‘SW:’ Kody Brown Thinks Christine Split Just To Spite Him

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Kody Brown of Sister Wives is convinced Christine made the decision to split just to spite him. The TLC star argues during tonight’s episode that everything about the break-up feels hostile. And, he feels like he’s been stabbed in the back by someone he loved. Moreover, Kody Brown thinks this divorce has been a long time coming with Christine slowly putting pieces together to make sure she looks great and he looks like a monster.

Did Christine Brown divorce Kody just to spite him? Was this premeditated and a long time coming as Kody Brown thinks?

Kody Brown says Christine left just to hurt him

Kody Brown of Sister Wives describes the end of his relationship with Christine as “hostile.” He claims she talked to everyone on the planet about being unhappy but him. Kody insists he would have loved the chance to try to fix their relationship, but the chance was never given to him. From Kody’s point of view, Christine has spent years putting the pieces together. She’s kept his children from him. And, she’s convinced them he was already an absent father. So, leaving him wouldn’t be a big deal.

Moreover, Kody Brown believes Christine leaving him was a massive stab in the back. And, he thinks the only reason she really did it was because she wanted to hurt him.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives: Christine Brown – Kody Brown

Some Sister Wives fans are just over this storyline

It is no secret that Christine wanted what Robyn has with Kody. Christine loved him, but she wanted to be valued more. The TLC star also wanted to be intimate with her husband and that was something he refused to give her. Kody flat-out admitted he didn’t want to be intimate with her and it broke her.

Some Sister Wives fans would like to press fast forward on the ongoing drama. Fans admit they are a bit sick of seeing the split of Kody and Christine dragged out. This is especially true for fans who know the show is a little more than a year behind reality.

What are your thoughts on Kody Brown arguing that Christine only made the decision to leave him because she wanted to hurt him? Do you believe this is something she slowly put together for years? Or, are you tired of seeing Kody play the role of the victim? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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  1. I am sick of Kody playing the victim! If he had treated his wives equally and not showed favoritism, I think that Christine would have been happy but it is so obvious that he just wants to be with Robyn! He has been cruel to Christine and Meri for a long time! I am proud of Christine for leaving and moving on with her life. He alienated his children himself! He doesn’t show them any respect and they are smart kids! They can see how he treats their mom!

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