will not fight for Janelle

  13. I think Cody is an ass and Christine and Janelle are much to good for the likes of him. The former first wife should leave him too but is still in love with him.

  14. merri went it alone because kody refused to help her when she ask for help buying it so yeah meri dodged one there!! but she’s so wanting attention who’s to say what she might sign over to get it!!!

  15. Regardless, Christine has MORE than earned everything she has and MORE. J Kody is seriously the most vile, entitled, self absorbed narcissist that I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

    He may not physically abuse his family… With that being said, there seems to be no limit with him in regard to just how incredibly selfish he is.

    Couldn’t be there for his daughter’s massive spinal surgery, but was giddier than a 5 year old in a candy store about going to his buddy’s wedding. Then he has the audacity to gaslight the women by saying “if I don’t have a good relationship with my children, it’s because their mothers don’t facilitate it.”… As if we’re somehow unaware of what a absentee father he is, even with a bunch of cameras following him around.

    The emotional abuse that spews out of him is revolting. The way he speaks about all of his wives, aside from Robyn of course, is reprehensible.

    I want nothing more than for Janelle and Meri to recognize that they both deserve so much better than what he’ll ever be willing to offer them.

    I hope he ends up completely alone in the end. And bald, cause we all know how terrified he is of becoming bald! lol

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