Audrey Kriss Celebrates 1 Year Post-Top Surgery, See Pic

Audrey Kriss from Instagram

Sister Wives personalities Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown live relatively quiet lives these days. They seem to have distanced themselves from the ongoing drama in the Brown household and fans can hardly blame them.

But now and then, they share glimpses of their happy life together with fans on Instagram. Now that Audrey is a year out from their top surgery date, they decided to share a little update with fans. Keep reading to see their latest photo!

Audrey Kriss is proudly living as a transperson

Sister Wives star Leon Brown and their partner Audrey Kriss are both proudly part of the trans community. Over the years, fans have had the chance to watch their relationship blossom and grow. Now, the couple seems remarkably happy. They’re living their truths and feel supported by one another.

But this week marks a very special occasion. Audrey recently revealed that they are celebrating one entire year after receiving top surgery. They’ve never been happier since making the decision to undergo the procedure.

Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown from Instagram
Leon Brown/Instagram

“One year since I had top surgery,” Audrey captioned their celebratory Instagram post. “Not a day goes by that I don’t feel grateful to have had it. Trans healthcare saves lives and improves quality of life! So grateful for @uofutranshealth and the support from the people around me before, during and after! ♥️ so so incredibly grateful and happy.”

The TLC personality attached a photo of themselves enjoying a pool day in swim trunks and a Mickey Mouse baseball cap. Their followers agree that Audrey seems happier than ever before.

Sister Wives Audrey Kriss from Instagram
Audrey Kriss/Instagram

“You are absolutely beaming with joy. I’m sure you feel that same joy inside!! 🙌❤️” one follower wrote on the post.

“That smile lights up the world! 🙌🔥” another chimed in.

Leon Brown and Audrey Kriss aren’t expected to make many more appearances on Sister Wives, if at all. But fans really appreciate their openness and honesty. When Leon came out as trans this summer, Audrey was right there to offer support. Viewers wish the couple happiness for the future.

The drama heats up before the season premiere in September

Sister Wives returns to TLC for Season 17 starting September 11. Fans will really miss seeing Audrey and Leon around, but are glad they’re keeping their distance. Things are definitely about to get ugly as Christine prepares to depart from the family.

In new teasers, fans can see Kody ranting and raving about Christine’s decision. Even though the process seemed painful, Christine is actually much happier these days. PEOPLE recently interviewed the Sister Wives star who revealed that she and Truely are much happier on their own in Utah.

Check back for more information on the Sister Wives cast. There will be more news to share shortly.

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