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The Real Moment Kody Brown’s Family Spiraled

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Kody Brown has all but lost control of his family. His third wife, Christine announced in November 2021 that she was departing the plural family. All of this heartbreak is now playing out for viewers in Season 17 of Sister Wives. Though he appears taken aback by what is happening, it is clear this breakdown was a long time coming. Now fans of the series are sharing what they believe was the real moment when the family actually spiraled. Read on for more details.

The Moment Kody Brown’s Family Really Fell Apart

Christine told Kody the moment she started to have a problem with him was about a decade or so ago. She was pregnant with Truely and she needed to bring in an income. Therefore, she took on a job at night but that meant her daughter, Aspyn had to take care of her siblings at night. She was just a kid herself but she had to tuck them in and Christine felt it was too much so she asked if Kody could come by and help out. He said he was too busy and could not oblige yet he never saw it that way. Kody always felt Christine asked for more than the other wives however she gave so very much.

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Fans took to Reddit to share the moment that they felt the family officially spiraled. “Who agrees that the divorce was what really ruined the family? I think it was suggested by kody with Robyn’s conniving ways. After that kody and Robyn became a team,” the thread started. This is referring to when Kody and Meri divorced in 2014 so he could marry Robyn in order to divorce her three children from her previous marriage. “When Kody divorced Meri, he divorced polygamy,” another added.

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A Redditor had this to say: “Janelle was afraid of that! She was the one who asked Kody to promise Robyn being the legal wife wouldn’t change anything. She knew.” Someone noted that simply meeting Robyn was the downfall in general. Not necessarily Robyn’s fault but the simple act of her entering the family. It was also mentioned that Kody was the downfall of his own family. If it was not Robyn, it would have been someone else. He is the master of his own demise.

The Wives Are All But Gone

Redditors all pointed out how smart Janelle is and that is very true. She may still be married to Kody Brown but she is never really around. His second wife is always off traveling with Christine, their Plexus business, or visiting family. As for Meri, she is dedicated to staying in the plural family despite the disconnect between her and Kody. However, she is also never really around Flagstaff. She travels a lot with LuLaRoe. When she is not with them, she is in Parowan, Utah at her B&B. Finally, Christine is back living in Utah but is also traveling a lot and living her best life. It’s just Kody and Robyn and she has had enough of him- or so she says.

What do you think was the moment that ended Kody Brown’s family? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I think downfall was at very beginning.if memory is right, they slept together before marriage. and had longer honeymoon.!.wives were not happy.! the divorce was another.if spiritual marriage is so big why did it matter he adopted Robyn’s kids??Robyn wanted to b legally married 2 him!

  2. kody is too controlling I’m so happy that Christine left that idiot kody my prayers that meri need to come to her senses and leave why does she continue to be believed that she will be with kody leave him and find some who respect and support her let robin have that jerk ,that’s her goal anyway or she’s going let fake tears

    1. All the wives need to dump Kody Brown to the curb… He is no husband to any of the wives except Robyn and I believe she is sick of him too! He is selfish, and an absentee Father! I wouldn’t even call him a Father, call him a sperm donor! I wish Janelle and Meri would wake up and realize their worth. I hope they don’t waste another minute in a loveless, sexless so called marriage!

  3. 100% when Robyn joined the family! It was obvious he favored her from the beginning. He treated Meri terribly, I thought, from the beginning of the show! He was a total dick to Meri when he divorced her and married Robyn. Kody is a narcissistic POS. He’s the worst husband and worst father.

  4. How much longer will this sad story come to an end. It should have ended in Las Vegas. Pick up with Christine and Janelle and their families now and move forward. Otherwise, out Kody in jail where he should be.

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