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Did Christine Brown Leaving Fix Things For Meri & Kody?

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Christine Brown is packing up and getting ready to leave Flagstaff. In the latest episode, she reiterated that her intentions are to be back in Utah by September. It still seems like Kody has not accepted the fact that she is leaving. He even said he wanted to set up a room for Truely at Robyn’s home. More so, Robyn has blind faith that Christine will change her mind and want to come back. So, with Kody losing one wife, is he now bringing his most distant one, Meri back in? Read on for more details.

Is Christine Brown’s Exit Beneficial For Kody & Meri?

It appears that Meri has been participating more in episodes and with her sister wives, However, it does not seem to be directly attributed to Christine. Rather, Christine and Janelle are taking brave, bold steps in their lives so Meri is actually there for these moments. She was celebratory for Ysabel’s graduation/birthday party. This was when they finally felt like the family they used to be back when they lived in Utah, before Robyn.

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Then, she was very happy to have Kody and Janelle visit her B&B in Parowan, Utah on their way back to Flagstaff. Finally, she was right there when Janelle unveiled the RV on Coyote Pass. Meri wanted to see what it looked like now that it was supposed to be functional. Yet, Kody has noted that he and Meri have a much better relationship. This is something that he may not have said a few seasons back or even last year.

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He did comment that it is not what a marriage should look like, which is fair but it seems to be much more amicable. Kody even commented that he wanted to be a part of the B&B. It is as if he has lost so much that he wants to find something to hold on to.

Can It Be Fixed?

Christine Brown leaving the marriage will never fix the cracks. There is too much damage and trust issues between Kody and Meri. Yet, Meri will never leave out of loyalty and a desire to get to the Celestial Kingdom. Plus, she travels so much with LuLaRoe and is always back and forth to her B&B, she has no time for drama. It seems she is just there for filming. Fans have noted that Meri was and has been a better wife than Robyn. She always put the kids’ and family’s needs first but then, she became desperate when it came to her unrequited love for Kody.

Do you think Christine Brown leaving will benefit the wives? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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