‘Sister Wives’ Fans Enraged By Kody Brown’s Hypocrisy

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Sister Wives fans have long called out Kody Brown for his hypocritical behavior. Even his son, Paedon felt Kody was hypocritical by not getting vaccinated for Covid. He preached his strict pandemic protocols and caught the virus. Yet, Paedon felt his dad was not doing the final thing to keep him truly safe. Now, the father of eighteen has fans enraged over his continued hypocrisy but what is the reasoning? Read on for more details.

Kody Brown Called Out As A Hypocrite For Mistreatment Of Children

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Janelle went to go get her new RV. They stopped at Meri’s B&B for the night as they passed through Parowan, Utah. Unfortunately, Kody made it a big deal that he needed to get back home to Flagstaff in order to test for Covid so he could see his little kids. Together, they have Solomon and Ariella who are the youngest of the Brown children. Fans found this whole situation a bit strange for a multitude of reasons.

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Meri, Ariella

He feels the youngest kids need him the most. Somehow, when they hit middle school, they seemingly do not need their father’s influence. Yet, his youngest with his third wife Christine is only a year and a half older than Solomon. Therefore, she needs him too and a Reddit thread was started over this. “I’m actually yelling at Kody on my TV screen & I’m not usually a person who yells when angry or annoyed. I just don’t understand how the wives don’t call him & Sobyn on their BS & hypocrisy,” one Redditor stated.

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They feel Kody and Robyn excluded everyone from the beginning given the fact that they wed within 39 days of Truely’s birth. He has always been more focused on Robyn and her children, even when Christine was in labor with Truely. Someone also added: “But it’s funny to me that Truely is only 1 year older than Sol but for some reason she doesn’t deserve her dad’s time like Sol does. Would love for someone to call him out, but it’ll never happen.”

Better For Themselves

Kody Brown’s former wife, Christine has seen his lack of participation with her children. Therefore, she has no problem leaving Flagstaff for Utah where she knows she and Truely will be embraced. Kody has been overly sweet with Robyn’s youngest, Ari which clearly broke Truely’s heart. She was Kody’s baby girl for so long and she still wants that attention and love. Therefore, there has always been a sensitivity chip missing with Kody. He has had a level of hypocrisy for years, he is just too stubborn to realize it.

Do you see Kody Brown as a hypocrite or is it something deeper? Let us know in the comments below and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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