‘Sister Wives’: Audrey Kriss Updates On Transition Progress

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Sister Wives fans have not seen Mariah Brown and her partner Audrey Kriss on the show since they took over Meri’s inn. Meri’s mother, Bonnie needed to move to Flagstaff when the pandemic hit due to health risks. A lot has changed since that happened as Audrey announced she is transgender. So what is the latest on her transition? An update was given and it is pretty amazing.

Sister Wives Fans Learn Mariah’s Truth

Kody’s first wife, Meri struggled for a very long time. She was the only one of his original three wives to give him just one child, their daughter Mariah. His second and third wives, Janelle and Christine both gave him six babies each. This was a very hard pill for Meri to swallow and they did try to expand their family without any luck. Then, fourth wife Robyn came along. With her, she brought three kids from a previous marriage. After she gave birth to her first child with Kody, she did offer surrogacy to Meri. While contemplating this and IVF, the original first wife thought long and hard. Both Mariah and Kody pressed her a lot to make the decision and go through with having a second child, no matter the cost.


Mariah appeared to be quite traditional and seemed to be the one child who would follow in her parents’ polygamist footsteps. Then, Meri did some stuff on the internet she probably should not have and it caused mass strain between her and Mariah. Luckily they worked through it because her daughter had a big secret she needed to share. She was gay. Eventually, she introduced her family to her girlfriend, Audrey Kriss who they loved. She then proposed and the two started planning a wedding but Covid hit and shut down their plans. They have lived a quiet and peaceful life until the end of last year when Audrey made a huge announcement.

Audrey’s Truth

Since Sister Wives is about a year behind, viewers learned Audrey’s big news via Instagram. Mariah’s partner was transitioning and their preferred pronouns were they/them. Their body was starting to change and recently, they shared that they underwent top surgery. This was a huge step towards feeling comfortable in the body that they had always wanted. Now, Audrey posted a video following their journey on a low dose of testosterone and how it changed their voice.


“My voice changing over the 9 months I’ve been on low dose testosterone 🤍🏳️‍⚧️ Not a lot but I love it!” Audrey captioned the two-plus minute reel. A ton of support came in though comments have since been limited. One person to show love was Mariah’s half-sister, Gwendlyn Brown as well as their brother Logan’s fiancee Michelle. Other people had this to say:

  • “Your voice sounds great but your joy vibe takes the cake.”
  • “It’s beautiful to watch you become your authentic self!”

As long as Audrey is happy within themselves, that is truly all that matters. What do you think of them sharing their journey along the way? Let us know in the comments below.


Amanda Nowitz

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  1. If that is her choice and is what makes her happy, God bless her. We have only one judge and it is not the people on this earth. They only have opinions..

  2. Everyone should do what makes them comfortable no matter what others think. It’s your body and nobody else’s.

  3. Everyone should do what makes them comfortable no matter what others think. It’s your body and nobody else’s.

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