’SW:’ Audrey Kriss Shares Sensual Topless Black & White Snap

Audrey Kriss smiles in outdoor close-up with black top and reading glasses.

Audrey Kriss posed topless on Instagram to mark an important milestone. The Sister Wives personality posted a sensual black-and-white photo in honor of National Coming Out Day on October 11 and proved they have some serious thirst-trap game.

This was Audrey’s first time celebrating the annual LGBTQ+ awareness day since they came out as a transperson, the 26-year-old revealed. The sultry vibes aside, the post was packed with positivity and included a touching message for the community wherein the rainbow flag emoji was proudly on display. Scroll to check it out.

Audrey Kriss Delivers Shirtless Goodness

For the big occasion, Audrey thrilled fans with a flirty close-up of their face and naked torso. In the image, they appeared to be reclining in bed with their eyes closed and had nothing but trendy bling on. The picture was taken inside a dimly-lit room, with the camera flash illuminating only half of their face. The blurry backdrop kept the focus on their striking features, while the close angle lent an air of intimacy to the shot.

By all accounts, it was an artfully seductive piece of photography and absolutely did them justice.

This was the second time that Audrey has gone topless on Instagram since celebrating one-year post-top surgery on September 1.

Audrey Kriss poses topless in the swimming pool.
Audrey Kriss goes for a dip in the pool while celebrating one-year post-top surgery.
[Credit: Audrey Kriss/Instagram]

A Heartfelt Message For Fans

Audrey may have ditched their clothes for the suggestive photo but their accessories were on point. In addition to their customary black stud earring and nose ring, they rocked a chain necklace and a gold band on their finger, which they showed off by brushing the back of their hand against their cheek.

Alongside the photo was a lengthy caption wishing everyone a happy National Coming Out Day. Audrey also took the opportunity to remind fans that “you don’t need to be openly out to be valid.” Further down, they stated that “being you is the most beautiful and important thing,” ending on an uplifting note: “I am so grateful and happy to be here.”

Audrey Kriss poses topless in black-and-white photo.
Audrey Kriss celebrates National Coming Out Day.
[Credit: Audrey Kriss/Instagram]
There’s more to be said about Audrey’s inspiring caption but you’ll get a chance to read it in full below. In a classic “but wait, there’s more” move, the Sister Wives star added a bonus photo with their partner, Leon Brown, and fans absolutely lost it. This goes to show the post was not about getting sultry on social media but rather about celebrating their authentic self and the love they share with Leon.

Audrey Kriss & Leon Brown’s Sweet Couple’s Pic

Nothing wins over the crowd like a sweet couple’s pic and that’s exactly what Sister Wives fans got in the second slide. Posing in coordinating outfits, Audrey and Leon (who has also come out as trans and uses they/them pronouns) held each other close and pressed their temples together as if to show they lean on each other both figuratively and literally. They smiled happily and looked engulfed in a feel-good vibe that transcended the screen.

Screengrab of an Instagram photo of Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown,
Audrey Kriss/Instagram

As expected, the share struck a chord with many fans who wasted no time in showing their support for their “favorite couple.” People praised Audrey and Leon for living their truth and shared their own coming-out stories in the comments.

  • “I love your change and how happy you are!”
  • “Im so happy to see yall so in love after all these years. Yall truly have a unique and beautiful love story.”
  • “Love the color coordination between you two! Happy looks so good on you both.”
  • “I have a friend who didn’t start transitioning until she was 50 & is living her best life now & still with her wife who has stood by her throughout!!”
  • “I think you both look radiant and free. I’m a straight woman with three adult kids. One who came out as a teenager. He used to be frustrated with my misuse of pronouns but he’s trying -not so patiently -to bring me up to speed.”

What do you think of Audrey’s steamy pic? Sound off in the comments below and let us know how you or your loved ones are celebrating National Coming Out Day.

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  1. What happened to Audrey’s ideas that she would have the babies – she said her body was made for having them!! I guess she changed her mind?

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