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‘SW’: Robyn Brown Says She’s Putting On Her Happy Face

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Robyn Brown is always trying to be a supportive wife. Yet fans are never really convinced she is as sweet as she wants the family to believe. Her motives are not so pure and there is something manipulative underneath everything. This time, it came in the form of a forced smile. In the latest Sister Wives episode, Kody and Janelle finally returned with the RV. It was parked on Coyote Pass so everyone could see it. The wives came by and Robyn had an interesting reaction. Read on for details.

Robyn Brown Puts On Her Happy Face For The RV Unveiling

Janelle Brown did something so brave by buying this RV. She took the money she would have put into a home and instead put it toward Coyote Pass. Admittedly, she adores the land and if everyone did not want to build, she would be just as happy living there by herself. That being said, she finally got to show off her RV to her sister wives. Meri had not seen it since Janelle and Kody had spent the night at her B&B. It was a whole new experience to see it somewhat functional.

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However, Robyn had a different reaction to it all. She was unsure about Kody and Janelle living in a trailer. That was easy for her to say since she has a huge home that she owns. She never has to worry that it will be sold from out from under her and her children. With that, Robyn said she was just going to put on her happy face and be happy for Janelle. Of course, Christine comes by and she was so thrilled and was the best hype woman.

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She immediately said “hey! You have a new house!” Kody thinks that Meri and Christine are teasing her but at least they are trying. Even Janelle’s daughter, Savanah had the best attitude knowing she has her own bathroom. Finally, Kody says he will not use the bathroom ever or bring a suitcase. He knows he has it made at Robyn’s over Janelle’s. Plus, she has two dogs and that is another problem. Always a problem.

Still Building?

Being on the property, Robyn Brown claims she still wants to build there. Meri is not so amped and that could have something to do with how long it has been sitting there. They purchased Coyote Pass back in 2018 and chose their lots, yet nothing has been built. With Janelle buying the RV, it was exciting that someone would be living there. Unfortunately, Robyn just does not seem to like the adventure of it all.

Do you think Robyn Brown’s approach was okay or should she just stay away if she is going to be fake? Let us know and watch Sister Wives on TLC.


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  1. Yeah, she is putting on her happy face, she is getting everything she wants and has destroyed everything for everyone else. Some day it will all come back to bite her in the butt

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