Sherri Shepherd Under Heavy Fire For Major Misstep

Sherri Shepherd is under fire for a massive misstep. Fans of The Wendy Williams Show noticed that she didn’t bring back two popular crew members on her talk show. Sherri premiered on Monday, September 12. It was a departure from Wendy’s old talk show, which was held in the same studio.

Gone were the iconic purple chair and matching decor. Sherri has a vibrant and colorful set. The former comedian had her own chair in pastel pink. Her self-titled talk show kicked off on Monday with an interview with The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss as the first guest.

Sherri Shepherd [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]

The Wendy Williams Show crew members missing from the premiere

There was a huge difference between Sherri Shepherd’s new show and Wendy Williams’ former one. She wanted to make sure there was no confusion between the two. There were also two faces who were missing from the production crew. Fans noticed that neither co-executive producer Suzanne Bass nor supervising producer Norman Baker wasn’t in attendance.

Even though Sherri ended up with Wendy’s old production team, both crew members weren’t front and center. The pair became fan favorites during their time on Wendy’s show. They were known for their witty banter with the original talk show host. During Monday’s premiere, fans took to Twitter to note that both producers were missing from the broadcast.

Sherri Shepherd Interviews Kandi Burruss [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]
  • “Loving the show… but missing Norman & Suzanne…please bring them back, everything I have read says they are still working there? Congrats!”
  • “Didn’t Norman agree to work on Sherri Shepherd’s new show?”
  • “#SherriShepherd’s talk show was very good. I miss Norman. Jawn Murray standing where he is standing is annoying but, it was a good show.”

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Sherri Shepherd had one of the cast members from RHOA as her first guest. Kandi has been in a feud with Wendy for years. Yet, she’s asked the Real Housewives franchise and her friends to boycott Sherri’s new show. However, it doesn’t look like they’ll oblige.

Sherri Shepherd In Pink Chair [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]

Sherri Shepherd returns to daytime television with her own show

Sherri Shepherd returned to daytime television on her own terms. She previously guest-hosted for Wendy on The Wendy Williams Show. Sherri was one of the many celebrity guests who filled in for the titular host. After several rotating guests and a boost in ratings, Sherri was announced as the permanent replacement host for the fallen talk show host.

Wendy has been struggling with ongoing health issues. Sherri Shepherd shared with fans what they can expect from her show. She wants to do things differently by focusing on positivity and incorporating her comedian timing. Sherri also wants to make it clear that her show is completely different as she’s just being herself.

Prior to guest hosting on Wendy’s show, Sherri was a panelist on The View from 2007 to 2014. What are your thoughts on Sherri’s new show? Do you miss Suzanne and Norman? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Sherri Shepherd.

Chanel Adams


  1. So disappointed in Sheri that she got rid of Norman and the blonde woman. Please bring them back. Why did she do that. I think the blonde was Sizanne

    1. please bring back at least Norman and Suzanne, the show should at least keep the rhythm that6 kept the audience coming back. Until then I won’t be watching

      1. It’s bad enough that we lost Wendy but for Sherri to remove Norman & Suzanne the too happy faces everyone loved. Sometimes it’s better to leave thing’s like that untouched. It’s hard enough for Wendy’s fans to get use too her being gone then for Sherri to do that. sometimes thing’s are left better untouched.

        1. Please stop blaming decisions about the show on Sheri. She just don’t have that much power. it’s left up to the production staff (ie Producer/Director) At this point until Sherri proves herself, she is just a puppet doing what they tell her to do.

          1. I’m so glad Sherri finally got her own show. It looks like people are Jealous or they would be very happy for sherri

          2. Never a puppet let’s first get that clear. We really don’t know why they are not on the show. Sherri is a beautiful and smart woman who knows the business. So the puppet thing leave that to the toys you choose for your kids…

        2. Well, don’t touch this. Let Sherri be Sherri; she don’t have to live in Wendy’s shadows! I’m already over Wendy; and it wasn’t hard at all. So speak for yourself and don’t assume you’re speaking for the masses!!!!!

          1. Exactly I feel the same way. Sherri is not in charge it’s her name but come on peoples. I’m supporting periodt

          2. I don’t Believe Sherri actually has the Authority to let people go especially if she is new and trying to be successful so leave Sherri Alone she is Funny😂 and a perfect person for a talk show 👏🏾🙏🏽👍🏾Wendy is done and that’s her own issues 🙏🏽

          3. I love Sherri.Give her a chance .She did The View for a couple yrs.But just bring Susanne and Norman.I see she got Mario.And instead of standing between the panel to come she should walk down the steps

          4. Thank you, Thank you! Let Sherri have it her way!
            It’s her “Blessing Time!” I was praying that she got a show.
            Go, Sherri!

          5. No one love Wendy more than me but, she’s no longer a host. This is the Sherri Show with a different dynamic. I like Sherri and the happiness in this time slot. If you don’t want to watch, change the channel. You naysayers don’t speak for the majority. I’m watching and enjoying. Periodt

          6. I agree with u Wendy Williams had her time ,Now it’s Sherri Sherperd time to shine love watching & keep being Sherri because I’ll because I’ll be watching!!!

        3. I agree,I missed the DJ,Suzanne and her handsome husband and of course Norman,but I see she has a thing for Marco so she brought him back its just not fair.And I’m glad to see her dressing better cause she doesn’t know how to dress. Also your body movements can you stop trying to move your body around it doesn’t look good.Plus stop acting so horny all the time and mentioning sex enough.And do we have to know about your boobs all the time,im tired all ready.

          1. That was rude and obnoxious to say that. let Sherri be Sherri if you can’t do that click the remote and talk mean somewhere else! live and let live! Good Job Sherri but I do miss Suzanne and where is my Norman smile. God Bless you!

          2. I agree with all written. It’s too much sexual suggestive comments and talk about her uterus. If she had a Man, she wouldn’t be talking like that on air.

            Norman & Suzanne were her right hand and if possible would love to see them

          3. Wow your life seems boring. And can you stop… and can you not and can you stop…. SMH sit down somewhere can you do that?

          4. Please leave Sherri alone and let Sherri be Sherri!! If you don’t like the show watch something else!!

        4. Good because I never liked Sherri Shepherd. A Wendy WILLIAMS she is not, and why are they keeping the Show anyway??

          1. That’s why it’s called The Sherri Show. No she is not Wendy. If you don’t like her. don’t watch. It’s that simple!!

          2. Every one deseserve what I don’t like to bad. It is not your show get u a show an name it Wendy Williams I only want to see Suzanne an Norman back in front without them her show want make it. But I am hopeingbshe does

        5. Wake up people, it’s a brand new show. It’s call Sherri! We don’t know all of the people she retained, maybe they are behind the scenes. She really didn’t have to keep anyone. It’s her show, a NEW show. Let her do her thing. I’m happy for her, she is doing a great job

        6. looka here come on where’s the human kindness. be professional. we know it’s a new bitch in charge great congratulations. bring or fam back years of greatness

        7. It was said in the beginning that Norman and Suzanne would be on the Sherri show as much as I Love Sherri I am also disappointed SHERRI PLEASE BRING NORMAN BACK THE NEW GUY IS BORING AND HURTING YOUR SHOW NORMAN WOULD HELP SO MUCH AND WE LOVE NORMAN

        8. This is true especially if they were already doing a good job. But I also think Sherri should have the right to choose the people she feels will do the best job for her. And who ever she is using was the right choice because her show is Great!

      2. I hear you!! I thought sure that we would see Norman & Suzanne!! Does anyone know for sure whether or not they have been let go??

      3. Please … We need Norman, Suzanne and her husband back Sherri. Also you might think about getting some taller chairs and table. You look to low. Just a suggestion.

        1. Sherri is a no go which is why she never had her own show before. Love and miss you Wendy, praying for your return soon to tv. If you do not like something, do not watch it. Good luck/best wishes to Wendy’s original staff. ✌🏽🙏🏾

          1. Linda you are rude hate is a strong word. some may hate you dont speak like that about anybody dont watch if you feel that strongly about a woman that im sure you dont know. TlI enjoyed the Wendy show and now I’m enjoying the Sherri Show get over , Wendy is not well I pray God blessed her and I pray God takes Sherri shower higher heights!

          2. Oh wow these folks are horrible! You grown people saying you Hate Sherri… If you Haters don’t like the Change DO NOT WATCH! Damn!
            #petty #haters

      4. I am not watching any longer because Sherry needs to put a new spin on the show, she is not Wendy so stop trying, the show is boring as hell

        1. Give the Show & Sherri a chance. One thing for sure Sherri is not trying to be Wendy. Wendy is not well so put positive thoughts & prayers for Wendy.

        2. First of all Sherri is not new to a show nor being on a stage.. Sherri is well loved by many and she is definitely not trying to be Wendy. She has her own identity and gives much RESPECT to people periodtt.. Sherri is a loving person and you don’t hear her bashing people. She holds her own tone . I congratulate her for all of her success and more blessings upon her accomplishments.. Women out there continue to stay strive for your dreams and never give up cause you are a Queen…

        1. Stop watching then. You are Wendy fans not Sherri fans and that is ok but be fair. Sherri DID NOT replace Wendy she got her own show.

        1. They are working on the show. If you watch you would know that. Give Sherri a chance she is just full filling her dream. You would not want anyone to rain on your parade.

      5. This is the Sherri show. She needs to do things her way. She is not replacing Wendy she is doing her OWN show. That’s not fair to expect her to do what Wendy did. Norman is still there if you look at the show you will see that. Please be fair to Sherri.

    2. I was so looking forward to The Sherri Show. I really wanted her show to do well I was looking forward to seeing Norman and Suzanne. Disappointment will not be watching everyday any more.

      1. I agree,I missed the DJ,Suzanne and her handsome husband and of course Norman,but I see she has a thing for Marco so she brought him back its just not fair.And I’m glad to see her dressing better cause she doesn’t know how to dress. Also your body movements can you stop trying to move your body around it doesn’t look good.Plus stop acting so horny all the time and mentioning sex enough.And do we have to know about your boobs all the time,im tired all ready.

    3. yes I liked her and Norman and honestly thought Sherri would have not even think about it and just kept them. l was very disappointed in Sherri. The both of them deserved it. God bless but shame on you Sherri that wasn’t very nice

      1. I do miss them too but Sherri please add some more spunk to your show, it has some good parts but mostly it was boring you’re a funny lady and I love you but spunk up that show do something spicy
        no ill intent
        love you Sherri

    4. The credits show Norman is “Supervising Producer” I miss him but can’t hate on the come up! I saw Brendon Suzanne’s hubby but not her. I do miss her.

      1. I agree. with sherri seems like something missing. It will feel wendy is alive and not dead. sherri held up co-hosting wendy show at least keep something and memories of wendy and sherri you will make us happy

    5. Most likely it was the top executives that removed them. Maybe they didn’t want to come back or asked for more money and their demand wasn’t met, so they moved on. I doubt Sherri asked them to leave. Top executives always overrule. That’s show business.

      1. This show is not as powerful or fun to watch without Norman and susanne I only tuned into sherri’s show to see them if I don’t see them in the next two shows im done for good.

      2. I agree. But on a You-Tube video Sherri said all the staff stayed. This is a new show. It is best that it is different. So I’m sure they are behind the scene. If everything stays exactly the same it is still the Wendy Williams show. New show new dynamics. Just like ask of the staff from the Ellen show are part of Jennifer Hudson’s show.

    6. When you start something new, it’s new. Norman and Susan was WENDY’s people, Wendy is gone. Let the woman have her own show how she see fit to have it. People will get use to the new people like they got use to Norman and Susan. If I start something, it’s going to be new all the way.

      1. I agree 100 per cent. we can’t assume they were not asked. it’s a new beginning for all of them. let’s just enjoy and celebrate a new show.

    7. I’m not disappointed at all Sherry shepherd can handle her own on her own she doesn’t need Wendy’s people she has enough of them on the show anyway in the background that we don’t see that’s how come she’s in the same studio it’s just decorated different you know bad enough that’s. She’s a great person they’re great people they’re still there but it’s we don’t need to see them and she doesn’t need them there to make her who she is she makes her she is on her own it’s a good show

      1. She can use the help people like them the guy she has now is not good and not funny they need to bring them front and center

    8. This is not the Wendy show, plus Sherri!!! Leave the old stuff behind! Sherri needs to break clean from anything related to the Wendy show. Norman’s position was Wendy’s side-kick…bye! Sadly, Suzanne was nice, but Sheri being the new host of her OWN talk show, would want someone she knows or who has worked with for a long time. The Sheri show DID NOT make any mistakes. Let the past, remain in the past.


    10. Do you know for sure that they were let go and didn’t resign? Plus, is Sheri filling in for Wendy or is this an entirely different show? None if the late night shows kept the same sets and staff. That’s showbiz. I for one won’t miss Wendy’s opinionated self. And no more listening to her click her tongue talking about food. But I saw on tv today that she entered a wellness facility and hope she gets better.

    11. Can someone PLEASE dress Sherri properly. All the tight fitting clothes on her protruding stomach 🙄. And her shape is one that needs a belt and a flair dress or something to cover up the fact that she is shaped like a “Y”. What’s up wardrobe? Please fix this or we will continue laughing.

    12. h she still has Norman all of them Marco suzan all of them r there just back they still have a job Sherri is a talented women and my god so isn’t Wendy Williams luv that women.

    13. I came to look for where was Suzanne who was on with Wendy for years. Saw the other day her group was mostly black men and she said no women? Oh then what happened to Suzanne. I turn on Sherri because the View is all LIB anti conservatives so Sherri was so cool on The View. When I turn her on I see most ot the time her guest are blacks. Wendy was super across the board everyone not one race. So I guess go to my Netflix or BBC for news. If this is to be a black talk show then okay her call. I miss Wendy and also Suzanne. We are suppose to come together but not when we are not trying to be fair?

  2. Yes really miss seeing Norman at least and Susanne may be there in the background of the show? But she’s doing a great job just being herself and interviewing people that’s what we want to see !

    1. I most definitely miss Norman and Suzanne! I really didn’t like Wendy all that much but loved those two. As for Sherri I will not be watching because I really don’t like her and her tune! A wasted hour of TV.

    1. Bring Norman and Suzanne back not the same without them they were so friendly and Norman was a big part of the show

      1. Agree did n ot know about Norman too? Sherri has a right to have on who she wants working with her. Not one other race person even a Asian , Hispanic. if she is not wanting a white. I have been a fan of Sherri since being on the View did not ever feel she was this possibly biased. Did not see this with Wendy? Hope Wendy i doing okay miss her this old Ga White woman.

  3. Where is Norman Suzanne Marco and DJ Sad they should be there I hope Sherri didn’t get rid of them that is cold and selfish.

    1. Which Yolanda I said no such thing. I can speak for myself. I don’t think she is the one for the show and that’s that.

  4. please bring back at least Norman and Suzanne, the show should at least keep the rhythm that6 kept the audience coming back. Until then I won’t be watching

  5. It’s Sherri show not Wendy Williams show she has a right to make whatever changes she chose. People need to stop comparing the two.

  6. Norman and Suzanne was the face of the Wendy Williams show this is no longer the Wendy Williams show this is Sherri Shepherd’s show so removing those faces is understandable. The network has moved on it’s time for people to understand that Wendy Williams is gone!!!!!

  7. She was a new show, new imaging, new set ! Why keep people upfront from the old show? It’s gone!

    Don’t blame her for wanting her own ideas and not same old, same old!

  8. Can she at least bring them on once a week for their fans. They are just as important as the host in keeping the show witty and fresh.

    1. Like everyone else, I really enjoyed Suzanne and Norman. Please bring them back. I’m happy to see Marco is still there. The chemistry between the four was priceless!

    1. I think Sherri Shepherd is doing a good job people need to stop complaining about bringing Suzanne and Norman back I like both of them too but it’s time for a change and besides having a Time Wendy Williams put people down and set things negative Alicia is not like

  9. Of course she got rid of them she’s an evil witch so no surprise there I’m betting this show is canceled b4 the first season

  10. I understand Sherri wants to make her own identity, but the chemistry between her ,Norman and Suzanne was electric. why mess with that ? I’ll continue to watch, I like her. but I think the show could only benefit for this pair returning

  11. I didn’t take time to read the credits but was thinking Norman and Suzanne are working behind the scenes.

    While guest hosting on Wendy, Sherri mentioned that the new producer would be coming with her.

    I didn’t recall hearing her say Norman and Suzanne would be coming. Although it was being spread through the rumor mill. And Norman said something about it.

    I’ll miss them!!! Just like I miss Wendy!!!!

  12. Sherri has already explained why Norman and Suzanne are not on camera. Her show is her show, not The Wendy Williams 2.0 Show. Having Norman and Suzanne be on camera with her would very much make viewers feel as if they were watching WW 2.0. That is a sure way to fail since viewers would never stop comparing the two ladies. People are just ridiculous for slamming the show when the show is just 3 days old (and 2 of those days, including the premier, got preempted by the Queen’s funeral!). Give the girl a break before you haters start slamming her for every little thing. I’ve only been able to watch 1 episode that was not preempted, and I thought it was great. Congratulations Sherri!

  13. The Sherri Shepherd show is the Sherri show of course she can choose as she please. But it would bring high ratings to keep Norman.He should be where Jawn Murray is somewhere my God don’t forget the people that made you look good before you got where you are.

  14. The show is bad without Norman and Suzanne at the beginning of the show.
    Sherri fell all over them when guest hosting and then back stabs them when her show starts.
    Without an explanation I will not be watching this show on a daily basis.

    1. Wait, is it possible that Norman and Suzanne are working behind the scenes??? Please tell me that that is the case!! Say it ain’t so that they have left the show!!! PLEASE!!🥰


  16. Norman and Suzanne sure helped Sherri get through her first few weeks of the show. She always asked Norman questions and Suzanne was there for support. Now they are gone? Not right!

  17. Why should Sherri base her whole show on Wendy’s crew. Yes they including Brenden, are all very talented but this is the Sherri Show! She took who she wanted and I would have taken Marco too. Suzanne, Brenden, Norman, and Suss will be just fine. The are professionals and should understand. I want to see Sherri. I would like to see Bevey Smith when appropriate for her fashion and lifestyle expertise. I saw her in the audience for Sherri’s debut. Sherri, do you! I am loving your new show.

  18. Yes I’m very disappointed not seeing Norman Suzanne very disappointed yes I know it Sherri Show but I thought for sure that she would bring back them back

  19. Please bring back Norman and Suzanne. I realize that Sherri is a new show and I like it very much but I miss Suzanne and Norman.

  20. Maybe the network didn’t bring them back, it may not have been Sherri’s decision. Or maybe Wendy threatened to sue them for keeping her show’s format. But I agree, I enjoyed them. Also DJ and Marco. I’m not sure I’ll be watching as Sherri talks about herself too much and I don’t care who she had dinner with or where, etc.

  21. Sherri, I understand you want something different but not having Norman and Suzanne on the show is like having a great meal but saying you can’t have any Dessert because we want to try something different. Miss their positive vibes and positive attitudes. You can try something different but not with them. Please bring them back home to where they belong, with You. Everyone Loves Norman and Suzanne including Me.

  22. Lawrd…she can’t win for losing…if she had Susanne and Norman on the show, she’d be criticized for copying Wendy’s show…she doesn’t have them on and people are complaining…

  23. I miss Suzanne and Norman Marco is still on the show I like Sherri I think we need to give her a chance God bless I’m going to keep watching🙏❤🙏

  24. I miss Norman and Suzanne Marco is still on the show I love Sherri I think we should give her a chance I’m going to continue watching 🙏❤🙏

  25. This is Sherri show. if she had bought them back how would that make Wendy feel .we would have love to see them all back.there are things call contract .this is a new beginning for her she have to do it her way.
    she haven’t done anything wrong.Sherri
    I wish you all the best watch you everyday.

  26. The show is new. l have not watched it yet but I really didn’t care for her when she was a fill in.I wish her well but she’ll never be a WENDY WILLIAMS. Sorry not Sorry!!!!

  27. This show has nothing to do with Wendy’s show. It is replacing the time slot only. Why would anyone associated with the Wendy show be invited to work on this one? Anyone who staffed her show can def find work elsewhere.

    Wendy just checked in to the loonie bin again by the way. What are people actually fans of (regarding wendy)?

  28. Glad I didn’t watch it!!! Sherri’s mouth too big and she Never stops talking about herself !! Bla…..Bla… always name dropping to impress people 🤪
    With thoses guys gone will Never watch !!! They add to the show all of them !!

  29. It’s no longer the Wendy show, it’s the SHERRI SHEPARD show. Wendy fans like myself need to move on as Wendy has. Do your thing Sherri! It’s your time. Congratulations!

    1. absolutely that….. U’ve made the most since up here, speaking on our sisters of success 💕 u’re one too, blessings

  30. Norman and Suzanne needs to be brought back!! I was so disappointed when I tuned in and didn’t see them. Kept hoping they would eventually pop up; especially Stormin’ Norman!!

  31. I think Lisa and Michelle would’ve made a better replacement or added but Sherri is ok too but without Norman and Suzanne I wont be watching anymore. I can understand Sherri wanting to make the show her own and not following Wendy’s style but removing Norman and Suzanne was a big mistake. Good luck but this fan is leaving watching bc of that wrong decision. Hopefully someone will pick up Norman and Suzanne together and I will definitely give that show a try if I dont already watch it. Especially Norman bc that man was on top of all the news. He was the TMZ of the show. Lol

  32. wish they would have given the show to michael rappaport. He is more of a natural. Sherries stories are so obviously made up embellishments and make her sound fake, not funny. She should stay on sitcoms. Hope they get michael next season

  33. give her and the show a chance.see what she brings to her show. i don’t think people are that concerned, they just want to complain about something . Sherrie pray step out on faith , it’s your season , God’s blessings to you and your staff .

  34. absolutely that….. U’ve made the most since up here, speaking on our sisters of success 💕 u’re one too, blessings

  35. Leave Sherri alone , She deserve her own show .. She is doing a wonderful job. I love her vibe . When person sells a house , the new owner can do whatever they want they bought the house . I’m saying that to say , Sherri and her staff can keep whom they want keep and get rid of anyone they want too. God blessed Sherri with show , take it up with God ! Go Sherri , Go ! You are the real deal !

  36. THIS IS SOOOO untrue! People just LOOKING for something!! If you will look at the credits after the show…even slow them down! Their names are ALL there. I believe she took them all! So STOP IT!!!

  37. Yes I miss Suzanne and No man from Sherri show. Show would be better with them. They brought something to Wendy Williams Show. Show is not the same without them


  39. I really love Sherri Sheperd so as I did love Wendy. People will do things differently no one is the same.Who knows if those two persons weren’t the one to make the decision not to return. Sherri possibly also wanted to have new faces so that her show is not confused with Wendy’s.

  40. I actually do not miss Norman,nor Suzzanne to be really honest. Although we do not see them on the frontlines,they are still actively present on the Sherri show. I thinks it’s a great idea to switch up faces a bit.otherwise It just get boring.

  41. Norman and Susan is still working on the show u will see them be patient .give Sherri a chance.if you can’t do that watch something else and be quite.

  42. I really like Sherri. Unlike Wendy. Wendy had a nasty disposition and didn’t care if she hurt your feelings or not. My only criticism of the Sherri show is it seems disconnected and a little boring. So far her guests have been good. But I wish she ups her game. Don’t want her gone

  43. For the most part I like the Sherry Show, however sometimes her voice gets under my skin when she starts that thirsty horney man starved bs. and wow what sherry talks about liking in a
    man and what shes been married to are completely different.

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