‘Stranger Things’ Fans Have Meltdown, Cancels Metallica?

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For a split second, Metallica gained a legion of new fans thanks to Stranger Things. However, many of those new fans have suddenly turned their noses up and want to cancel the hard rock icons.

After the Metallica song “Master of Puppets” played during the fourth season of Stranger Things, the band shot back up the charts. That song was 36 years old. However, many of the show’s fans are too young to know anything about Metallica and were shocked when a TikTok video tried to cancel the band.

TikTok tries to cancel Metallica

TikToker Serena Trueblood posted a video last weekend to educate fans on who Metallica is. The video, which now has 40,000 likes, starts off with the TikToker calling them out for antisemitism before moving on to racism allegations. In the caption for her video, she wrote “Thy [SIC] only care about what lines their [SIC] pockets.” This was part of a series of videos where she points out how people’s favorite bands are “problematic.”

In the video, she pointed out when former bassist Jason Newsted appeared to do a Nazi salute onstage. Newsted hasn’t been in Metallica for over 21 years. She mentioned that Metallica made fun of Kurt Cobain’s death after his suicide in 1994. It was Dave Mustaine, who is actually in Megadeth, but was part of Metallica for a short time before that. She also alleged that James Hetfield wouldn’t contribute to an album with Ice-T’s band Body Count because Ice-T was Black. The source was Guns ‘n’ Roses lead singer, Axl Rose.

Eddie in Stranger Things

Many fans who discovered Metallica through Stranger Things showed disappointment to have supported the band after watching the TikTok video. However, Serena turned the comments off. Metallica fans caught wind of this and many thought it was hilarious that teenagers are trying to cancel Metallica.

Fans say ‘good luck with that’

Metallica fans mostly felt amused that anyone thought they could successfully cancel Metallica. Most of the band’s fans already knew parts of the band’s troubled past. More fans know that some people Serena complained about haven’t been in the band in decades. Others said that it was funny people planned to “cancel” a band they had never heard of until last month.

When older fans voiced frustration at the new generation of fans coming from Stranger Things, Metallica defended the new fans, saying all were welcome. However, as one Twitter fan pointed out, “The fact metallica welcomed and defended all the new fans that came from the stranger things fandom and they’ve gone and THROWN IT BACK IN THEIR FACES…”

Other fans just laughed at the entire attempt. One wrote, “nothing on twitter recently has been as funny as metallic getting cancelled by tiktok.” Another wrote, “metallica has been cancelled like 4 times already get over yourselves WE KNOW.” Finally, a third Twitter user summed it up by writing, “‘m sure the guys of Metallica are just shaking in their boots about being cancelled by a bunch of kids that only discovered who they are last month and their discovery of the bad shit the band has done but has been public knowledge for decades, which they have learned from.”

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