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Audrey Kriss Showers Their Partner Leo Brown With Support

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Publically coming out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community is a major life-changing experience. Audrey Kriss has been an important part of the Sister Wives story since they started dating one of the Brown children several years ago.

Now, Audrey’s partner is happily coming out as trans and genderqueer. From now on, they wish to be known as “Leon” or “Leo” for short. They also wish to use they/them pronouns just like Audrey does.

Since Leo chose to come out to the world, they had nothing but support from Audrey. Keep reading to learn a little more.

Audrey Kriss stands by Leo Brown’s side after many years together

Sister Wives fans first met Audrey when Leo brought them home for the first time. At the time, they identified as a lesbian couple. But over the years, their relationship has grown and they’ve had the chance to explore their gender identities together.

Sister Wives/TLC

Audrey Kriss is also a member of the trans community. Within the past year, they came out as trans and said they would be using they/them pronouns. They also had top surgery and proudly attended Pride festivities with an open-top this year.

And now, Audrey is incredibly proud to stand by Leo’s side as they embrace their genderqueer and trans identity.

After Leo came out on Instagram, Audrey made a celebratory post too. They shared a photo of Leo with a sticker of the trans flag as well as stickers that said “I love you” and “Now and always.”

No matter what happens, Leo and Audrey are happy and in love. Fans really appreciate that they support each other.

Audrey Kriss/Instagram

Over the years, Audrey and Leon have both pulled away from Sister Wives. So it’s not very likely that fans will get to see the couple come out together onscreen.

But fans can follow them on Instagram in the meantime and keep up with their journey.

How did Meri Brown react to Leo’s transition?

When Leo initially told Meri they identified as a member of the LGBTQ+ community several years ago, Meri didn’t react well. She admitted the news took her by surprise. But over the years, she came to really accept her child and Audrey too.

So how did Meri react to Leo’s big news?

Publically, the TLC star is choosing to support her child. She posted her own Instagram story featuring Leo with the caption, “You are my sunshine.”

Time will tell how the rest of the Brown family reacts to Leo’s news. But fortunately, it seems like they have the support of several family members right now.

If you want to keep up with Leo and Audrey, be sure to follow TV Shows Ace online. It’s the best place to get the inside scoop on all the Sister Wives stories. Stay tuned for more!

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