‘Stranger Things’ Eddie Says It Is Weird Watching The Show

Eddie Munson in Stranger Things

Joseph Quinn plays fan-favorite Eddie on Netflix’s horror series Stranger Things. While fans fell in love with his metal-loving teenager, Joseph said he struggles to watch his performance on the show.

According to Joseph, both his accent and his hair make it strange to see Eddie on the screen. Here is what you need to know about Eddie on Stranger Things.

Joseph Quinn talks Eddie on Stranger Things

For those who don’t know, actor Joseph Quinn is British. This might seem strange when seeing him playing the young ’80s headbanger on Stranger Things. That is also why Joseph said he has problems when watching himself on the show. Joseph did an interview with Esquire Singapore and said is was bizarre to see himself with long hair and an American accent.

“With Eddie, it was a very weird experience because obviously, I had this big wig on and I was trying to do my best American accent,” Joseph said about Eddie. “So there was this kind of physical and role difference at the same time.” He also said that it made it a lot harder because he was changing his actual personality while looking completely different from usual. Joseph also said he felt a bit like a “sociopath” because he wondered if he sounded right and often wondered what he was even doing. He said it was doing an American accent that stressed him out the most.

Eddie in Stranger Things

However, Joseph also said in the interview that he wasn’t as interested in watching Eddie as other viewers of the show. He said he could see a lot of growth in his character over the seasons, but he cared more about his co-stars. Joseph especially noted the performances of David Harbour, Winona Ryder, and Brett Gelman as great. He also loved the California storyline, watching the story all come together.

Eddie’s legacy on Stranger Things

Fans will surely miss Eddie Munson on Stranger Things. Eddie was a latecomer to the Netflix series, appearing for the first time in the Season 4 premiere, “The Hellfire Club.” He was a metal-head who refused to conform to public norms. Also, since the show is based in the 1980s, there were a lot of close-minded people who believed in the Satanic Craze of that era when it concerns heavy metal music.

As a result, most people in Hawkins believed Eddie was a Satanist because of his musical tastes, and he often liked egging these people on. There were also several open murders thanks to the monsters coming into Hawkins, and many people believed Eddie was the killer. However, as fans watched, Eddie went out as a hero and saved countless lives, making him one of the best unsung heroes on Stranger Things.

Did you love Eddie on Stranger Things? What were some of his best moments for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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