Christine Brown Says Leaving Sooner Would Have Been A Mistake

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During an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Christine Brown was asked if she ever thought about leaving Kody Brown sooner. To be more specific, ET’s Deidre Behar asked Christine if she regretted taking so long to leave her husband and her plural marriage. Christine has made it clear she was happy and thriving as a single woman. Does she ever wish she had made that decision sooner?

Turns out, Christine Brown is pretty happy with the way things worked out as far as timing was concerned. The Sister Wives star explains during the exclusive interview that she thinks leaving sooner would have been a mistake. And, she proceeded to explain why.

Christine Brown believes leaving sooner would have been a mistake

Sister Wives star Christine Brown doesn’t believe her previous life in a plural marriage with Kody Brown was a mistake. Moreover, she doesn’t believe she should have left sooner to get to the happy place she is in now. Christine tells ET that she knows she is on the right path now and she’s so happy living in Utah with her children. She, however, also believes things just happen for a reason.

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Christine Brown explains to ET that if she left Kody sooner than she did, it would have caused issues. She knows that leaving sooner would have meant leaving out of anger. And, she didn’t want to leave in an angry place.

Further addressing the topic, Christine also discusses whether she should have waited longer to leave. After all, the current season of the series shows Kody clinging to Christine as well as Robyn hoping she’ll stay and work it out. The Sister Wives star explains that staying longer would have been a mistake too. She found the sweet spot to leave the relationship at the perfect time. If she had stayed longer, she knows things would have gotten ugly between her and Kody. The TLC personality explained that they were very close to being in a place where ugly fights happened.

Christine Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Overall, Christine Brown admits her life is simple as a single woman free from plural marriage. She’s happy and stronger than ever. Christine believes things played out exactly the way they should have and she wouldn’t change anything for the world.

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