Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Is Kody Brown Secretly Behind Meri’s Expensive Retreat?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown doesn’t have a lot to do with the rest of the family these days. Kody Brown made it abundantly clear he isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with her any longer. On top of that, none of the children seem particularly close to Meri. On TV, Meri Brown doesn’t seem to be doing particularly well. But her social media page tells a different story.

Online, Meri Brown shares a lot of inspirational posts and encourages her followers to pursue happiness. She’s even gone on various retreats to connect with other people and boost her brand.

Recently, Redditors began to wonder if Kody Brown was behind Meri’s retreats. Keep reading to see what they think might have happened.

Was Kody Brown funding Meri’s retreat for his own selfish reasons?

When Sister Wives first premiered, the family hinted that the family relied on Meri to scout out potential sister wives and bring them into the family. However, there have only been four wives since Robyn joined the family back in Season 1. But now that Christine is gone, is it possible that Kody wants to bring in another wife?

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Kody Brown/TLC

“A thought about the real purpose of Meri’s expensive and ridiculous retreat,” the original Redditor titled their post. “OMG a thought occurs, what if the real purpose of Meri’s crazy retreat is to screen potential new wives for Kootie?”

It was an interesting idea, but not many Redditors agreed. They pointed out there was just too much evidence to suggest otherwise.

“If Kody doesn’t even want Meri around, I doubt he’d want her opinion on new spouses. Plus he doesn’t seem too into the idea of marrying again,” another user pointed out. “I think the retreat may be a fundraising opportunity for coyote pass.”

Meri Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Meri Brown/TLC

Most other Redditors echoed similar sentiments. At this point, Kody Brown has made it pretty clear that he has no interest in Meri. It seems unlikely he would still want her to scout out new wives for him.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Sister Wives fans are over the family patriarch

Sister Wives viewers have never been wild about Kody Brown, but they seem especially fed up with him this season. He really only seems to care about Christine and her children now that she’s chosen to leave the family. On top of that, he continues to treat Meri cruelly and isn’t interested in living in an RV with Janelle. In fact, Robyn is the only wife he treats well these days.

At the end of the day, Kody Brown’s hypocrisy and gaslighting are just getting to be too much for fans.

TLC will put out a new episode of Sister Wives this Sunday at 10 PM eastern time. Tune in and keep up with the Browns.

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  1. No this isn’t Kody it’s LuLaRoe all the way. They are trying to get out from under all the bad press and get people to sign up to sell. What better way than to find someone that has cash to burn. They would love to be in Meri’s down line. Anyone that wants to spend six grand to talk to Meri could easily be talked in to investing in that polyester garbage they sell

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